POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM  PCSO Alan Stead was asked to give his report to the Parish Assembly. He was advised that parking outside St Mary’s can sometimes cause problems for nearby residents  trying to enter/ exit their properties.


One resident attended briefly to discuss the attitude of the PC to the latest proposal for development on Church Drive. The local residents intend to object .


PRESENT Cllrs Batty, Pentith, Lord, Warren, Davies, Bailey,


APOLOGIES  None.                      




MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON 14th MARCH  2017 These were approved.



1.Grant Applications Cllr Davies has submitted an application to the Emmerdale Stakeholder Fund for a grant to upgrade the ginnel from Main Street to Church Drive ,but reported that it had been unsuccessful, as the ginnel had been judged to be the responsibility of PROW. He intends to discuss the matter again with the latter.  

2.Possible Village Orchard. Cllr Bailey intends to approach Green Leeds, Mondegreen and the Emmerdale Fund for grants if a suitable location can be found. The Wildlife Trust are to be approached officially for suggestions.   

3.Telephone Kiosk The kiosk will still be supplied with electricity once ownership passes to the PC. The painting kit, with instructions for use, has been supplied and is now in the hands of John Priestley of Moor Lane who is eager to start work.. This is not permitted until the agreed repairs have been carried out.

4.Report on Litter Pick  This was extremely successful, with a record number of residents volunteering their assistance.    

5. Neighbourhood Plan   There is nothing further to report.

6.Possible Gift to EK Wildlife Trust in celebration of 25 Years  An engraved  noticeboard  for Ellerker Fields  seems to be the most suitable proposal . Costs and preferred type to be looked into.                                                                                                  

7.Playground.Sign.- Work on fixing this is pending.

8.Annual Report. This has been completed and is ready for distribution. The Clerk to draw up a list of roads for each Cllr to cover.

9. Vacancy on Parish Council. This is to be advertised in the newsletter and on the website.

10. PC Records. – The Clerk handed Cllr Pentith the list of documents now held by the Archive Dept. in Morley, to form part of her list of Village Assets.



1.New Applications:-

(a) 17/01849 – Whitegate House – Ext. –

It was resolved to make no objection to this.

(b) 17/01912 – 24 the Paddock – Exts.

It was resolved to make comments about not  compromising light and privacy  affecting the next  door property, but not to object outright  to the application.   



(a) 17/00838 – Old Barn Cottage – Ext..


3. New Proposals for Church Drive site .The Chairman and Cllr Lord have received further information on revised plans for the site from Andy Watts, Chairman of Watts Planning. He referred to the planning application for 3 detached houses and garages (15/06760) dismissed on appeal on 7.2.17and commented on the features approved and those causing concern. The Inspector had accepted the principle of residential development of the site , and considered the 2 storey form appropriate and the relationship to rear facing properties acceptable . His concerns had been over the proposed layout ,particularly the width between properties, and adverse impact and loss of amenity on the flat nearest the southern boundary .The Applicant has now produced a revised scheme devised to take account of these concerns . This is for a pair of semi- detached properties and one detached property.

It was agreed to object again , reminding Planners of the original approval for only 2 properties on the site, whilst acknowledging that the new plans did mitigate some of the previous concerns. 



1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a) YLCA – Subscription                                              397.00                                  397.00

(b) J. Gallant – Photocopying – Parish Assembly         15.60                                    15.60

(c) Cllr Pentith – Drinks & Nibbles – Parish Assembly    9.32                                     9.32

(d) Cllr Batty – Wine & Beer – Parish Assembly           50.43                                    50.43  

It was resolved to pay the bills listed above.        


2.End of Year Unaudited Accounts . The Clerk had e mailed these to Cllrs prior to the meeting and would report to  residents at the Parish Assembly. Cllrs Pentith and Lord will check the account books during the next fortnight.   



1.E mail from Jack Cairns on behalf of Bardsey and East Keswick PCC re Newsletter Distribution to Properties in East Keswick outside the Ecclesiastical Boundary.  This had been discussed at a PCC meeting at which it had been agreed to accept the request for 60 extra copies, provided Collingham PCC agreed, EKPC paid for the extra copies and provided distributors, and increased newsletter payments to £230 pa. Cllrs did not agree with these provisos, particularly considering that the new contributions requested failed to take account of the deduction made for deletion of the element in the grant relating to the upkeep of the churchyard , for which the PC no longer pays. It was agreed to offer to make a total  grant payment of £180, to include the cost for the 60 extra copies.

2. Request for Commemorative Seat The family of Sheila Griffiths(nee Brooks) recently deceased, asked the PC whether they could install a commemorative seat with inscription on Moor Lane .Her family home had been Moor Lane Nurseries from which in adulthood she had for many years helped run the family business. The Chairman said that the Council should whenever possible respect such requests and asked fellow Cllrs to consider a suitable location. It was agreed to approach Highways about this as it would have to be on a Highway verge if sited on Moor Lane .

3. E mail from Dennis Corn re debris collecting against river bridge.  Dennis has again noticed an amount of debris piling up against the renewed stanchion of the bridge over the Wharfe, not yet weighty enough to cause a problem. He suggested that the Authority responsible ( likely to be Yorkshire Water) could give PCs a contact number to draw such concerns to their attention. Cllrs are in agreement that the river is not the responsibility of YW and consider that their previous contact with N.Yorks Environment Dept. is still the best point of contact.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               




1.Crabtree Lane Car Park- The Clerk was asked to remind Highways that they have not yet repaired the potholes as promised. The noticeboard  also needs minor  repairs and it was suggested that John Priestley of Moor Lane might be willing to deal with this.

2. Broken Sign and Missing  Litter Bin   – The Horses  sign at the top of Crabtree Lane is hanging down and the litter bin on Moor Lane has not yet been replaced. The Clerk to notify LCC.

3. Parish Walks – These need to be organised ASAP.



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