Marsh footpath completed – and it didn’t cost the village a penny.

The new footpath across Keswick Marsh is now completed opening up the marsh to villagers for the first time since it was given to the village twenty years ago.

The boggy area was half of the plot bought by Wimpey in the late 1980s to build a development which became known as Keswick Grange. The wet area was deemed unsuitable for building and Wimpey won permission for Keswick Grange in a deal which saw the marsh area donated to the Parish Council for the benefit of villagers.

The nature reserve which resulted is managed for the Parish Council by the village Wildlife Trust but you needed stout footwear to venture onto it. Until now.

The existing muddy track has been turned into an all weather path from the bottom of Church Drive to the Duke of Wellington giving villagers access to enjoy the marsh for rambling, dog walking or bird watching as well as providing a short cut from Chuch Drive to bus stops and creating a new circular walk around the village.

No wildlife or trees were damaged in the building of the path which was undertaken for the Parish Council by the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers and scores of eager BTCV members undertook the work in mid summer.

The whole cost of the path was met by a grant which the Parish Council was able to win from the Big Lottery Fund.