POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM  The Police had reported no crime in the last month.


PRESENT  Cllrs Batty, Pentith, Lord, Warren, Davies, and Bailey.


APOLOGIES   Cllr Ogden.                   




MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON OCTOBER 18TH  2016. These were approved.


VISIT FROM CLLR RYAN STEPHENSON Cllr Stephenson explained that he was trying to visit all the councils in the Harewood Ward , of which he was one of the three District Cllrs. His background has been in Education and Transport. Asked about the school transport issue, he said that there was no progress. He also considered that LCC has wasted a great deal of money on the new cycleway.

Cllrs asked him about possible grants which could be made available for the work required on the footpath from Main Street to Church Lane. His preference, like that of Cllr Robinson, is for PROW to undertake the work, as it an official right of Way (Path No 5), but failing that, he will research what grants are available and let us know.  

Another issue Cllrs raised with him was the problem faced by children attending Rosset High School in Harrogate who, if returning immediately after the end of school, are dropped at the end of Harewood Avenue without further transport to East Keswick.                                Cllr Lord suggested that it would be helpful if  LCC could inform the Parish Council of  letters to householders about proposed  enforcement action over matters such as an overhanging  tree on their property requiring attention.  

The final issue raised was of the possible steep costs of PC elections in 2019 as mentioned by the Elections Office.

Cllr Stephenson offered to look  into all these matters and stressed that he is always willing to listen to council problems and to assist when possible.



1.Report on Remembrance Day Service at War Memorial. This had again been very successful, with about 50 people attending. The Chairman suggested that in future the service sheet should be amended to include the names of all the fallen in the 2 world wars. He offered to do this and Cllrs agreed that it would be an improvement.

2.Possible Village Orchard.  Cllr Bailey is trying to arrange a meeting about this with the organiser of the scheme.   

3. Hedge at corner of Lumby Lane.  LCC wrote that they did not have the resources to do the work. The owner was then notified. Cllrs present however, will check, but considered that the hedge does not pose a significant problem.  

5. Neighbourhood Plan – Letter re Green Spaces. Melanie Smith has sent the Council a copy of the draft letter to be sent to Green Space owners and objectors, and would welcome comments from Cllrs. Eight of the sites listed previously have been deemed by the NP advisor to be sufficiently protected already and have therefore been removed from the list.  Those remaining are the War Memorial Crabtree Lane, the War Memorial Whitegate, the Ellikers, Frank Shire’s, Keswick Marsh, Carr Green and the remaining half of the turning circle, Church Drive. Cllrs had no objection but agreed with Cllr Lord that the letter should refer to each of the sites with greater accuracy and that the whole of the turning circle should be listed.                                                                                                                    6. State of Ginnel between Main Street and Church Drive. Cllr Bailey has obtained a quotation from JMA for £5,170+ VAT. The Chairman said that the next step should be to get a more detailed quotation from the cheapest of the 3, Mr Jones, contacted by Cllr Ogden. He will compose a specification to be sent to him for confirmation that all items contained in it will be included.                                                                                                 

7.Playground.The Chairman has drawn up a possible new sign which he will send to Cllrs for their opinion.

8.Rent Agreement with Mr Cooke. This has been signed by both parties and the rent has been paid.

9. Reply from Nick Borras to Request for ‘Slow  Horses’ sign on Moor Lane. Nick said that this would be in order and asked how many signs we required. It was agreed to ask for 2 signs and 2 locations were proposed.

10. Defibrillator Signs – Cllr Pentith asked the Clerk to request 10 further signs.  



1.New Applications:-

(a) 16/06912 – 2 Allerton Drive – Exts. – There was no objection raised to this application.   



(a) 16/05751 – 10 Church Drive – Alts. .

(b) 16/05799 – Moat House, Moor Lane – Exts.

(c) 16/04674 – South View, Main Street – New First Floor.

(d) 16/05016 – Craven Bank, Harewood Road -Ext.-

(e) 16/04272 – The Old Parsonage.

(f)  16/05975 – High Hedges.



1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a) EKVH – Rent                                                            55.00                                  55.00

(b)Wetherby Crime Prevention Panel – Grant             100.00                                100.00

(c) Bardsey & East Keswick PCC – Newsletter Grant 120.00                                120.00

(d) East Keswick Wildlife Trust – Annual Grant           400.00                                400.00


It was resolved to pay all bills listed above. In the case of (b) the Clerk was asked to check first with the Crime Prevention panel that a grant from EKPC is required and to what purpose it will be put.


2. Letter from LCC re Precept timings. Precept requests must be received by LCC by 10th February 2017. The Council will agree this and a budget for 2017-18 at the January meeting.                                                                                                                           



1.Parish Council Elections 2019 The Councils have been informed that it is likely that they will be the only public bodies holding elections in May 2017. This would mean that they would have to bear the full cost ,instead of shared costs, which could double the amount normally paid in election costs.  

2. Free Offer from TCV of Packs of 50 Trees for Planting. It was agreed to pass this offer to the Wildlife Trust.

3. Highway Maintenance Programme for Harewood Ward 2017. Councils have been notified of the roads due to receive treatment next year. No roads in East Keswick are included.

4. E mail from Jim Dedicoat re lack of Bus Service on 99 service through village on 9th November Jim had sent this e mail to the PC for information. He had needed to get a lift to Bank Top after waiting for a bus which failed to turn up on the day when the snow fell.  He caught a bus successfully on the A58. The Council agreed to thank him for keeping them in touch with local issues concerning buses.

5. Message from LCC re proposed removal by BT of some telephone kiosks ,including one on Main Street.  It was agreed to write back offering to purchase the kiosk for £1 and asking what state the box would be left in regarding repair, re-painting and housing of telephone equipment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 



MINOR MATTERS FOR DELEGATION TO CLERK/NEXT AGENDA                                           1.Leaf Clearance – It has been noted that half of the village appears to have been swept and the other half not. It was agreed to write to Cleansing asking for further sweeping to be carried out ,especially on Whitegate and Moor Lane

2. Missing litter bin – It was agreed to ask Cleansing for a replacement for a bin now missing near Reighton House, Moor Lane..

3. Dates for Meetings of the Council in 2017 – Cllr Lord has sent these to Claire Tapp.

4. Incidents involving Horses attacking children and dogs on a public footpath. Cllr Bailey has been informed of 2 such incidents and asked about the legal position, It was agreed to make inquiries about this.

5. Bramham Estate Development Proposals for Bardsey. The Clerk updated Cllrs on the latest position. BPC has not responded and is waiting until it receives formal  notification of a  planning application, but is likely to object on Green Belt grounds. BAG (Bardsey Action Group) formed a few years ago to fight development in the village, has been revived and is now issuing flyers and e mails urging residents to write to the Planners stating their objections.  









EKPC November 16 Mins. 

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