POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM  The Police had emailed the crime figures for the month – 2 burglaries residential.


One resident attended to discuss the most appropriate way in which she could object to the new planning application for a 4 Bed House to the rear of the Duke of Wellington  (Planning (b) . The Council offered her some advice.


PRESENT  Cllrs Batty, Pentith, Warren,  Lord and Bailey.


APOLOGIES  Cllr Davies.  


ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN It was proposed Cllr Warren, seconded Cllr  Lord ,               and agreed unanimously, that Cllr Batty should continue as Chairman. Cllr Batty agreed to serve for a further year.


ELECTION OF VICE- CHAIRMAN  It was proposed Cllr Batty, seconded Cllr Bailey,        and agreed unanimously, that Cllr Pentith should continue to serve as Vice- Chairman. Cllr Pentith agreed to serve for a further year.



     Planning – Cllrs Lord and Pentith.

     Finance – Cllrs Lord and Pentith.

     Footpaths and Grants  – Cllr Davies.

     Playground and Defibrillator Monitor – Cllr Bailey

     Newsletter – Cllr Bailey.

     Neighbourhood Plan – Cllr Batty.

     Parish Walks – Cllrs Bailey and Pentith.

     Trees and Benches – Cllr Warren.

     Outer N.E. Town & Parish Council Forum -Cllr Batty.




Cllr Batty declared an interest in Finance 1(c), and Cllr Lord in M/A 4.





1.Grant Applications Cllr Davies had reported that he has asked Adam Ward, Chairman of the Emmerdale Stakeholder Fund, to re-consider the refusal of his committee to fund the re-surfacing work required on the Church Drive ginnel. Adam has suggested that the Ebor Way extension proposal might meet the requirements for such funding. Cllr Davies said that he would require 3 firm quotations before submitting a grant application for this. Currently he has only one quotation. Match funding would also be helpful. Cllr Bailey suggested that a MICE grant should be obtainable. Cllrs Pentith and Lord both mentioned areas in Yorkshire and in the Lake District where a narrow path at the far side of a hedge adjoining a footpath has been created by walkers for a short stretch, thus greatly reducing costs. It was agreed that Cllr Lord would discuss the subject with Roger Brookes at a forthcoming meeting with him, and the Clerk would remind Cllr Ryan Stephenson of his offer to assist with the Emmerdale application.

2.Possible Village Orchard- Response from EKWLT .The Secretary of the EKWLT replied to the question from the PC about the suitability of Frank Shire’s Quarry Field  for an orchard. The matter had been discussed at their last meeting and it had been decided that this would not be a suitable location. It would affect their high level stewardship of PC land they manage, requiring pay back for all the PC grants received ,and also affecting the  home of a rare plant. After some further discussion, it was considered that there was no suitable location in the village for an orchard.   

3.Telephone Kiosk The telephone equipment has been removed but the glass not yet repaired. The Clerk to remind. Usage for the kiosk must be agreed on and suggestions for this will be requested in the Newsletter, to reach the PC at the latest by June 30th.

4. Newsletter Distribution and Grant to PCC for Newsletter.- The Chairman confirmed a few points before replying again to the PCC ‘s proposals as agreed at the last meeting.      

5. Neighbourhood Plan The Chairman reported that there is to be a meeting on May 22nd. Some of the committee have met Ian Mackay of LCC to get further ideas for the draft NP . Melanie Smith and Janet Thornton have asked to be allowed 15 minutes at the start of the next meeting to discuss the draft plan with Cllrs. The Council agreed to this. A meeting is to be held next week to discuss footpath improvements between members of the NP and Cllr Davies.

6 .Possible Gift to EK Wildlife Trust. Cllr Lord reported that a noticeboard , similar to the one on the Marsh, is to be ordered and he hopes will be in place by July 10, the date on which the EKWLT have arranged a walk round the PC sites managed by them. The PC will need to choose some suitable form of words to be added. The maximum cost will be £450.

8 .Annual Report Distribution  All areas of the village have now been covered. The Clerk reported that this had been made possible by help provided by Neil Ogden, and Pat Morris of Wharfe Rein. Cllrs then discussed the future of producing these reports, given that all the information dating to the previous year has already been covered in the Newsletter and website. This is something requiring further consideration.

9. Vacancy on Parish Council. This is to be re-advertised.

10. Request for commemorative seat on Moor Lane- Suggested location by Mr Kelly and reply from Highways. Mr Kelly had suggested a possible location on Moor Lane close to where his mother had lived. As this is on Highway land, the Clerk had passed the proposal to Highways  .Cllrs  consider it to be suitable but the owner of the present Moorside Farm will need to be asked for his approval , as the proposed location is very close to the entrance to his farm. Cllr Lord  suggested that the Kelly family should contribute to maintenance as the grass surrounding the seat will require regular cutting.  

11. Repair to potholes in Crabtree Lane car park The Clerk had been informed that these would be dealt with when work on the bridleway is complete.

12. Report on Parish Assembly. There had been  poor attendance at the Assembly, despite widespread publicity, but the addresses by the 2 guest speakers – Melanie Smith and Cllr Ryan Stephenson,  had both been excellent. It was agreed to discuss next year’s Assembly next January.  .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


1.New Applications:-

(a) 17/02357 – Land between 11 and 37 Church Drive – One detached dwelling and one pair of semi- detached dwellings with garages, landscaping and new footway to frontage.

