Controversial land auction suspended

A strip of contraversial land in the centre of the village being auctioned by Edisons acting under instruction from Leeds City Council has now been withdrawn from current auction particulars. Since Church Drive was first built, the land between numbers 11 and 37 has been a small area of green open space. Early last year, Leeds City Council announced that in a review of its assets, the strip of land was to be sold. The council applied to itself for outline residential planning permission which was opposed by East Keswick Parish Council. Recently 'for sale by auction' signs appeared on the spot, but then, in a surprise development the site has been withdrawn from current auction particulars.Had the auction proceeeded, or if it does at a future date, any full request for planning permission is likely to be hotly contested by neighbours and the Parish Council. The strip of grassland had been seen as a public amenity. The matter will be discussed at the Parish Council meeting on July 21.