EK Guides in danger of closing – urgent appeal for additional leaders

The present East Keswick Guides leaders are to step down in coming months and there are fears the group may have to close unless new leadersd can be found. The good news is that if new leaders can be found quickly, a long transitional period is possible to help them.

The present leaders have been running Guides in the Village Hall for 17 years and have agonised for over a year about when they would eventually call it a day. They have now decided that the deadline must be Easter.

Both have enjoyed their time immensely and the East Keswick group is a lively friendly group of outstanding girls. Being a guide leader brings many rewards though money is not one of them! However, if you'd like to find out more, then Sue Marley would be pleased to chat and maybe to invite you along to a session or two just to observe and see whether this might be for you.

You can contact Sue at eastkeswickguides@btinternet.com or 01937 579468. It would be a great shame if the group had to fold and all the hard work of the past not be built upon.