Highways plan major revision to all local speed limits

Far reaching plans to lower speed limits on all country lanes surrounding East Keswick are being planned by Leeds City Council Highways Department.

Wike Lane would become 40mph for its entire length and the present 40 limit through Wike village reduced to 30mph and extended to twice its length.

Lumby Lane and Moor Lane would become 40mph zones. Other country lanes through Bardsey and Scarcroft would be affected all the way to the Leeds boundary.

In order to make the limits effective, the law stipulates that repeater signs on metal posts must be placed on alternate sides of the road at least every 350 metres for the entire length of these roads. The Parish Council is split on this issue but marginally in favour. Some see this as the urbanisation of the landscape and  meaningless on roads where motorists cannot do much more than 40mph anyway, whereas other Councillors see them as a valuable contribution to road safety. In December, the Evening Post reported that Shadwell Parish Council was evenly split on the issue.

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Comments received so far:

‘Madness’. ‘Totally against’

‘Where is the money coming from? If they have money to waste why can’t they do the potholes, the roads are a disgrace’

‘Its just a way to raise money from speeding fines’

‘You’re right, it is urbanisation, it’s not what we want’

‘I commute to Leeds by bicycle when the clocks change…I would welcome a lower speed limit on Wike Lane…I think the only chance of getting drivers to stick to the limit is to have regular signs. However on more minor routes such as Moor Lane and Lumby Lane I would agree that it is urbanisation and it would be detrimental to the rural feeling that these quieter routes still manage to maintain’.

‘We’d just merge into Bardsey’

‘We don’t want these signs. No one can do more than 50 on that road anyway’

‘Get them to look at the A58 too. That should be 40 not 30’.