Melanie Smith attended . She showed Cllrs a map of the village recently compiled by EKWT showing the number of trees currently with TPO’s on them and those lost(roughly half). EKWT are very concerned about this. They think there are a number of trees in residents’ gardens which justify the designation, but that Richard Lapish does not have the time or resources  to undertake the paperwork involved unless there is an urgent need..

She also informed Cllrs of a new Govt. initiative called the Yellow Fish Campaign, which seeks to spread information as widely as possible about the danger of pollution to becks and waterways from detergent washed into drains, and from there into waterways ,from  car cleaning. Small yellow fish signs are drawn on kerbs to help raise awareness. If LCC give them permission, EKWT may be able to tackle small areas of the village with fish signs..


Two residents also attended to discuss the PC’s aspiration towards improving the footpath network . Cllr Davies informed them of his discussions and meeting with Roger Brookes of ROW , specifically concerning extending the Ebor Way along Harewood Road. The residents asked whether it would be possible to develop a footpath from the village to the new kindergarten on Harewood Avenue. Cllrs considered this would be difficult and costly as land would have to be purchased.


PRESENT Cllrs Batty, Pentith, Davies,and Lord.


APOLOGIES Cllrs Warren, Ogden, and Bailey..


Cllr Batty declared an interest in Finance 1(a).


MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON JANUARY 24TH 2017. These were approved.



1.Grant Applications Cllr Davies has prepared an application on behalf of the Council to the Emmerdale Stakeholder Fund for a grant towards re-surfacing the ginnel from Main Street to Church Drive, based on the quotation provisionally accepted by the Council from JMA Landscapes. This will  be submitted to the fund organisers ASAP.

2.Possible Village Orchard. There was nothing to report.   

3.Telephone Kiosk   The Council’s request to purchase the kiosk has been received but  we have been informed that BT has not yet been able to deal with it due to the volume of requests received.    

4. Neighbourhood Plan    Prior to the meeting Cllrs had  received on line copies of the Revised Plan which the NP Steering Committee  propose to submit to LCC. The Cllrs have no objections to the document and agreed to its submission to LCC.

5. Quotation from JMA for work on Ginnel.   This has been conditionally approved.

6.Playground.Sign. Cllr Batty has researched costs and it was agreed to accept the quotation from Pushkin Signs, Sheffield, for 2 A3 metal gates at £22 each. They will need to be fitted later.

7.Drain Clearance. This has been dealt with.

8. Problems on Footpath No 1.There is nothing to report.

9.. Possible Improvement to Footpaths in area. Cllr Davies has met Roger Brookes , ROW, and has also received a map from him showing the land alongside the Harewood Road in the village purchased some years ago by Highways in the event of their needing to widen this stretch of road . It would not be a perfect solution as it would still be necessary to cross and later re-cross the Harewood Road, due to objections from residents. He intends to talk to neighbouring parishes about other possible  footpaths, particularly one to Collingham. 

10.. Work on Bridleway to River.This is almost complete and appears to be satisfactory.

11. Newsletter Grant. The Chairman has replied to the letter from the PCC requesting an increased contribution from East Keswick towards the newsletter costs. He has explained the Council’s reluctance due to the insistence by the PCC to circulation being restricted to residents in the Ecclesiastic Parish only. This excludes residents in the Wharf Rein area, part of the Parish of East Keswick. He has received no reply to date.

12. New Road Sign for Village Hall. The Parish Council has no objection to the Village Hall Committee paying for a new sign if Highways are agreeable.

13.Gutters on Moor Lane. The Clerk is to remind the Refuse Dept. of the urgency of clearing these which in places are full of mud from farm vehicles.

