Highways promise East Keswick will stay a gritting priority

Leeds City Council Highways Department confirm that East Keswick will remain on its gritting routes. The Parish Clerk made calls to clarify the situation when Monday 1th January saw further serious snow dispution to the village amid beliefs that the village roads had not been adequately gritted before hand. The Government has instructed all councils – including Leeds – to reduce gritting by 25%. There were fears this would lead to secondary routes – such as East Keswick Main Street – being denied gritting. Not so, says Leeds Highways.

The morning of Monday 11th was exceptional, they say. The snow taht fell came at a very awkward time after prolonged rain. Due to the rain, the gritters could not be sent out as planned or the grit would have washed away before the snow and ice set in. Gritters were therefore delayed and the village was not gritted effectively before the morning rush hour. Traffic near the triangle at Keswick Lane junction had difficulty with the incline and the road was effectively blocked for two hours. Highways confirm that East Keswick has not been taken off its primary route at the present time.

The village has seen the heavy snowfall and freezing conditions for several days. Bin collections have been suspended whilst crews concentrate on gritting and the main village bus route linking East Keswick with Wetherby and Leeds has been missing the village out completely at several times obliging villagers to walk to Bardsey Bank Top for connections.