The Police had sent Council details of 4 crimes – 1 burglary other, 2 thefts from motor vehicles, and 1 burglary dwelling. PCSO Alan Stead later attended the meeting to discuss the report in detail.


PRESENT Cllrs Batty, Pentith, Lord, Warren, Ogden, Davies.


APOLOGIES  Cllr Bailey.                     



Cllr Ogden declared an interest in Planning (d) and Cllr Davies in Planning (b)


MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON JULY 26TH 2016. These were approved.



1.Long Term Lease requested by Collingham Junior Football Club. The Clerk had spoken to Mr Robinson who had informed her that the matter was progressing satisfactorily. He will not require further assistance from the Parish Council until fund raising is required.

2.Painting of Gate to War Memorial.  Mr John Priestley had offered to do this free of charge. The Clerk had accepted the offer on behalf of the Council.

3.Delivery of ‘Pavements are for People’ Leaflets. PCSO Alan Stead  reported that he had distributed leaflets in the village and would continue to do so on a regular basis.

4.Reply from GGS re Increase in Charges. Mrs Hullah had explained that work on the hedges bordering the playground was considerably greater than that required previously in the churchyard. In particular,removal of all the debris added greatly to the time taken. It was agreed to ask GGS to confirm times when the hedges are cut.     

5. Neighbourhood Plan A meeting had taken place to consider responses to the draft  document. The most contentious issue had been ‘green spaces’. As a result, a walk had taken place around the village to re-determine what should be included. It had been noted that there is no TPO order on the Memorial Lime Trees. The Clerk had discussed this with Mr Lapish, who had advised that this was unnecessary as the trees were not likely to be under any threat from possible development.                                                                                                                   

6. State of Ginnel between Main Street and Church Drive. The Clerk had sent letters as requested to householders with hedges bordering the ginnel, asking them to be cut back. their sections of hedge.  She was asked to contact the owner of the broken fence on the opposite side of the ginnel with the overhanging tree, and ask for the tree to be trimmed and the fence mended. She was also asked to contact BTCV and ask for their suggestion and price for improvement to the path surface.

7.Playground. There was nothing to report. Cllr Bailey has the playground book. Cllr Warren said that he had offered to take his turn with the playground rota .

8.Newcomers' Lunch.  The Clerk has been contacted by a few newcomers who welcomed the opportunity to meet other residents and Cllrs. The Chairman is now taking charge of arrangements. The lunch will commence at 12.30 for 1, with a free drink on arrival and guests expected to buy their own subsequent drinks. The Chairman will give a welcoming address on arrival. Copies of the Welcome Pack will be obtained from Liz Parr.

9. Further letter from Lumby Lane resident concerning Speeding on Lumby Lane. This repeated the points made in the first letter. The lady is particularly concerned about danger to children from speeding traffic. Cllr Ogden confirmed that motorists regularly travel at well over 30mph along this road.   It was agreed to ask Highways whether there was any increased signage, such as a slow or 30 mph sign on the actual road surface, which could help alleviate the speeding problem.

10. Further E mail re Traffic Problems related to events at Harewood House. A resident had again complained to the Council about how he had been inconvenienced by traffic travelling to a popular event at the House. He suggested asking Cllr Robinson for assistance. The Clerk had taken up this suggestion and Cllr Robinson had given Council advance warning of likely traffic hold ups at an event at the House on September 24th.  It was agreed to circulate the list of events sent from Harewood Estate.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           PLANNING


1.New Applications:-

(a) 16/04674- South View, Main Street- Raise Ridge & Eaves to form New First Floor.

Council commented but did not object.

(b) 16/04632- 9 The Grove – Minor Alterations- Noted  

(c) 16/05013 – Limestones, Harewood Road – Change of use – Stables to form ancillary accommodation.- Council agreed to send comments

(d) 16/05225 – Pasture House, Moor Lane – Ext.- No objection

(e) 16/04751 – Green Row – Demolish Bungalow & Build New House.- Council to object  

(f) 1506760 -Church Drive -  2 x 4 Bed. Properties ..

