Travellers’ Rest for sale

The Travellers Rest lon Harewood Road is to go on sale on the open market soon which will be encouraging news to those who hope that this, the oldest pub in the village boundaries, might return to being a pub or restaurant.

In recent years, the pub has had a chequered history. It became a dining pub but at least two owners failed with it. The pub company then sold the freehold. It is thought up to six parties were then interested, at least one being a publican and one being a restauranteur. However the pub company chose a bid from a Leeds based building company who wanted to turn the site into offices. The building company subsequently went into administration and the pension company owners are now to seek a sale on the open market.

The site has huge appeal for a pub or restaurant: ample parking and superb views over the Wharfe Valley. However, the setting is also a drawback since there is little trade within walking distance, though this hasn't prevented some rural inns succeeding (for example The Hunters Lodge outside Pool in Wharfedale).

Most pubs are only ever offered leasehold with onerous restrictions on the buy-in price of drinks severely affecting profitability. This would be free of such restrictions raising hopes that it might, even now, become a pub or restaurant again.