PCSO Alan Stead reported no crime in the last month. He has asked his superior about the road closure request from the PC for the Remembrance Service period but has not yet received an answer.


PRESENT Cllrs Batty, Pentith, Lord, Bailey, Davies, Ogden and Warren.


APOLOGIES  None.                    



Cllr Batty declared an interest in Finance 1 (d).


MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON SEPTEMBER 20TH  2016. These were approved.



1. Arrangements for Remembrance Day Service at War Memorial. Cllr Pentith had asked the Methodist Minister if he is willing to take the service and he has agreed. The Clerk has asked the Police if they would try to prevent traffic going past during the course of the short service. She will remind them nearer the time. She has also had new copies of the service sheet prepared..

2.Complaint re Speeding on Lumby Lane.  This has been passed to Nick Borras (Highways)  

3.Tree Height Reduction behind Property on Keswick Grange - Ping Lee had accepted the Council decision that the tree height could be reduced but at his own expense.

4.Location of Council Property Inventory. It was agreed that this is a good idea and a list should be drawn up.

5. Neighbourhood Plan  The Chairman reported that , following a number of objections to the original list of ‘green spaces’ listed in the NP, their consultant had walked round the village to evaluate each one on a case by case basis. His conclusion was that a sizeable proportion did not need to be listed as green spaces since the existing protection covering them was adequate and further protection superfluous. This should no longer be a contentious issue. Letters will be sent to all landowners informing them of the changes.

6. State of Ginnel between Main Street and Church Drive.- Quotation from TCV-  Cllr Lord had met Michael Bird of TCV and discussed improvements to the path. He had suggested 13 days of volunteer labour at £4,420

  • Cutting and widening the hedge at £385.
  • Edging and laying of limestone footpath at £1,499.58
  • Total cost, incl. VAT, £7,565.94. (£6,304.95 without VAT)

Cllr Bailey is obtaining a quotation from JMA ,and Cllr Ogden has received a quotation for £2,990. It is considered that 1 or possibly 2 trees need to be removed (not included in the quotations). The Clerk will write to the District Cllrs asking about the possibility of a Well Being grant and to PROW about the possibility of obtaining path materials from them. She will also seek a quotation from Bardsey Tree Services for the tree(s) removal. She will then inform the owners of the 3 properties which will be affected by the work of the Council’s intentions. At some time it will be desirable also to get the surface of the path from St Mary’s Garth to the field dealt with

7.Further Defibrillator Signs. The Clerk had obtained further signs.

8.Possible Village Orchard-.  Debbie Lord, Secretary of EKWT, had asked for suitable sites as she was not aware of any. Cllr Bailey will have further discussion with the promoter of the scheme.   

9.Newcomers' Lunch.  The Chairman had made all the arrangements for the lunch, which Cllrs present considered very successful 23 newcomers + 6 Parish Cllrs had attended, but 2 of the newcomers had been able to stay for drinks only. The cost, at £15 per head had  been £390. This is £150 less than on the previous occasion. It was also agreed that the change of venue to the Duke had been an improvement, in making for a more relaxed atmosphere. The Chairman was thanked for his work in organising a very successful event.

10 Hedge  outside Linden House at corner of Lumby Lane/ Main Street. Steve Parry of Highways said that his department does not have the resources to deal with this. It is up to the individual householder to make arrangements .The Clerk will write to the owner of Linden House informing him of this.

11. Quotation from Bardsey Trees for work on 3 Trees in Keswick Marsh- £450 + VAT. 

Cllrs agreed that the owner of the property who has requested a reduction in height of these trees in order to provide more light in her garden, is to be informed of this. He is to be told that the Parish Council is agreeable to his having the work done, but that this will be at his own expense.



1.New Applications:-

(a) 16/05751- 10 Church Drive – Alts-including new roof to garage.

(b) 16/ 05864 – Land off Moor Lane – Det. Storage Barn for Equestrian Use.  

(c) 16/ 05799 – Moat House, Moor Lane – Exts.   



(a) 16/05013 – Limestones , Harewood Road

(b) 16/05225– Pasture House.



(a) Keswick Marsh

(b) South Lawn



(a) 16/05474  - Removal of 3 Trees, Elm Bank- T1, T2, T3,and T4 – A TPO  has been made to protect the trees.


4. Application No 15/06760 – Revised Plans for Church Drive –This is likely to be considered by LCC on November 3rd. The Chairman offered to attend.


4. Leaflets re Parlington Village  Proposed Development. This is a proposal for a large new housing development near Aberford, which could provide an alternative to the Headley Hall site, now withdrawn,  and would make a substantial contribution to the number of new houses required  by LCC 


1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a)PKF Littlejohn – Audit of Accounts                          300.00             60.00          360.00

(b) Mrs J Gallant- Salary/ Expenses.                           696.47                                696.47

(c) PAYE                                                                      161.60                                161.60 

(d) Cllr Batty – Reimbursement – Newcomers Lunch  390.00                                390.00

It was resolved to pay all the bills listed above.                               


2.Audit of  Accounts by External Auditor . The accounts have been approved by the External Auditor. There was one small mistake in the calculation of the amount outstanding with the PWLB.                                                                                                                                                    



 1.Meeting Dates for 2017. The Clerk asked that the January meeting be delayed until January 24th for holiday reasons. .Council agreed.  Cllrs discussed the remainder of the year’s meetings. The normal 3rd Tuesday in the month will be retained for all other months. There was some discussion on whether to have a free month in August or December and it was agreed that this should be August.

2. Proposed new Housing Development in Bardsey by Bramham Estate.- A Drop In session has been organised by the Estate for Wednesday October 19th from 2 – 7pm.The proposal (not yet a Planning Application) is to build 150 new houses and a park on Bramham Park land on Wetherby Road between Keswick Lane and First Avenue . 

3. Notification from Cllr Procter of possible grant fund for PCs- S106 Emmerdale Fund  

The Clerk had learnt of this grant from Cllr Procter who had asked why Bardsey and East Keswick PCs, alone of the local councils, had not applied to be considered for this grant. She had immediately contacted Andy Birkbeck and Adam Ward of LCC ,and had been assured that application forms would be sent to both PCs once they are agreed on. Suggestions for grants are conservation repairs, improvement & restoration of heritage assets , public rights of way initiatives in the public interest, and open space & recreational projects of public benefit.



1.Harewood and Wetherby Ward Meetings – No one from EKPC had been able to attend the last meeting. It was agreed that the Clerk would ask Andy Birkbeck for the dates of the next meetings so that it could be agreed in advance which Cllr was able to attend each meeting.

2. Rent Agreement with Mr Cooke – The Clerk will draw up the annual agreement and Cllr Ogden will check that the PC area is free of sheep on October 31st.

3. Visit at November Meeting from Cllr Ryan Stephenson – It was agreed to consider in advance topics for discussion with him. One topic is the possibility of a grant for work on the ginnel.








EKPC October 16 Mins.#


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