Cllr Lord has liaised with actively involved neighbours on this.  It is to be discussed at LCC Plans Panel on September 29th. Although Cllrs now accept the likelihood of 2 houses being permitted on the site, they consider the scale of those planned to be out of keeping with  the surroundings. Council to object.

(g) 16/05016 – Craven Bank, Harewood Road – Ext. – No objection

(h) 16/05474/TR -Elm Bank – Fell 3 Trees. Cllr Warren had spoken to Mr Lapish complaining about the felling of 3 large trees , showing no obvious sign of  decline. It was agreed that the Clerk would write on behalf of the Council objecting.



(a) 16/04272 – Laurel Bank.

(b) 16/04632 – 9 The Grove.



(a) Reighton House , Moor Lane – Alterations to property – development almost completed . Enforcement file to be closed.

(b) Whitegate House – Unauthorised removal of Birch Tree – Replacement planting scheme agreed and completed, subject to check from Enforcement Officer.



1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a) Mr J. Priestley – Painting Expenses   (Retro)        59.98                                    59.98

(b) CPRE – Subs – D/D                                              36.00                                    36.00  

(c) EKVH – Rent                                                          27.50                                    27.50  

(d) GGS Groundcare – Quarterly Maintenance         775.00                                  775.00

(e)J. Gallant – Computer Cartridge                             11.99                                    11.99  


It was resolved to pay the bills listed above.                                                                                                                                



1. Report on Strong Smell  from New Laithe Farm The Chairman had complained to the Environment Dept. following a number of complaints about the smell from residents. The matter was investigated and when it was found that the correct procedures for dealing with the slurry had not been followed, the farmer was reprimanded and told to carry out the work correctly in future.

2. Request for Tree Height Reduction behind Property on Keswick Grange. After some discussion, Cllrs agreed that, subject to the approval of a tree surgeon, they are willing to see the height of the tree reduced, but that this should be at the property owner’s expense.

3. E mails between a Moor Lane resident, Bob Buckenham and Roger Brookes re possible footpath along A659, linking Cleavesty and Crabtree Lanes.  This possibility is still being investigated   

4. Letter from Betty Pattinson (WI) This sought permission for the WI to plant daffodil bulbs adjacent to the hedge on the verge by the marsh, opposite Brooklands. Council agreed to the request.  



1.Remembrance Day Sunday  Service at War Memorial – The Chairman reminded Cllrs  that this will fall on 13th November . Last year, despite a request for traffic movement to be suspended by the Police for the brief period of the service, traffic continued to flow and  cause disturbance. It was agreed to remind the Police well in advance of our request. It was also agreed to ask the Methodist Minister this year if he is able to take the service .

2. Invitation to Cllr Ryan Stephenson to attend an EKPC meeting. The Clerk informed Cllrs that Cllr Stephenson had attended part of the last Bardsey PC meeting and had expressed interest in attending a meeting of each of the councils in the Harewood Ward. It was agreed to invite him to attend an East Keswick meeting.

3. Location of all Council property – Cllr Pentith suggested that a property location list should be drawn up to remind Cllrs where  items are stored. The Methodist Church will store the bunting and the banner is at the home of Mr John Priestley of Moor Lane.

4. Signs indicating locations of defibrillators in the area. It was agreed that the Clerk would request further signs which could be placed in strategic places in the village so that residents and  visitors  will know where the nearest is to be found.

5. Possible Village Orchard. – Cllr Lord has learnt via from his wife, Secretary of the Wildlife Trust, of a charity which is prepared to assist a few interested groups in the Tadcaster area with establishing a village orchard. He mentioned that the field beyond Frank shire’s Quarry would be a possible location. This will be discussed at a later meeting.

6. Hedge outside Linden House at corner of Lumby Lane/ Main Street – Cllr Ogden reported that the hedge is growing outwards and gradually reducing the width of the road . It was agreed to ask Highways if they would look at it and advise us. .












EKPC September 16 Mins.



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