South exit to village to close for ‘several’ days

As the roadworks enter their final phases, United Utilities have advised that they will need to close Main Street at the southern entrance to the village for a number of days.

Additional roadworks around the Brooklands/Blacksmiths Cottage/Keswick Beck area had always been expected but it had been hoped these could be carried out with temporary traffic lights and contraflow working. However, these hopes were dashed when contractors found the gas main to be in the centre of the road on the blind bend and have therefore decided the safest approach is to close the road entirely at that point. This is likely to happen from Wednesday 4th February for between three and eight days. During this time, villagers travelling to and from Leeds or Bardsey will have to travel via the north exits to the village such as the route through Collingham.

The change also affects the remaining school bus service to use the south end of the village which is the TG1 Thorner-Tadcaster Grammar service and alternative arrangements have been made for the pupil concerned.

Whist the south end of the village is blocked, the route higher up Main Street ought to be clear.

The contractors have expressed concern about a small minority of people who have been moving road work barriers, mounting footpaths, driving through closed sections and being abusive to workmen who are only doing their job to the best of their ability in poor conditions. Anyone purposely moving roadwork barriers to force a route through which is closed not only endangers theirselves and others but risks prosecution under the Road Traffic Act for ignoring road signs giving an order. Were they to cause or suffer damage, they would also find their car insurance invalidated by their actions.