Interest in Village Hall IT training surpasses expectations

Around thirty villagers attended the two launch nights at the Village Hall designed to measure interest in IT training. Coordinator Chris Watts said he was delighted by the response.

Those who took part heard Chris explain the potential of the internet and computers to make a tangible improvement in everyday life through activities such as shopping on line, keeping in touch with friends, researching and low cost communications.

Three levels of experience were identified: beginners, intermediate and advanced. As a result, training sessions are being arranged for each level. They will enable all those interested to learn at a rate which suits them, in a very small group, close to home and have a great deal of fun in the process.

The advanced level identified included those who wanted to learn specialist software such as Excel or photography or video processing. The good news is that it is not too late to join in if any of this at any level appeals to you or someone you know.

The IT initaitive at the Village Hall is part of a wider project which has included building a specialist IT room with networked PCs and printers and equipping the village hall with wifi internet access for use by village groups or as an extra attraction to those who might hire its facilities.