Church Drive building plan: childhood memories sought

Villagers are being asked to remember the days they might have played on the green space at the top of Church Drive. Such contributions might be vital to stop plans to build houses and car parking on an area comprising of, and adjacent to, the turning circle.

The homes nearby were built orignially for Wetherby District Council and those who bought their homes from Wetherby were granted rights of amenity to enjoy the nearby grass space. Fast forward to 2011, and Leeds City Council -which took over the land – is interested in selling the green space to developers but cannot do so unless all those with the right of amenity agree to sell.

The Parish Council has identified a method of protecting the space for all time by registering it as a 'green' but in order to do so needs proof that the space has been used for the enjoyment of villagers over the past twenty years.

Villagers and ex-villagers recollections are vital. Do you remember playing on this space or watching other children play there. If you have a recollection – or even better a photo – then Parish Clerk June Gallant would like to hear from you.

Please send your thoughts, however small, to

A public meeting might be held soon if sufficient interest is raised. The possibility is that without objections this land may be built upon and the turning circle replaced with car parking.