POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM The Police reported 1 burglary other, although suspect was disturbed and made off without stealing anything.


Mr Robertson attended ( M/A 1.)

PRESENT Cllrs Batty, Pentith, Lord, Bailey, Davies, and Ogden.


APOLOGIES  Cllr Warren.

ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN It was proposed Cllr Bailey, seconded Cllr Ogden, and agreed unanimously, that Cllr Batty should continue as Chairman. Cllr Batty agreed to serve for a further year.


ELECTION OF VICE-CHAIRMAN   It was proposed Cllr Batty, seconded Cllr Lord, and agreed unanimously that Cllr Pentith should continue as Vice-Chairman. Cllr Pentith agreed to serve for a further year.




The following were agreed:-

  • Planning – Cllrs Lord, Pentith and Ogden.
  • Finance – Cllrs Lord and Pentith.
  • Playground – Cllr Bailey.
  • Footpaths – Cllrs Lord and Bailey.
  • VH Representative- To be agreed. .
  • Newsletter.- Cllr Lord .  
  • Harewood & Wetherby Ward Rep – Volunteer(s) for each quarterly meeting.
  • Website – Cllr Batty.


The Chairman declared an interest in Finance 1(a)


These were approved.


1.Long Term Lease requested by Collingham Junior Football Club. The Clerk reported that she had  spoken to Harry Moores , Nick Dyson of Hartlaws, and  John Priestley. Harry Moores is not in favour of the club being taken over at this stage by the PC. Nick Dyson thought it should be possible to overcome the problem of the ‘lost constitution’. He said that the club would need to call a special meeting of all members and agree for 2 of the Trustees to visit him and make a sworn statement that the ‘rules’ drawn up for the club should form the constitution. Mr Robertson explained that he is anxious to arrange a long term lease ASAP in order to apply for a grant for drainage of the land. He was advised by the PC that he would need to liaise with Harry Moores . The Clerk is to supply him with a copy of the ‘rules’.  

2.Black Bin Problem at one location.It was agreed , after consulting the LCC website, to write to the occupier, asking him to remove the bin and use black rubbish bags instead. The PC agreed with pedestrians and motorists that the present location of the bin on the narrow strip of pavement is dangerous.   

3.Report on Tour de Yorkshire in East Keswick.  Both the men’s and women’s races had been well supported and good business had been done by the pubs and butchers.  Cllr Davies is to be congratulated on all his work in organising locations for the bunting and and later erecting it .It was agreed that the bunting should be put up again in time for the Methodist Church Anniversary Celebrations and for the Queen’s birthday. The banner should remain in place until the end of August.  

4.Suggestion from David Cooke for Footpath alongside A659.  Highways informed  Mr Cooke that there was no money for such a project at present. It would be very difficult practically to make a footpath along certain sections of the highway. The wide verges leave too little space between various private boundaries and the edges of the highway to allow room for a footpath. The riverside alternative has been stymied by the outright opposition of landowners.    

5. Neighbourhood Plan – Approval of Plan to go out to village for consultation.    The NP SC had circulated Cllrs with copies of the Pre Consultation Draft, a summary of which is to go out shortly to all residents for their comments, prior to being sent to LCC for approval. . There was some discussion, particularly concerning letters to be sent to landowners whose ‘green lands’ are to be included in the Plan as areas to be afforded ‘ green space’ , similar to green belt ,status. The absence of Carr Green in this category was pointed out.   It was proposed Cllr Bailey, seconded Cllr Davies, and agreed unanimously, that the Council should approve the Plan , subject to a few minor alterations.

6. State of Ginnel between Main Street and Church Drive. Highways had reported that unfortunately the material they had stored in Crabtree Lane car park was not suitable for use on the ginnel. They had patched up a few holes in the car park. It was then agreed that Cllr Ogden would  obtain precise quotations from his contact, for work on the path, and when agreement was reached, an attempt would be made to obtain a grant.

