Village holds ‘freshers event’ for newcomers

Nearly forty new village residents attended a lunch at the invitation of the Parish Council recently. The event, dubbed ‘freshers day’ was a new initiative in which relative newcomers to the village were invited to an event to hear about local organisations and how to get involved in the community.

Parish Councillor Andy Batty said he was surprised how far the village’s newcomers had come from. ‘I always thought most people made very local moves but our new residents come from Dorset, Bridlington, London, Edinburgh, Telford and many other areas’ he said.

Parish Council Chairman John Priestley was delighted with the feedback from the lunch. Various guests wanted to be involved in a number of village organisations, some at committee level involvement. He added ‘if the event results in new blood for village groups and aids community intergration and involvement it will have been a great success’.

The Parish Council is to consider repeating the event in Spring 2013.