Does a satellite dish need planning permission?

Most of the village of East Keswick lies within a conservation area with strict rules about permitted development. Earlier this year the Parish Council investgated a complaint made about a satellite dish sited on one village property. When its letters to the householder went unanswered, the case was handed over to Leeds City Council's Enforcement Department.

So what extensions and developments are likely to be uncontentious in a conservation area and do you need planning permission for a satellite dish? A government website at gives good general advice on the types of development likely to be approved or rejected. And satellite dishes? As a general guide, satellite dishes are not permitted on the front of a property. When sited on a roof or chimney they must not protrude above the chimney or the roofline. They also must not be sited on a chimney, wall or roof slope which faces onto, and is visible from, a highway.