Neighbourhood Watch urges you not to advertise that you’re on holiday


Although East Keswick is a very low crime area, Neighbourhood Watch in conjunction with West Yorkshire Police Crime Panel say that a little bit of thought could drastically reduce anyone's chances of being visited by thieves.

They suggest you ask a neighbour to ensure your house look occupied by collecting any mail that might stick out and by mowing the front lawn and maybe parking a car in your drive. Your property should be secured and garden gates locked. Fit good locks to the latest standards. Valuable tools and bikes could be stored in the house whilst you are away.

Dusk to dawn lighting and light timer switches are easily obtainable from DIY outlets. You could also use a timer switch to leave a radio on during the day, preferably on a talk channel such as Radio 4 or Radio Leeds.

Cancel doorstep deliveries and avoid discusssing holiday plans where strangers might hear. Remember the Police are always happy to give advice on home security if you ontact Wetherby Police Station.