Old Star shines again

The Old Star Inn on Main Street is under new management. New landlord Andy Lyons and partner Mandy say they are delighted with their reception in the village and the fact that a number of social groups have moved back to the pub. Andy said that it was his intention to build the cask ale custom again. Equipment had been overhauled and a guest ale added. This is currently Leeds Gold. This is due to be replaced by Copper Dragon and Andy is keen to hear villager's opinions on future guest beers. 'I'm keen to listen to villagers' views' Andy told us, and as evidence of this he might be trialling pie and peas soon.

Meanwhile, lower down Main Street, the Duke of Wellington has plans to redevelop. Major changes to the interior are envisaged which will improve its lounge space. A bistro restaurant is being considered.

At a time when many rural pubs are under threat, villagers will be pleased that both East Keswick's pubs seem to have brighter futures.