PRESENT Cllrs Batty, Lord, Bailey and , Warren .


APOLOGIES   Cllrs Pentith, Davies and Ogden.                     


DECLARATION OF PECUNIARY AND OTHER INTERESTS. The Chairman declared an interest in Finance 1(d).


MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON DECEMER 13th   2016. These were approved.



1.Grant Applications Between meetings Cllr Davies had prepared a grant application for improvement to the ginnel from Main Street to Church Drive for submission to the Emmerdale Stakeholder Fund. This had been e mailed to all Cllrs and had met with no objections. The Clerk has now submitted it. 

2.Possible Village Orchard. The meeting scheduled to discuss this had been cancelled so there was nothing to report.   

3.Telephone Kiosk   The Clerk agreed to write to BT along the lines suggested by Abbie Miladinovic  of LCC stating that the Council wishes to adopt the kiosk and would welcome a replacement window and a kit for painting the exterior.   

4. Neighbourhood Plan  The NP Group is hoping to finalise the document for submission to LCC at a meeting next week and to circulate this to parish councillors prior to its February meeting.

5. State of Ginnel between Main Street and Church Drive. It was agreed to inform JMA that, subject to a grant being made available, they would be asked to undertake the work at the previously quoted price.

6.Playground.Sign. Cllr Pentith suggested that this is needed ASAP. A neighbour had complained to her recently about rowdy behaviour there. The Chairman has written to LCC to ask whether they could produce the sign for us.

7.Drain and Gully Clearance. These have now been dealt with.

8. Problems on Footpath No 1. Bob Buckenham had advised the Council of the legal provisions for the keeping of dangerous animals near a public right of way. Cllrs agreed  to advise the original complainant , who has had no further problems ,of the legal position, and to ask whether she wishes to take further action.

9. Possible Improvement to Footpaths in area. A resident has suggested that the Council should ask ROW through Roger Brookes to pursue the provision of a footpath from Crabtree Lane end to Collingham in addition to an off road extension to the Ebor Way. Cllrs, however, considered that they should concentrate first on the Ebor Way project. Roger Brookes should be asked for further information about the land owned by LCC which might be used for this purpose.

10. Work on Bridleway to River. Roger Brookes had asked whether his contractors might park in Crabtree Lane car park whilst working on the improvement to the bridleway. In return, they would fill in a few potholes. The Clerk had given permission on behalf of the Council. The Chairman suggested that she ask those undertaking the work whilst in the area to advise on whether the width of the road from Crabtree Lane to Lumby Lane is wide enough to accommodate a footpath.

11. Repair required to stone bridge on Footpath No 9. Bob Buckenham had accepted that this was in need of attention but had intimated that it would be a low priority.    



1.New Applications:-

(a) 16/07679 – The Old Mill, School Lane – Ext.

It was resolved to make no objection to this.    



(a) 16/06912 – 2 Allerton Drive . .  


3. APPEAL AGAINST NON DETERMINATION.- JWT Developments – Land between 11 and 37 Church Drive. The Developers were informed by the Plans Panel that they would be permitted 2 houses on the site but decided to appeal for non determination of the application for 3 houses. Plans Panel are opposing this. East Keswick has made representation to the Inspectorate along the lines of their of their original objection.LPA and the Appellant have until Jan 25 for final comments . The event and decision dates are not yet known.



1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a) EKVH – Rent                                                           27.50                                27.50

(b) J. Gallant – Salary/ Expenses                                703.81                              703.81

(c) H.M. Customs & Revenue – PAYE.                       161.60                              161.60

(d) CMS – Work on Neighbourhood Plan                 3,195.00            639.00     3,834.00

(e) Collingham British Legion – Wreath /Donation        30.00                                 30.00


It was resolved to pay the bills listed above.


2.Budget and Precept for 2017.and Letter from Cllr Ryan Stephenson re 2019 PC Elections .  After some discussion, it was agreed to accept the budget drawn up by the Clerk with minor modifications, to note that further monies may need to be set aside next year for a possible election in 2019, and to keep the Precept as at present at £18.000.  


3. Newsletter Grant Cllrs discussed a letter from the Vicar requesting the Council to increase its grant for the Newsletter, suggesting that £300 would be a reasonable amount.

No definite decision was made on this, although most Cllrs present felt our present contribution was rather low. The Chairman explained the reason for this. The parish council boundary does not correspond with the ecclesiastical boundary, and in the past the PCC has refused to print a further approx. 60 copies for distribution by East Keswick to their residents on the ‘outer fringes’ of the village, with whom we consider it is important to keep in touch. He offered to write to the PCC explaining this dilemma and suggesting that if they would co-operate in solving our problem we would be likely to increase the size of our grant.                                                                                                             



1.Fallen Hawthorn in Frank Shire’s Quarry The Wildlife Trust have dealt with this.

2.Tree Clearance in Marsh The Wildlife Trust have also dealt with this. As there had been a lot of work involved and a chain saw man had to be called in the Council agreed to contribute to the cost.

3.New Road Sign for Village Hall. Peter Guildford has asked whether the Council can approach LCC about exchanging the existing village hall sign for a larger and lower,  more visible one. Also, the tree which currently obscures the sign needs to be kept trimmed. Cllrs hoped that any new sign would be in keeping with the village scene and agreed to discuss it further at the next meeting.

4.  Refurbishment of Village Hall Toilets.  Work on both the Ladies and Gentlemens’ toilets is to commence on February 6th. The disabled toilet and those at the back of the hall will remain in use.

5. Gutters on Moor Lane. Cllr Pentith has reported that these are full of mud from farm vehicles and require clearing.





1.Celebration of 25 years of East Keswick Wildlife Trust  - Cllr Bailey suggested that this should be noted .

2. Litter Pick – It was agreed to hold a litter pick on Saturday 25th March , commencing at 11am.

3. Parish Assembly – Suggestions for a speaker at the Assembly should be brought to the next meeting.  










EKPC Mins. of Jan 17 Meeting 

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