Parish Council elections uncontested – new councillor announced

The 2011 Parish Council elections will be uncontested, meaning that there are seven candidates for the seven places therefore elections will not be neccessary.

We can therefore reveal the line up of councillors for the period beyond May 2011. John Priestley, Gaynor Anning, Andy Batty, Neil Ogden, Judith Pentith remain to serve another period. Roy Gibbs, who was co-opted onto the council part way through the last period remains too. His experience on planning issues has proved invaluable after the sad loss of Gordon Nutter.

Sylvia Pinkney steps down after 29 years of Parish Council service, many of them as Chairman or Vice Chairman. Her place will be taken by Jake Fowler from Church Drive. Jake has lived in the village for fourteen years and works in Leeds for the BBC. The new Parish Council meets for the first time in May.