The Council had agreed at the last meeting to object to this application when received.


(b) 17/02736 –Land rear of Duke of Wellington - Demolition of garage and proposed 4 bedroom dwelling. After some discussion it was agreed to object to this application, citing oversized property for the plot, with hard standing  provision for one car only, possible precedent for the development of a further terrace of houses behind Brooklands, access problems, and the close proximity of an electrical sub-station.


(c) 17/02802 – 26 The Grove – Ext. & Raised Patio. – It was agreed to make no objection to this application.   



(a)17/00773 – Weemala, 6 Whitegate – Porch..



1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a) Zurich Municipal – Premium                                   855.70                                 855.70

(b) EKVH – Rent                                                           55.00                                    55.00

(c) CMS – Printing of Annual Reports                         661.60            132.32           793.92


It was agreed to pay all the above.


2. Report from Cllrs Pentith and Lord on EKPC Accounts and Query arising concerning payment to Bardsey Tree Services for work carried out in Marsh. The 2 Cllrs had checked the receipts and payments accounts for the year.

Cllrs discussed an invoice query in respect of some tree maintenance work, and it was agreed the Chairman would compose a suitable letter for the Clerk to send, and would circulate it amongst Cllrs by e mail for approval first.


3..Annual Governance  Statement  This forms part of the Annual Return to Littlejohns, the present External Auditors, and has to be completed by Cllrs.  The Chairman read out each of the questions asked in this section and Cllrs  confirmed that all the necessary requirements have been complied with .The Chairman and Clerk signed on behalf of the Council.


4. Annual Statement of Accounts.  This has been completed by the Clerk and checked by the Internal Auditor. It was signed by the Chairman and Clerk on behalf of the Council.                                                                                                                        



1.Complaint from EK Wildlife Trust re work connected with the Brideway to the  river, reply from Roger Brookes, and Arrangements for site  meeting on 18.5.17 between David Smith (EKWLT) and Roger Brookes (LCC PROW). David Smith , Chairman of EKWLT, on his return from China, was  upset to find that the spoil and waste from excavated work on the bridleway has been piled on the verges, where wild flowers, some of them of rare species,  normally flourish. Roger Brookes of PROW, when consulted, had explained that the problem was caused by extensive drainage and re-surfacing work following the erosion caused by the Boxing Day floods of 2015. The present work is being funded by Groundwork on behalf of LCC and their Principal Landscape Designer is Andrew Mindham

A meeting has subsequently been arranged on site between Roger Brookes, Andrew Mindham and David Smith to see what measures can be taken to alleviate the situation.

2. Parish Walks. The following were agreed:-

  • Short Parish Walk – to be led by Cllr Bailey on July 16th.
  • Longer Parish Walk to be led by Cllr Pentith on July 5th.

3. Meeting attended by Cllr Lord on behalf of PC with Highways, Yorkshire Dales River Trust and  EKWLT to discuss Yellow Fish Campaign and Improvements to the Water Quality of East Keswick Beck.

Cllr Lord reported on the meeting which had also been attended by a Highway representative. Cllr Davies had been able to provide the meeting with a map of the drains in the village. It appears that in general it appears to be from drains on the newer developments that the problem is occurring. Yellow fish stickers are to be placed on some of these drains to alert residents in the area to the danger to pollution of the beck from pollution arising from use of detergents. Melanie Smith is drafting a statement to go out from the EKWLT. The PC will endorse it.

4. E mail from David Smith “Cows and Keswick Marsh” re introduction for 3-6 weeks of 3 heifers  into  Keswick Marsh. This is to commence next week. The gates will be locked and notices placed on fences etc.

5. Children’s Playground – Cllr Davies hopes to erect the Playground sign this next weekend. A report has been received of a broken leg on the picnic table which may have been an act of deliberate vandalism. This will need to be investigated and mended rather than replaced if possible.

6. Litter Bin near Noticeboard and Nearby Bench   John Priestley had e mailed reporting that the bin requires emptying and the bench alongside re-painting. The Clerk will contact Bev Kirk/ Jessica Hodgson about the bin emptying and John Priestley of Moor Lane will be asked to re-paint the bench if Cllrs agree that it is necessary.

7. Walk round PC land holdings on 10th July at 7pm with members of EKWLT – Melanie Smith wished to remind Cllrs of this date.

8. Request from Emma Wren concerning Dales Rivers Trust – Emma would like to inform the Trust that all the PCs in the area support her in the work being done to improve  the water quality of East Keswick beck .Council  agreed that she could name them as supporters.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    




1.Visiting Playgroup – Cllr Pentith reported that this group has not re-visited the EK playground since she informed them that this is privately owned.

2. Schedule of Work – The Chairman suggested that the Council should draw up a schedule of jobs for John Priestley of Moor Lane. These might include painting the telephone kiosk, putting up shelving there (if its use as a library is agreed),re-painting the bench near the noticeboard, repairing the noticeboard in Crabtree Lane car park, and  repairing the picnic table.


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