Parish Council to leaflet local villages in support of village businesses

With the road works finally over, after nine and half weeks, the Parish Council has decided to help village businesses recover lost custom by leafleting local villages with the news that East Keswick is open for business again.

Leeds marketing agency Creative Marketing Services donated the design and artwork for the leaflet which will go out door to door in East Keswick, Bardsey, Scarcroft and East Rigton. Under the heading 'East Keswick is open for business' it will publicise West End Stores, the Post Offiice, the Old Star Inn, Illingworths butchers and the beauty salon and hairdressers which have all suffered while the village endured nearly two and a half months of major roadworks , most of the period without a through route in the village.

The road works, to replace a gas main, have closed the village to through traffic since the New Year bank holiday, causing inconvenience to many and a serious loss of business to village traders.

Leaflets will be distributed at the end of March.