How a lady who died 370 years ago is still helping East Keswick youngsters

A lady who died in 1739 is still able to help village children through a far sighted educational Trust she set up in the eighteenth century. Lady Elizabeth Hastings was a decendant of a family who arrived at the Norman conquest, hence the surname. She lived at Ledston Hall, about ten miles south of the village and was a lifelong patron of charities for education, the promotion of religion and the relief of poverty. One of her most significant donations was a gift of £1000 in 1721, which ensured the success of the project to build Holy Trinity Church on Boar Lane in Leeds. She also set up and endowed a number of schools in our local area. Lady Elizabeth and her charitable works live on today in the endowments she left to form the Lady Elizabeth Hastings Educational Foundation, which, at the discretion of the trustees, provides grants to people of all ages to help with a broad range of educational needs. Grants can be awarded for help towards fees for academic study and social and physical training, for equipment and books, and to support extra-curricular activities.

Applicants must live within a certain geographical area, which includes the ecclesiastical Parish of Bardsey, in which East Keswick is situated. Many villagers have received such grants in recent years, especially university and college students. If you feel you would like to apply, contact the Parish Office in the Callister Hall, Bardsey, on 01937 574273 or e-mail You are asked to give your name and address and state whether you are applying for university or other types of study.