POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM  No Police or residents attended. Cllr Ogden read out a letter from a resident unable to attend the meeting concerned that her field (off Moor Lane) and next to the footpath to St Mary’s Garth was private land and not a public area for dog walking as many people seem to assume. Cllrs considered her comments justified and agreed to advise residents via the newsletter and website that they are not entitled to walk their dogs on the field.

The Chairman reported that he had received an e mail from a resident concerned about the shortage of dog bins on the further stretches of Moor Lane and equine signage.


PRESENT  Cllrs Batty, Lord, Ogden,and Warren


APOLOGIES Cllrs Davies, Holdsworth, and Pentith. .                       




MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON MAY 17TH 2016. These were approved.



1.Long Term Lease requested by Collingham Junior Football Club. There was considerable discussion on this. All Cllrs agree that the 20 year lease desired by Mr Robinson would be desirable. The Chairman offered to draft a letter to Harry Moores of the Sports Club.

2.Black Bin Problem at corner of Lumby Lane   The Clerk reported that she had written, as requested, to the homeowner,  who had later phoned her and explained the situation. He had been refused permission by H & S to keep a bin inside the property and had therefore purchased a smaller than normal bin, which LCC consider acceptable and the best solution to a difficult problem. The previous tenant had actually been a single person occupier and had only spent 2 nights each week at the property ,and had therefore been able to manage without a wheelie bin. The present tenant said that he was willing to consider any suitable alternative if one could be found. Cllrs again discussed the matter, agreeing that this is an imperfect solution, but difficult to find a better alternative.

3.Traffic Disruption on A659 from Events at Harewood House.  The Clerk had written to the appropriate officer at Harewood House explaining the problem faced by East Keswick residents exiting the village on to the A659 when record numbers  of visitors  were travelling to  special events at the House.   She had received a reply expressing surprise and stating that this was the only complaint of its kind they had received from East Keswick. They had promised to notify the Council in advance of any major forthcoming event. Cllrs agree to take no further action.   

4. Playground Inspection The Chairman had written to the Chairman of Wicksteed complaining of their proposed long delay in the timing of their inspection and proposal for dealing with the piece of faulty equipment. He had then been offered a free inspection at a much earlier date. This has now taken place and the Council has been notified of a number of minor problems which, together with repair to the Crazy Twister,  will cost the Council £351.50 to put right. It was agreed that the Council should accept the quotation for repair of the Crazy Twister but should query payment for repairs to  new pieces of equipment which should be covered by warranty. GGS Groundcare are also to be asked to clear nettle growth and if possible low overhanging tree growth. They are further to be advised that some minor damage was detected to the safety grass mat and base of timber sections due to strimming .

Further communications have been received from two residents living adjacent to the playground, asking what the Council proposes to do about claimed noise arising from their close proximity to the new equipment.  The Chairman has agreed to visit one of them on Thursday morning.

5. Neighbourhood Plan Copies of the summarised Draft Pre Consultation Plan have been delivered throughout the village and a Drop In Session took place on June 23rd. Most of the criticisms concern ‘green spaces’, with land on Allerton Drive and Moor Lane being mentioned.

6. State of Ginnel between Main Street and Church Drive and between St Mary’s Garth and Moor Lane. Cllrs agreed that both paths are badly in need of attention. Cllr Ogden’s contact is unable to carry out work on the surface of the first path until October/ November.  It was agreed first to get work done on the hedging. Mark Hullah is to be asked to advise on the work he considers necessary. The Council should include maintenance work on the ginnel in its budget next year.                                                                                               

7.Offer to paint White Railings   Mr Priestley of Moor Lane has repainted the railings. It was agreed to write and thank him for a job well done.  

8.Newcomers' Lunch. Arrangements are in hand.                                                                                                                                                         

9. Annual Report Distribution. This has been completed.

10. EKPC and EKVH   There was further discussion on relations between the 2 bodies. It was agreed to write back to the VHC saying that the Council would like to send a representative on occasions to the VH Trustee meetings but this would not necessarily be the same Cllr and there would be no question of a member of the PC becoming a VH  trustee.

11. Report from Cllr Lord on meeting of Harewood & Wetherby Forum. :-

  • Crime is on the increase in our area but not in East Keswick.
  • A leaflet called “Pavements are for People” has been produced and copies for PCs can be obtained from Andy Birkbeck ( Council agreed to send for some).
  •  Speeding was an issue discussed .20mph limits can be imposed, but are difficult to enforce.
  • The ONE Committee is starting to fund CTCV cameras .

12. Northern Powergrid – Cllr Davies reported that there are 2 planned projects which should improve reliability of the power supply into the village. They are increasing the level of automation and remote control that they have on the network. This should mean that if/ when something happens on the network, power will switch back on far more quickly than at present. Secondly, they plan to replace the 33kV powerline that runs from Menston to Bramham (off which he believes EK power is taken).

13. Bunting  Cllr Davies asked what permanent  storage arrangements should be made . He would like to off load to someone else ASAP It was agreed to ask Cllr Pentith if it could be kept at the Methodist Church..



1.New applications:-

(a) 16/03064 7 Church Drive – Porch. – It was agreed to make no objection.                                                                                                                     


(a) No16/01726- Ivy Grange Barn - Porch


3. Report on Planning Meeting re Church Drive Development (15/06760) attended by himself and 4 other representatives from East Keswick  Two of  the residents had used the few minutes allocated to them to make the case for refusing the new application. They had been well supported by Cllr John Procter and the Panel were asked to take further time to consider. Cllr Lord considered the meeting had gone as well as could be expected. The original outline application for 2 bungalows had lapsed timewise.  The expectation is that there will be 2 houses, slightly bigger.



1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a) GGS Groundcare – Maintenance                            775.00                             775.00

(b) RAY – Subs.                                                              35.00                               35.00

(c) Zurich Municipal -Insurance Premium   (Retro)       821.04                              821.04

(d) Ruralis                                                                     600.00                              600.00

It was resolved to pay the bills listed above.

2.New salary proposals for Clerks’ Salaries.  A 1% increase has been suggested for all Clerks’ salaries.  Council approved the increase.                                                                                                                                                      


3. Approval  of  GGS quotation for Garden Maintenance. GGS had explained the increase in charges for work this year. It is part due to inflation, but mainly to the change in the contract. Pam Hullah said that the work previously included on the front churchyard was far less than the cutting of the hedges in Carr Green which included  removal of all the hedge trimmings. The Clerk was asked to go back to GGS querying the amount of time both tasks took, and also pointing out that the Council had hoped that more time would be given to the playground work in lieu of the churchyard work..



CORRESPONDENCE AND NEW BUSINESS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            1.Sewage problem at corner of Lumby Lane/ Main Street.-The Clerk had been notified  of an unpleasant situation.  Sewage was flowing down Main Street past the  property on the corner of Main Street/ Lumby Lane .  YW was called in and succeeded in solving the problem, caused by a blocked pipe.                                                                                                                                                                                     


1.Bus Shelter  The Clerk was reminded to ask whether a shelter could be provided opposite the Duke of Wellington to give cover to children waiting for the bus to school.

2.School Transport – The Chairman and a parent attended the Executive Board of LCC where Council officers defended their policy. The leader of the Conservative group, Cllr Andrew Carter, expressed his displeasure both in the meeting and later in an e mail to the Chief Executive of the Council. Ward .Cllr Robinson had also raised the issue in Council and met similar defending of council policy. He is also writing to the Chief Executive, to the Scrutiny Committee, and to our MP.


Signed:                         Date:  

                                                                                                              EKPC June 16 Mins



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