Leeds plan Church Drive building

Plans to build on open space between 11 and 37 Church Drive have surfaced again. The land was open land between what were originally council houses. A 'stocktake' of land owned by the council highlighted this pocket of nad which might be sold. Three years ago Leeds City Council gave themselves outline planning permission to build on the space. However plans were thwarted when it was revealed that a restrictive covenant was in place giving neighbours a right of amenity over the space. This basically mean that unless all neightbours were willing to give up that right then development was prohibited. There are now claims that Leeds has reached agreement with the remaining households who had this right of amenity which enabled Leeds to now sell the land as a potential building plot.

In a recent edition of the Yorkshire Post, a public notice advertisement stated that Leeds intended to dispose of an area of land forming the aforementioned open space and any objectors should write to Legal Services, Civic Hall, Leeds LS1 1UR quoting reference A76/ALB

The Parish Council believes that if it can prove that the open space has been used by the public for the past 20 years without objection by the owners then rights exist which may defeat the owners right to sell.

The Parish Council is therefore interested to hear from any villager who might recollect playing on that space as a child or enjoying the space as an adult. Such information should be sent by email to  june.gallant@virgin.net