POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM  The Police reported 2 crimes committed during the month – a theft from a dwelling and a theft from a vehicle.


ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN , ARISING FROM RESIGNATION OF COUNCILLOR ANNING .  It was proposed Cllr Warren,  seconded Cllr  Ogden, and agreed unanimously that Cllr Batty should be Chairman. Cllr Batty agreed to serve until the next PC election.


ELECTION OF VICE-CHAIRMAN  It was proposed Cllr Batty,  seconded Cllr  Warren,                 and agreed unanimously that Cllr Pentith should be Vice- Chairman.


VACANCY FOR NEW COUNCILLOR  The vacancy on the council had been advertised on the noticeboard and on the website, but as it had not yet appeared in the Newsletter, it was agreed to leave the appointment until it was known a few days before the November meeting whether there had been any further applicants . There has been one application only to date – that of Granville Davies who would be co-opted by e mail agreement if he remained the only applicant at that time. The Chairman suggested that a letter be sent to Gaynor Anning, outgoing Chairman, thanking her for her sterling work on the Council and regretting her departure. The Clerk would deliver the letter and a suitable bouquet of flowers. 



·         Finance Committee – Cllrs Pentith and Lord.

·         Forum Representative – Cllr Pentith, or alternative representative, if willing and available..

·         Cheque Signatories – The Clerk, Cllr Batty and Cllr Pentith. The Clerk will ask for the appropriate change of signatories forms.

·         Defibrillator Monitor – Cllr Holdsworth.


PRESENT  Cllrs Batty, Pentith, Lord, Ogden, Bailey and Warren.                                      


APOLOGIES  None.                      




MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON SEPTEMBER 22ND These were approved with a few minor amendments.


MATTERS ARISING                                                                                                                                                                

 1.Children's Playground.  A site meeting had taken place after the last PC meeting at which agreement was reached on suitable placements for the signs previously approved, and a different location was approved for the picnic table, which was then moved .The Clerk had been advised by Parks & Countryside against further planting,and residents contacted agreed with this. Three of  the Moor Lane residents with properties  backing on to the playground had later  complained to LCC and to Cllr Ann Castle about the noise problems . Cllr Castle had subsequently met them on site and listened to their grievances. She had then visited Cllr Holdsworth and discussed the matter with her. She agreed with the benefits to the village of the enlarged and improved playground but urged Cllrs to deal as sensitively as possible with residents' concerns. The Chairman had designed a colourful poster specifically forbidding dogs and bottles from the playground, but it was agreed to leave matters  for the time being ,rather than displaying another notice.  

 2..East Keswick Parish Council and East Keswick Village Hall Committee. A letter has been received from the VH Committee inviting a PC representative to attend their next meeting (date unspecified) and stating their desire to end the dispute with the Council, whilst listing the grievances which they felt had contributed to the breakdown in relations.  Cllr Batty had replied, setting out fully how the impasse had occurred from the Council's  side and answering each of the points raised by the VHC. Cllr Lord had prepared a draft response to be sent from the whole council, endorsing the views expressed in the letter and hoping that this would end the friction between the 2 organisations. Council agreed to send the letter unaltered.

3. Arrangements for Remembrance Day Service at War Memorial.  The Clerk has invited the Rev. Clive Sedgwick to take the service on 8th November. She will arrange for the provision of service sheets. She will also ask the Police to stop traffic flowing past the War Memorial during the service period. The British Legion will purchase the wreath on behalf of the Council and will bring it to the service. The Parish Council Chairman will take his part in the service.  

4.Condition of Whitegate and Lumby Lane. The road surface had been tarmaced but Cllrs considered it to be purely a cosmetic repair. Cllr Pentith had attended the last Forum meeting and had again brought this to the attention of Cllr Robinson who has agreed to refer back to Steve Parry. Cllr Warren claimed that a cone on the side of the road is slowly sinking into the ground. Cllr Pentith will also report this to Cllr Robinson.                                                                       Lumby Lane has now been fully repaired at both ends.  

5.Neighbourhood Plan.  The Committee had held a further meeting with David Gluck who is now working on producing a document to be sent to LCC for approval.  

