Concessions won on village buses

An earlier first bus to Wetherby on Saturdays will feature in a revised timetable from January for Service 99. The Parish Council had made representations to Metro through its 'special envoy' Jim Dedicoat. There were grave misgivings after the timetables were revised in September that the first bus to Wetherby on Saturdays left the village well after 9am and even later than the first bus on Sundays. The new timetable in January will divert an earlier X98 through the village as a service 99 bus.

The second concession is already evident. Buses through the village now show 'Limited Stop' as part of their destination display, reflecting that buses will now stop only to set down passengers after Oakwood. Similarly, buses leaving Leeds for the village will stop before oakwood only to pick up passengers travelling beyond that point. It is hoped this will speed up services in both directions.