Gas supply failure – heaters and hotplates available

United Utilities, the organisation resposnsible for the major road works in the village, have asked that we point out heaters and hotplates may be borrowed from them if gas supplies fail.

Homes on Brooklands, The Orchards and Main Street have been at increased risk of gas supply failure whilst their supply pipes are changed from the old main to the new. One resident was without heat on one night recently, which was described by John Priestley – Chairman of the Parish Council – as completely unacceptable.

In response, United Utilities said the emergency contact details have been listed on this website and theirs since December. What has not been widely known, and which they have asked us to publicise, is that hotplates and heaters are available from them in case of problems which cannot be immediately rectified.

 The contact details are repeated here again in case you should need them.

Northern Gas Networks Customer Services is on 0845 634 0521, their Customer Liaison Officer is Amanda White T 07825 539156 E or you can email . You can also contact the contractors (Morgan Est) on 0845 634 0521 (daytimes) and 0151 373 4020 (overnights)