POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM The Police reported 2 burglaries dwellings, 1 theft from a motor vehicle and 1 burglary other.


PRESENT  Cllrs Batty, Pentith, Lord, Bailey, Davies, Ogden and Warren.


APOLOGIES     None.                  




MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON NOVEMBER 24TH 2015 These were approved.



1. Children's Playground. Another e mail , dated 30 November, from Ruth Lawrenson  has been received .She claims that none of the issues brought to the attention of the PC has been resolved. The Chairman has been in further correspondence with her and has told her  that the Parish Council will not move the piece of equipment which the residents consider too near their properties. He pointed out that moving it would create a greater problem as there would be an open space where ball games could be pursued with attendant problems of noise and possible damage to property. Ball games for older children will be discouraged but toddlers should be allowed to play with balls. It was agreed that the closing time for the playground should be 8pm or dusk. The Chairman is to experiment with producing a more traditional type of sign for the main noticeboard at the playground and it was agreed that a couple of smaller plaques should be placed on the fence advising against disturbance to residents.

2.Repairs on Whitegate  There was no further news about this.  

3.Condition of Wharfe and Wharfe Bridge following recent flooding.The River Wharfe burst its banks during the Christmas period. The tree, which had been jammed under the bridge has gone. According to Dennis  Corn, who visits the area regularly, there are likely to be trees on the bank now falling into the river, due to the erosion of the bank between Harewood and Woodhall. Julian Holmes, Chairman of Collingham PC, has sent us a photograph of the badly damaged bridleway from the A659  to the river at East Keswick.  It was agreed to contact ROW and the Environment Dept about these issues. 

4. Neighbourhood Plan. Cllr Batty produced a letter,  drafted by David Gluck, which he suggested should be sent from the PC to all landowners in the village advising them that it is the intention to classify their land as “local green  space”, comparable to green belt, unless they have any objection. This would rule out new development except in very special circumstances. Any objections should be sent to the Clerk, preferably before the end of February.                                                                                                                                             

5. School Buses. The Chairman reported that, on Cllr Robinson's advice, he had contacted some  of the parents who had attended the local meeting in the autumn. Several had been agreeable to forming a small delegation to LCC . He had then contacted LCC and been given 23rd March as the earliest date when they could attend a Council meeting. Places have been reserved for 5 or 6 people. Only one is allowed to speak, preferably a parent. Cllr Batty has found a suitable spokesperson and written an address for him. The meeting is at 1pm on March 23 at the Civic Hall. Cllr Davies, as a parent and a Bardsey Parent Governor, expressed his interest in attending also.                                                                                             

6.Appointment of new Internal Auditor. The Clerk is to approach a number of local accountants to find someone willing to replace Graham Plant .

7. Wildlife Trust Plans for Marsh.- Report from Cllrs attending Site Meeting. Cllrs Warren, Davies and Lord had met members of the Wildlife Trust on site on a very wet Saturday in November. Melanie Smith of EKWT had subsequently e mailed their plans for the area as outlined to the 3 Cllrs. The Trust has become concerned at the decline in flora and fauna and  replacement by tall species like Great Willowherb on the Marsh. In the past they have found that grazing has helped to redress this balance and, encouraged by DEFRA ,they therefore plan to graze 2-3 cows and their calves there for 2 months each year. Fencing is required for stock control. The group had walked the length of the line of fencing required. The EKWT members had explained that it is intended to be as unobtrusive as possible , generally within the vegetation 3-4 m south of the stone path, and of timber construction for this section. For other parts a post and rail fence is proposed There will be pedestrian access gates at the 2 drains and a single 12' gate and stiles or pedestrian gates at the western area as the path enters/ leaves the enclosure. They will apply for grants for all this work.  After some discussion at the meeting , it was agreed that the Wildlife Trust should be allowed to go ahead with this project.  

8. Reply from Highways re Lumby Lane.The Highway Dept claimed that no further repair work for the road has been authorised.  Cllrs have noted, however, that the surface at the village end of the  road is now crumbling badly and gravel being washed down on to Main Street. Highways are to be contacted again, pointing out that this will form part of the Tour de  Yorkshire route this April.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       .                            


