Village Hall Draw – Big Winners Announced

Saturday 17th January saw the annual Village Hall Draw supper when all people with tickets were invited to a free hot supper, live entertainment, quiz, raffles and of course -the big draw itself.

The top prize of £500 went to Jack Whitling. Bruce Jagger scooped the second prize of £250 and John Hyland got the third – £100.

If you've not got draw tickets, it works like this: Any villager is welcome to buy a draw number at a cost of £20 per annum. Every month, prizes are awarded of £30, £20 and £10. Each January, members receive invites to the annual draw supper with its big prizes of £500, £250 and £100. Profits go to the Village Hall so your participation helps the community and guarantees some good fun too.

if you'd like to buy one or more 'numbers' just click this link to email