Zero crime in the village

Police officers attending the recent meeting of East Keswick Parish Council reported another month of zero reported crime in the village. Officers routinely attend Parish Council meetings and report on crime figures as well as obtain the advice of the council on priorities for the next month as part of West Yorkshire's community policing initiative. These remained unchanged at speeding, inconsiderate parking and antisocial behaviour. However, recent speed checks in the village did not result in a single penalty being given out either.

The police do attend the Village Hall regularly to receive any comments or concerns that villages may have and the timetable for these events is listed on this website under Police on the Complete Village Guide page and reproduced below

The Police will be at East Keswick Village Hall one Tuesday evening a month for half an hour from 7.15pm to meet anyone who wants to meet them and to discuss any concerns in confidence. The dates for 2009 are Jul 21, Aug 18, Sep 15, Oct 29, Nov 17 and Dec 15

You can find information on recent police activity in our area by clicking on then type in your postcode.

For non-emergencies, you can also phone 0845 6060606. To report a crime in progress or for fast urgent help, always phone 999.