1.APPROVALS BY LCC:-                                                                                                                                   

(a) App. 15/06453 – Change of use agricultural land to equestrian use and construction of menage- land off Moor Lane


3.REFUSALS BY LCC:-                                                                                                                                   

 (a) 15/06087 – Valley Nursery Cottage , Moor Lane. - Increased height of boundary wall to front. This has immediately been followed by an Appeal.



1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total                                                  

(a) H.M. Customs & Revenue – PAYE                       160.00                                  160.00

(b)J Gallant – Salary and Expenses.                          740.83                                  740.83                              

(c) EKVH – Rent                                                           26.50                                    26.50.                                                        

(d )Ian Pickersgill – Payment for Brass Plaque.            35.00                                    35.00    

(e) GGS Groundcare – Garden Maintenance             725.00                                  725.00       

(f) Mr N. Haslewood – Felling Cherry Tree                   60.00                                    60.00    

(g) Cllr P. Lord – Expenses                                           35.00                                    35.00  

(h) Bardsey PCC – Newsletter Grant                          120.00                                  120.00                                                  

It was resolved to pay all the cheques listed above. In the case of (d) and (h) these are replacement cheques which the Council agreed should be replaced due to the 2 original ones having been lost .


2.  Budget  for 2016-17  and Precept for 2016.  The Clerk had e mailed preliminary figures for consideration by Cllrs.  Some minor adjustments to the budget were proposed . It was then proposed Cllr Lord, seconded Cllr Davies, and agreed unanimously, that the precept for the coming year should be raised to £18,000.            


CORRESPONDENCE AND NEW BUSINESS                                                                                 

1.Tour de Yorkshire passing through East Keswick in April 2016 –   Cllr Davies  had attended part of a meeting, along with representatives of Bardsey PC and Scouts, with the Tour Organiser the previous Friday. He confirmed that the Tour will travel along Lumby Lane and Main Street en route for Keswick Lane and Rigton Bank, Bardsey.  Cllrs are in agreement that the village should be decorated for the occasion with red, white and blue bunting and possibly a yellow bicycle. The pubs and shops en route should be encouraged to decorate. The idea of a village barbecue was also  talked of and ideas for the most suitable location discussed. The Chairman will e mail the pubs and shops and the details will need to be circulated in the April Newsletter.                                                                           

 2. E mail from Jim Dedicoat re state of Ginnel between Main Street and Church Drive.   Jim Dedicoat reported that this is now full of trampled leaves and is filthy and slippery. The leaves need to be scraped off and a new layer of stone applied. The Clerk will in the first instance approach ROW for improvement work .                                         .                                                           

 3. Fallen Tree Problems identified by David Moseley .A large willow has fallen into the beck  from the East Keswick side in the Marsh. David considered that if nothing was done the whole tree could fall into the beck and block it. Members of the EKWT Working Party subsequently removed it.

He also mentioned another tree ( not the responsibility of the PC) in the field behind Brooklands which is dead and which should be dealt with by the landowner (if known) to avoid damaging the bank. Council discussed this but as the owner is thought to live abroad, agreed that there was nothing they could usefully do at present. The tree has been in this position for several weeks and is not presently causing any blockage problem.                                      

4. Path across Marsh – This has no designation on a map recently circulated by ROW. Cllrs would check on this.



1.Parking on Pavements – Cllr Lord said that he had been asked to raise this issue, particularly acute on Whitegate.  Cllrs advised that it has been discussed many times in the past with no solution presenting itself. It was, however, agreed to ask the PCSO whether he could again provide leaflets from the Police to be placed on windscreens advising motorists to park with due consideration for others, especially pedestrians.                               

2. Harewood and Wetherby Forum  Cllr Pentith reported that the next meeting  will be held next Thursday at  Alwoodley. The Chairman offered to attend.                                                             

3. Newcomers' Lunch .It is now 2 years since the last lunch. After some discussion on whether it is preferable to hold these events every 2 or every 3 years, it was agreed to hold one in September/ October 2016 ,but with a more casual approach.                                                                                                                       

4. Annual Report – The  Chairman asked for ideas for this at the February meeting.






EKPC January 2016 Mins.






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