POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM Two representatives of the NP Group attended to discuss possible additions to the NP (MA 5)


PRESENT  Cllrs Batty, Pentith, Lord, , Warren,  and Bailey.


APOLOGIES  Cllrs Davies and Ogden.                     




MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON NOVEMBER 15TH  2016. These were approved.



1.Matters referred to Cllr Stephenson:-

·         Cllr Stephenson provided details of the Well Being Fund and the Housing Advisory Well Being Fund . Cllr Davies offered to study the various grant options over the Christmas period and make suggestions at the January meeting about which would be most appropriate for Council’s projects. 

·          Tree Enforcement Query,- Nothing further to add.

·          PC Elections 201- Nothing further.  

·          Transport Issues with Rosset High School – Cllr Stephenson had been informed by the school that the late bus is provided as a matter of convenience for pupils not leaving at the end of the normal school day and not funded by parents, but from school funds. It offers a fairly central ‘spine’ route back to Leeds . Most parents from East Keswick are happy to pick up from the Harewood traffic lights. Cllrs consider this arrangement perfectly acceptable .

2.Possible Village Orchard. Cllr Bailey said that this is on going.   

3. Playground Sign.  The Chairman had e mailed Cllrs between meetings with his proposals for a playground sign. Cllrs present approved of one of the designs and Cllr Bailey will check on the most appropriate size.   

5. Neighbourhood Plan   The NP Group had been advised by Ian MacKay of LCC   to discuss with the Parish Council possible traffic calming measures for the village, and  projects for which any CIL money or other grants could be used. After they left, Cllrs discussed both ideas. They can offer no suitable suggestions for traffic calming. Rumble strips were considered, but rejected, on noise grounds. It was generally felt that there is unlikely to be any appreciable amount of CIL money available to EKPC in the near future and that the best answer would be to state that any such fund would be spent on whatever project at the time most benefitted the community. A wish list could include recreational facilities nearer the centre of the village and funding for improved pedestrian and cycling paths to neighbouring villages.

6. State of Ginnel between Main Street and Church Drive. Cllrs considered the 3 quotations received. It was agreed to check the amount of limestone included in the quotation from JMA Services before deciding which of the 3 to accept. 

7.Defibrillator Signs. The Clerk had obtained another dozen notices.

8.Parish Council Filing Cabinet.  The Clerk and Cllr Pentith had checked on the contents of the filing cabinet in the V.Hall and will make a note of its contents. They both have a key to the cabinet.

9. Red Telephone Kiosk. The parish correspondence on this had been passed on to BT. They had replied that the telephone is removed on adoption of a kiosk, but the back board is left in place. They would need to know more details of any repairs required, but as a general principle they would repair broken glass (once they knew size and amount) but would not undertake any major repairs. They would not re-paint the kiosk but could supply the PC with a paint kit. It was agreed to write back asking for further details of timescale and whether lighting would remain.

10. Leaf Clearance. This has been carried out satisfactorily.

11. Missing Litter Bin. There has been no response to date. The Clerk to remind.

12. Horses/ Children and Dogs on Footpath No 1. A reply had been received from Bob Buckenham which the Clerk will circulate.

13. Emmerdale Stakeholder Fund – Application Form. The Clerk had obtained this form and details of subjects included for possible grants.    



1.New Applications:- None for East Keswick.


Application 16/07114 – Swallows Barn, Bardsey- change of use land to residential use- erection of detached granny annexe with triple garage underneath.Although over the parish boundary and into Bardsey, this application, if approved, could affect East Keswick adversely. It was agreed to oppose it on GB grounds, on grounds of elevation affecting views from East Keswick, and on grounds of traffic danger at a busy junction.    



(a) Application No 16/04571 – Green Row – Original plans refused and new plans awaited. .   

3. APPEAL FOR NON DETERMINATION -15/00760 -  Plans from Developers for 3 dwellings on site- Church Drive.   Decision date not yet known.



1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a) GGS Groundcare – Garden Maintenance               775.00                                775.00

(b)Time Assured – Clock Maintenance                         115.00            23.00           138.00 

It was resolved to pay the bills listed above.


2. Precept Forms and Details of likely Grant from LCC for EKPC. These have now been received. The Council will make its decision on next year’s budget and the amount to request as a precept at the January meeting.




1.Tree Height Reduction for Trees facing the Marsh – E mail from David Smith. David was concerned that there could be a large number of residents with hedges bordering the Marsh making height reduction requests without LCC authorisation.  Cllr Lord has explained that any such work has to be paid for by the individual householder who must first obtain permission from LCC.

2. E mails from David Smith re work planned to reduce pollution in the beck and explanatory noticeboard the EKWT for erection in Keswick Marsh  Cllrs agreed with the work planned to reduce beck pollution and the proposed explanatory sign.  

3. E mails from David Cooke re Ebor Way and possible Footpath to Collingham. The Council has received several e mails from David Cooke concerning the above. In the last one he informed the Council of a site visit with Roger Brookes which he was able to attend concerning extension to the Ebor Way. He suggested that EKPC should write to Highways  as this could be a good time to press for a footpath to Collingham. Cllr Davies offered to be the PC representative to liaise with Roger Brookes and to contact neighbouring PCs about the possibility of improving the rights of way network. Cllrs agreed to accept this offer and to ask Roger Brookes to keep us informed of any further progress.  

4. E mail from Roger Brookes re Funding for Bridleway from opposite Crabtree Lane end towards Woodhall Bridge. PROW and Groundwork Leeds have obtained funding from Leeds Community Fund to repair the bridleway which was badly eroded by flash flooding last Boxing Day. They are also working with Highways to improve roadside gullies and soakaways. Work is to commence in January and, weather permitting, to last 6 weeks, during which time there may be some temporary closure.Roger Brookes would welcome details of the farmer who owns the adjacent field and needs to be consulted. Cllrs agreed to send him this information.    



1.Drains on Main Street – It was agreed to report that the drains are not coping adequately after heavy rainfall.

2. Request for increase in contributions from Bardsey and East Keswick PCs to Newsletter Grants. The Clerk said that neither council had received this request. East Keswick is reluctant to make an increase as the newsletter is circulated only in the ecclesiastical, not the political, boundary. Bardsey has made the same grant as in previous years.







EKPC December 16 Mins.













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