POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM  PCSO Alan Stead attended and reported 3 crimes in the last month – a burglary other (attempt to steal money from the PO located in the Village Hall), a theft from a vehicle, and a burglary dwelling.

Two problems were raised with the PCSO.(1)  A car had been parked for a few days adjacent to Crabtree Lane car park , but had now disappeared. (2 )Residents living close to Two Hoots Farm have been alarmed over a recent  incident with Police attendance.  The PCSO reassured everyone that there was no cause for alarm. There was no truth in the rumour that a gun had been fired . The only gun detected was an air gun.

Two residents attended to discuss Planning 1b.Both are against the application and one is in touch with Cllr Ann Castle over over the legality of a proposed development on a larger site than the area approved for building.

PRESENT  Cllrs Batty, Pentith, Holdsworth, Lord, Ogden, and Davies.

APOLOGIES  Cllr Warren.                     

DECLARATION OF PECUNIARY AND OTHER INTERESTS.  Cllr Davies declared an interest in Planning 2

MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON OCTOBER 20TH These were approved with one amendment. 


1. New Councillor  The Chairman welcomed Granville Davies as a co-opted member of the Parish Council.

2. Children's Playground. There had been a further complaint about noise from the playground by Ruth Lawrenson. This had occurred during a sunny spell last Sunday afternoon and was caused in the the main by boys kicking a  football. She  also referred to an increased  problem over parking on Moor Lane. Cllr Pentith, whose property also backs on to the playground, agreed with both complaints and informed the Council that the playground is now included in the list of Dog Exclusion Areas.  Cllr Lord reported that signs are being ignored. The Council discussed the difficult balance between the interests of the neighbours and the benefits to young families in the village from the re-equipped and extended playground.  The Chairman offered to draft a reply to Ruth, to be copied in to Colin Asher and Maureen Burrell .

3. Tree Work.Cllr Lord reported that there was no problem with the 2 recent submissions.

4. Repairs on Whitegate. Highways consider that the problem lies with YW, and as evidence of this is required, they have agreed to do a preliminary dig.    

5. Neighbourhood Plan. An e mail  has been received from Cllr John Procter reporting that he has been approached by 2 firms who between them would like to promote an alternative site to Headley Hall,- Becca Hall. This is adjacent to the Bramham Crossroads  junction with the A1M and is roughly the size of HH, and would be capable of taking 3000 houses by the end of the Plan period. It would include schools, a retail centre and some employment.  The East Keswick NP is progressing well with the help of David Gluck.                                                                                                                                           

6. East Keswick Parish Council and East Keswick Village Hall. There was nothing to report.                                                                                                  

7.Report on Remembrance Day Service at War Memorial. This had again been well attended . It was disappointing that , despite prior consultation with the Police, the road had not been closed during the period of the service.                                                                                                           

8. Wildlife Trust Plans for Marsh.  Melanie Smith has suggested several dates for a site visit by the PC. Cllrs agreed to meet her in the Duke of Wellington car park on Saturday December 12th at 2 pm.                                                                                                                                                                                        

9. Ash Tree under Wharfe Bridge Melanie Smith had also noted an Ash tree stuck in the structure of the bridge, which was one cause of the previous problems . It was agreed to mention this to N. Yorks C.C.

10. David Cooke's Rent.   Mr Cooke has again expressed willingness to purchase the small piece of land off Moor Lane owned by the Council for which he currently pays an annual rent. Cllrs were in full agreement that they do not wish to sell.                                                                                   

11. De- Leafing in Village. This has now been carried out.                                                                                                        

12.Issue of HGVs using A659. Several residents have contacted the Clerk pointing out their concerns on this issue. It was agreed to ask Collingham what action they propose  and offering support.

13. School Buses In response to a query from the Chairman about how this is progressing,  Cllr Robinson has written, reporting that he has raised the matter with the Executive Board Member for Children's Services,  and it will be considered by the Scrutiny Committee . After the public meeting he had said that he was facilitating a deputation to LCC , but when asked by the Chairman whether he wanted any further input from the Council he had said this was not required. In his latest e mail he said that he was disappointed at the lack of take up for his suggestion for a deputation to LCC .This would result in the matter  going automatically to the Executive Board. It is not, however,  too late for such action ,and a Cllr could  form part of the delegation. The Chairman will write back asking for more details.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                PLANNING

1.New applications:-

(a) 15/06087  -  Valley Nursery Cottage.- Increased height of boundary wall to front.                            

It was resolved to make no objection to this application


(b) 15/06760 -3 Detached  Houses to vacant land between 11 and 37  Church Drive.                       

It was resolved to oppose this application on a number of grounds. It is considered to be inappropriate development for the area, it presents parking difficulties, and the forward position of the properties on the site will have an adverse effect on the flats at either side.


(c) 15/06053 – Change of use of field on Moor Lane to equestrian use and construction of a menage.                                                                                                                                             

It was resolved to make no objection to this application.


2.Appeal concerning No 9 The Grove .The appeal has been dismissed.



1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a) Ruralis – Work on NP by D. Gluck                          600.00          120.00         720.00                         

(b) Collingham & District British Legion – Wreath etc.    30.00                               30.00

(c)J Gallant – Expenses July – October                           5.11                                  5.11                         

(d) EKVH – Rent                                                             55.00                                55.00

(e) Bardsey & East Keswick PCC – Newsletter Grant  120.00                              120.00

(f) Wetherby & District Crime Prevention Co. - Grant   100.00                               100.00


It was resolved to pay the bills listed above.

 2.  Timetable for setting Budget and Precept. It was resolved to agree a budget and decide on the Precept at the January meeting when the amount of the grant from LCC is known.      


CORRESPONDENCE AND NEW BUSINESS                                                                                  

1. Suggestion from RAY for village to organise volunteers to assist elderly residents. Clrs considered that the village already makes sufficient provision for the elderly.  

2.Letter of resignation as Internal Auditor from Graham Plant. Graham reported that he has been advised by his doctors to resign from this commitment. Cllrs agreed that he would be greatly missed. The Chairman will draft a suitable letter thanking him for all his work over the years and Cllrs will consider buying him a suitable thank you gift                                                                                                                                                     

3.Large overgrown Hedge on Church Drive behind 8 Meadow Croft .A resident of Church Drive, whose property overlooks the hedge, has complained about the height. This was considered by Cllrs to be a neighbour problem and the resident should be encouraged to speak to the owner of 8 Meadow Croft. who has cut his side of the hedge.



 1. Bins  Cllr Pentith reported that these are now emptied regularly on Tuesdays. A new litter bin has appeared at the top of Church Drive.                                                                          

2. Lumby Lane – Cllr Ogden reported that the middle section of the road has not received any treatment. It was agreed to inform Highways.






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