7.Playground.The problem on the old piece of equipment which has leaked brown fluid on to children’s clothing has been referred to Wicksteed, the Playground Inspectors for East Keswick. They need to see the problem before suggesting a solution. As it is more than a year since an inspection has taken place, Cllr Pentith has asked them to arrange the annual inspection ASAP. They had agreed,  but the earliest date for an inspection they would offer was June 23rd, and no repair could be carried out until after this date. Cllrs felt that a 10 week wait from the initial complaint  was unacceptable and the Chairman offered to draft a letter to the Managing Director of Wicksteed with an official complaint over the delay.

8. Problems referred to Highways / PROW   Cllr Robinson is continuing to put pressure on Bob Buckenham of PROW over the work agreed for the path to the river from Crabtree Lane corner.   

9.Newcomers' Lunch.  This has been arranged for Saturday October 1st.   

10 Annual Report Distribution.  All households have received a copy. Some of the remainder will be used in the Welcome Packs for newcomers to the village and others left on a table in the Village Hall.

11 EKPC and EKVH The Secretary to the Trustees had written that the committee needs to know the identity of the VH representative chosen by the Council before giving consent to him/ her being admitted to the committee. Council will take no further action until they can obtain a copy of the Second Schedule. They consider that it is their prerogative to send whoever may be available at the time to the meetings, but agreed that an observation role only at the Trustees Meetings would be acceptable.

12. Offer to paint white railings. It was agreed to ask Mr Priestley of Moor Lane for further information on his proposals for the railings, some of which may need replacing.

13 Parish Walks – Cllr Bailey will lead the shorter walk commencing at 10am on Sunday July 10th and Cllr Lord will lead the longer walk on Tuesday 5th July at 7pm.



1.New applications:-

(a) 16/02740 – 11a The Paddock – Ext  

It was resolved to make no objection to this application.



1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a) CMS – Annual Reports                                          661.60            132.32          793.92

(b) EKVH – Rent                                                           55.00                                   55.00

It was resolved to pay the bills listed above.


2. Statement of Accounts for External Auditor The new Internal Auditor had discussed and advised the Clerk on the submission of documents  for the External Auditor and had signed all sections of the Annual Internal Audit  report for 2015/16. The Chairman and Clerk then signed the Accounting Statements, with the approval of the rest of the Council. 

3. Renewal of PC Insurance. The Clerk explained that she had managed to obtain a greatly improved deal from Zurich from the original figures quoted by referring to the excellent deal offered to Bardsey by another Zurich manager. The latter then took charge of the EK business also and offered EKPC a deal in line with that for Bardsey. The new figures on offer are £1012,77 for one year, £916 for 3 years, and £821.04 for 3 years.

It was resolved to agree to the 5 year option at £821.04.

4. Approval  of  GGS quotation for Garden Maintenance. The new quotation is for £775 per quarter (£725 last year).It was agreed to approve this quotation but to note the increase. Cllr Lord  asked that GGS cut the banking to the tennis courts  on a more regular basis and Cllr Bailey asked them to be careful when cutting the grass in the playground to avoid catching the surfacing with the mower.                                                                



1. Welcome Pack for new Residents The Clerk had been advised that this is now out of date. Cllrs, however, informed her that Liz Parr is now in charge and makes the packs up as required.

2. Parking Problem on South Mount. The Police were informed of the problem of parking here by people not living in the village who sometimes leave cars on the road for a couple of days.

3. Complaint from Resident of Moor Lane re Power Cuts Cllr Davies offered to write to the Authorities about this. It appears that there is a quadrant in the village which is more prone to power cuts than elsewhere.

4. Traffic Disruption on A659 affecting East Keswick Cllr Bailey said that she had received a number of complaints about events at Harewood which had led to long queues on the road ,causing problems for those exiting the village on to the A659. It was agreed to write to the Harewood Trust outlining the problem.



1.School Buses The Chairman said that there was currently no further news on this matter.

2. Bus shelter at Duke of Wellington – Some younger residents had asked whether East Keswick could have a shelter similar to the new ones in Bardsey. The Clerk said that this was very unlikely as the new shelters in Bardsey are replacement ones and no new locations , though suggested by BPC, had been permitted, but would ask.






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