Village wins grant for marsh footpath

East Keswick Parish Council has secured a grant to improve the footpath across Keswick Marsh. The Big Lottery Fund is to pay over 95% of the cost of replacing an existing muddy track which runs from the bottom of Church Drive to opposite the Duke of Wellington.

Keswick Marsh is a nature reserve area owned by the Parish Council and managed on its behalf by the Wildlife Trust. The land was given for the enjoyment of the vilage by Wimpey as part of the deal to build houses which became known as Keswick Grange. The marsh is, by its very nature, boggy and the present footpath is only really accessible to people in stout footwear. The Parish Council had initially considered a wooden boardwalk in the Marsh but the Wildlife Trust preferred a limestone path as this would be more sympathetic to the environment and this compromise was accepted.

The footpath, which will follow most of the course of the present muddy track, will be of crushed limestone between edging boards. When completed it will enable more villagers to enjoy the nature reserve as well as creating an additional circular walk around the village.

The present gap in the hedge on Main Street will be replaced by a kissing gate. Work is planned to begin in mid Summer and will be undertaken by environmental conservation group Hollybank Trust.