Parish council wins reintroduction of early buses

Representations made to Metro by the Parish Council and Jim Deddicoat on its behalf have led to two important changes to the Leeds – East Keswick – Wetherby bus service.

The first is that early Saturday journeys to Wetherby are to be reinstated from February after the Parish Council complained that the revised timetable introduced in September made the first Saturday journey to Wetherby even later than the first Sunday journey and too late for anyone who worked in the town. Commencing Feburary 5th, the early X98 journeys which bypassed East Keswick will now be routed through as Service 99 journeys, leaving the village at 0641 0741 and 0841.

The second major concession, which is already in effect, is that all journeys to and from Leeds now operate as Limited Stop and will not pick up passengers for Leeds after Oakwood, nor set down local pasengers for stops before Oakwood on journeys from Leeds. It is hoped this revison will speed up journeys.