14. Celebration of 25 years of Wildlife Trust. The Council feels that it would like to make a token contribution in recognition of this. Various suggestions were made for something on Ellerker Fields., possibly a nailed down unbreakable bench, similar to that in Ox Close Wood. The EKWT will be consulted about this. Melanie Smith has suggested a walk round the areas looked after by the Trust on Monday evening 10th July for members of the PC and the Wildlife Trust, 

15. Parish Assembly 2017. It was agreed to ask Cllr  Ryan Stephenson to be the main speaker and to ask Melanie Smith to give a short talk on the 25 years of EKWT and to tell residents about the yellow fish scheme and the current number of trees with TPO’s. Other speakers will be the Chairman,(Annual Report on the Year) , the Clerk (Finance), Cllr Davies (Emmerdale Fund and work on Footpaths) and Cllr Lord (Planning). The Chairman will purchase the wine, and the Vice Chairman the soft drinks and nibbles.

16.. Litter Pick. The Clerk has asked the Refuse Dept. to make suitable arrangements.

It is not considered necessary to hire a skip. The litter pick will commence at 11am on Saturday March 25th, meeting in the Old Star car park.  Notices will be placed round the village.     




1.New Applications:-

(a)  17/00670 – Green Row – Demolition of Bungalow and Construction of New Dwelling  

It was resolved to make no objection to this new application but to comment that it is still considered to be large in scale.

(b)  17/00838 – Old Barn Cottage, Main Street – Ext.

It was resolved to make no objection to this application.   



(a) 16/07679 – The Old Mill, School Lane – Ext. .


 3. APPEAL AGAINST NON DETERMINATION.- JWT Developments – Land between 11 and 37 Church Drive.


4. Bardsey PC Application .from Bramham Estate for development of 140 houses on Wetherby Road. The Clerk reported that a meeting to discuss this proposal will take place on Wednesday evening, March 1st.This will be chaired by a District Cllr and attended by members of BAG and of Bardsey Parish Council and interested members of the public. She is certain that Bardsey PC will oppose the application .It was agreed that East Keswick would support Bardsey and Cllr Lord will draft a list of objections in advance of the next meeting.  



1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a)CMS – Website Hosting                                        190.00               38.00           228.00

(b) N. Haslewood – Tree Work in Marsh                     65.00                                     65.00

(c )J. Gallant  - Reimbursement – Computer work      42.00                 6.00             48.00

N.B. Shared cost of (c) with Bardsey PC .(Total = £96).


It was resolved to pay all the bills listed above. …



1.Contents of PC Filing Cabinet  The Clerk reported that she and Cllr Pentith have spent some considerable time sorting through the contents of the filing cabinet and researching the most appropriate place(s) to store the papers. Nicola Hulme has kindly stored them pro tem in her work cupboard. Sylvia Pinkney, acting on behalf of the History Group, has been most helpful in suggesting suitable locations. She suggested that the old Minute Books should go to the Archive Office in Morley and rang them to check on availability. They told her that they would be delighted to house them and are even willing to come and collect. A couple of items ( War Memorial Minutes and  Presentation Papers concerning retirement of Arthur Carr) she expects would be appreciated by the History Group. Other papers, (particularly the Harewood Estate Book and Martin Wooley’s Appraisal of the village, produced in advance of the UDP, the Clerk could manage to store in her EK filing cabinet at home. There are also a lot of old account books If the Archives are willing to take these then they should be included with the Minute Books. The Council were content to accept these proposals.  

2. Complaint from Resident re Mud thrown up by Farm Vehicles on Moor Lane.  An e mail had been received from a resident whose car was splattered with mud thrown up by a passing farm vehicle. Council were not on balance in favour of contacting the farmer, thought to live outside the village, but to accept that this is a possible hazard when living in a rural community.  

3. Update by Melanie Smith on East Keswick TPO’s – See above.

4. Notice by RAY of Extraordinary General Meeting at Dishforth on 14th March to agree merger with York Forum to become Community First Yorkshire Ltd.  Parish Council members of RAY are invited to vote by proxy in favour of the merger.  Cllrs agreed to write in favour.

5. Wetherby & Harewood Forum – The Clerk will circulate minutes, including next meeting date, as soon as she receives them.  


Signed:                                                                                    Date:



. EKPC Feb17 Mins.



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