Church Drive residents hold the key to halting development

The Parish Council is writing to all people living close to the turning circle at the top of Church Drive to tell them they may hold the key to preventing new building on the grass land between numbers 11 and 37 Church Drive, if they choose to use it.

Last year a survey by Leeds City Council of 'surplus' lands it owns identified the grass land to the east of the turning circle as an area which might be sold for housing development. In a move objected to by East Keswick Parish Council, Leeds City Council gave itself outline planning permission to build on the land, then later placed the land up for sale by auction. However, the auction was stopped 'for legal reasons' and this is believed to refer to nearby houses having 'right of amenity' over the space which Leeds would have to persuade them to give up before anyone could build on the land safe from the threat of a legal challenge.

East Keswick Parish Council has now written to residents it feels may have this right to remind them to exercise it if they wish to keep the space as an amenity. Residents who feel they may have this right are being urged to complete a questionnaire and return it to the Parish Clerk or to speak to any Parish Councillor