Parish Assembly to launch Neighbourhood Plan

The annual Parish Assembly takes place this coming Tuesday at East Keswick Village Hall. It’s your chance to hear and quiz the seven Parish Councillors about their stewardship of the village over the past year and their plans for the next year.

This year is a crucial year as the Localism Act comes into force with implications on a number of subjects at local level including Planning. The village is to create a Neighbourhood Development Plan and the views of residents will be vital in shaping it. The first draft will be available to read. It’s been written by Parish Councillor Andrew Batty to spark off discussions rather than as a final document on the basis that it’s easier to redline a document than start from scratch. Attendees will be able to read the document and make comments.

The special guest at the evening will be David Gluck, a director of Ruralis, a company which has helped Aberford with input into its plan. He will outline what Neighbourhood Development Plans are,the potentials and pitfalls behind creating one.

Other subjects sure to get an airing include the planning application for the composting facility at New Laithe Farm and the implications of any land grab by Collingham

The meeting starts at 8pm and drinks will be served from 7.45pm. All are invited.