POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM PCSO Alan Stead attended and reported no crimes during the month. He was reminded by Cllrs of the need for flyers to be placed by the Police on car windscreens of motorists parking on pavements, particularly on Whitegate, South Mount, The Grove, and Moor Lane.


PRESENT  Cllrs Batty, Pentith, Lord, Ogden, Davies , Bailey and Warren.


APOLOGIES    None                    


MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON FEBRUARY 16TH 2016.These were approved.


1. School Buses – At a meeting of the NE Community Committee . Cllr Robinson had said that he was disappointed at the existing policy regarding transport arrangements for children . Mr Bradshaw, on behalf of LCC ,had  conceded that some children, mainly in rural areas ,were disadvantaged by the present policy, but there was always provision for unique cases using taxis. Discussion had followed on how the distance from home to school was calculated. Cllr J. Procter had asked for numbers of children in the ONE area currently using taxis. .It had been resolved to provide Cllr Procter with these numbers and approximate costs.                                                                                                              The EK Chairman said that the delegation to the LCC Meeting in the Civic Hall on 23.3.16 will go ahead and he would welcome attendance from a substantial number of affected parents from East Keswick/ Bardsey.

2. Arrangements for Parish Assembly on April 19th Cllr Ann Castle is unfortunately unable to attend as she has a previous engagement that evening. David Gluck has agreed to attend to talk on the Neighbourhood Plan. The Assembly will commence at 8pm and will follow the PC meeting at 6.30. Drinks (red and white wine and beer )will be obtained by the Chairman ,and the Vice Chairman will obtain nibbles and orange juice. Cllr Lord will speak on Planning and Cllr Davies on the Tour de Yorkshire.The Chairman, in addition to giving his annual report, will show photos of work done during the year.

3. Tour de Yorkshire  The Chairman has learnt that 3 banners (90m x 7.2 m) would cost the Council £334+ VAT .He queried whether the wording should be ‘Welcome to the Tour of ‘Welcome to All”. Cllrs agreed that one banner and 200 m of bunting stating a welcome to all, should be sufficient, and cost approx. £230. Cllr Davies offered to check on the most suitable locations for the bunting. John Priestley of North View, Moor Lane, has offered to put a banner outside his property.

4. Arrangements for Litter Pick   These are in hand. Jessica Hodgson suggested that no skip is required as the Refuse men will collect all litter. If it is established that this will be available on the actual day, the Clerk will cancel the skip.     

5. Neighbourhood Plan- Footpaths. The Chairman reported that the Footpath Group no longer exists but improvement to the Footpath network will be included in the NP.                                                                                                                     6. State of Ginnel between Main Street and Church Drive. Bob Buckenham of PROW  asked for exact details of location which Cllr Lord supplied. The group is short staffed and  inundated with work resulting from the Boxing Day floods, and this path would have low priority. He renewed the offer to provide materials if the Council could provide operatives. It was agreed to ask TCV for another quotation for work only on the central section of the path. Cllr Ogden may be able to obtain further quotations. Cllrs estimate that the work required can be carried out in a day and a half.                                                                                               

7.Parking on Pavements. A number of complaints have been received  of  parking problems on South Mount (where there is an area for parking in the centre of the roundabout which is little used), and on the Grove. This matter  has now been referred to the Police.

8. Problems referred to Highways   The issues raised  at the previous meeting have been passed to Highways. There was some misunderstanding concerning  the exact location of the metal posts on Moor Lane , which the Clerk has now rectified.  

9.Newcomers' Lunch. The Chairman has made some inquiries but nothing definite has been arranged.

10  Annual Report. The  Chairman showed Cllrs a draft of his proposed plan which this year is in the form of a calendar , with accompanying photos,  of work  done during the year. Cllrs approved the document but suggested some slight changes..

11. Report from Cllr Pentith on  Parish and Town Council Forum – Thursday 25th February.The Forum was cancelled at the last minute, due to insufficient take up.

12.Proposed Sign for Playground.  The Chairman has not yet revised this.

13.Details of VH Trustee Meetings The Secretary of the Trustees said that her committee had failed to receive the PC reply to their last e mail. When the Clerk duly re-sent this, she promised to bring the Council’s requests to  the next Trustee meeting. They have held no meeting since Christmas. Some representatives of the Council will attend the Annual Meeting on Tuesday March 22nd.



1.New applications:- 

(a) 16/01158 – Woody End, Whitegate – Dormer Lights .

It was agreed to make no objection to this application.

 N.B. Application 16/ 00250 – Hillingdon, Hillcrest – (from previous month)- Resolved to object.   




1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a) Clerk's Salary and Expenses                                  703.98                                 703.98

(b) Grant to Wildlife Trust                                             400.00                                 400.00

(c )EKVH – Rent                                                             55.00                                  55.00    

(d) Ruralis – NDP Work                                                600,00          120.00            720.00   

(e) GGS Groundcare – Maintenance                           725.00                                  725.00

(f) PAYE                                                                       160.00                                  160.00  

(g) LCC – Election Expenses                                     1,324.01                              1,324.01

It was resolved to pay the bills listed above.  With regard to (g) the Clerk was asked to check first as the invoice had come in the form of a reminder and had been addressed to East Keswick Parish Council at the Civic Hall.


 1..E mail from Becky Bracey, RAY, concerning Digital Skills Training for over 50's to be offered in 3 villages,- It was noted that the VHC welcomed this and have offered use of the Hall.

2. Resumption of Brown bin Service.   Noted.

3. Welcome Pack for new Residents  Elizabeth Ward suggested to the Clerk that this is now out of date and needs attention to content  before being distributed to new residents. It was agreed to obtain a copy  and to consider whether it requires upgrading.

4. Condition of drains at end of Crabtree Lane.  This  had been reported to the Clerk who had passed the request for drain clearance to Highways.  

5. Grass Cutting - Continental Landscapes have instructed their contactors to undertake soft cuts in view of the very wet conditions and very mild winter.


1.Village Eyesore – Cllr Pentith reported on a comment from a complete stranger to the village that the present condition of one area in the village is an eyesore. Cllrs considered there was nothing more they could do.                                                                                                

2. Safety on ginnel leading to Tennis Courts on Moor Lane – Cllr Pentith reported that skateboards, scooters and even motor bikes have been seen and heard travelling at speed on the ginnel , now that the gate part way down the path has been removed. Cllrs agreed that some form of barrier is required but cannot agree on what form this could take.

3. Projects to improve village – Cllr Bailey asked whether the Council should not spend more time on consideration of such matters. She mentioned footpaths, activities for older children and a village orchard. Some of these are included in the NP .  The idea of an orchard was first suggested years ago by Janet Thornton. It may now be possible to identify a suitable location .

4. Flower Tubs – Cllr Bailey contrasted the appearance of the East Keswick and Bardsey village signs where the Bardsey sign is greatly improved by the addition of a flower tub.

5. Parish Walks – It was agreed that Cllr Lord would again lead the Longer Parish Walk and Cllr Bailey the Shorter Walk. Both Cllrs will consider the times most suited to them    

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