6.School Buses to Boston Spa and Wetherby High School – Report on Further Action.   Cllr Robinson had reported that this matter has not yet been resolved.                                          

7. Annual Report    Cllr Pentith asked about action over this and expressed the view that under current practice the report was always months out of date when circulated. It was agreed that this was unsatisfactory and it would be preferable  to produce a report to be published as soon as possible after the Parish Assembly in April. It was agreed that  no report should be produced for this last year and work on the next one should be discussed at the February 2016 meeting.                                                                                                                                    .                            


1.New applications:- None.



(a) No.15/04874- 9 The Close – Exts. & Dormers.


3.APPEAL BY LCC – APP/N4720/D/15/3135519- 9 The Grove – Exts


 4. Training Session  Cllr Lord reported that he had attended a training session held by LCC which he had found helpful.




1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a) J. Gallant – Salary & Expenses                             684.00                                684.00                       

(b) PAYE                                                                     160.00                                160.00                                                It was resolved to pay the bills listed above.


 2. Finance Committee – The Finance Committee had checked the accounts for the first half of the financial year .Attention was drawn to  one outstanding cheque which had not been processed.

CORRESPONDENCE AND NEW BUSINESS                                                                                 

1. Richard Dawson Charity. Cllr Pentith reminded the Council that East Keswick should have 3 representatives on this committee. Her husband, John Pentith, Gaynor Anning, and Jean Barber have been the 3 representatives. Gaynor has asked whether the Council wishes her to continue as she is no longer a member of the PC. Jean Barber has resigned and has been replaced by Fiona Siekierkowski. It was agreed that Gaynor Anning should continue on the committee and the replacement of Jean Barber by Fiona Siekiekowski  is acceptable to the Council. 

2. Wildlife Trust Plans for Marsh. Cllr Lord explained that the EKWT wish to see a wide diversity of plants flourish on the Marsh and are unhappy with the prevalence of willow herb which is taking over at the expense of other species. To solve the problem, they propose fencing off a section with post and rail fencing and allowing cattle to graze there for specified periods. The path across the marsh will be unaffected and areas outside the fenced area will always be accessible to the public.  They will apply to Green Leeds for a £5,000 grant. Cllr Holdsworth suggested that provision for a ramp at the entrance might be included. After some discussion, the Council agreed to a site meeting

 3.Frank Shire's Quarry meadow  Cllr Lord had been asked by Melanie Smith of EKWT  to seek the permission of the owners of the quarry(the PC) to permit the release of records of the rare Thistle Broomrate found there. These records are released to the Vice County and other recording Botanical Associations . Cllrs gave their permission.



1. Obnoxious Smell The Chairman reported that he had contacted the Environment Dept. about this smell which had been offensive over a wide area, and particularly in low lying parts. It had been traced to slurry spreading on New Laithe Farm. The owner has now been told that he must in future  thoroughly prepare the ground with  advance  ploughing before spreading his slurry. It was agreed to monitor this in future.                                                                2. David Cooke's Rent. - This is due on October 31st. The Clerk will prepare the usual documents for signatures from the Council and from Mr Cooke. Cllr Warren will check the land to ensure that there are no sheep there on this one day of the year.                                                                 

3  Last  Meeting of Harewood and Wetherby Forum – Cllr Pentith had attended and reported the following:-

·         Inspector Dwyer has been replace by Inspector Sue Mac Lachlan.

·         Thorner PC has purchased its own speed gun which may be borrowed by other PCs.

·         The Highway Rep, present at the meeting, is responsible for traffic engineering- creation of lay byes, zebra crossings, white lines etc.

·         New Bins – A number of new bins have been purchased but some have been stolen.

·         De- Leafing – Areas specifically requiring attention should be reported to Jessica Hodgson. It was agreed to report – Lumby Lane and Moor Lane outside the Church.

·         Verge Creep – This will be dealt with by spraying. Areas in the village to ask for special attention are – Crabtree Lane, Lumby Lane, Main Street, and Cleavesty Lane.

·         New Environment Office – This is to be in Wetherby Police Station.

·         Fly Tipping and CTCV cameras – The cameras will be used where tipping is most frequent, but batteries have to be replaced periodically and physical help  may be required.

·         Pavement Sweeping – this should be done every 4 weeks.

·         It has been suggested that CTCV could be used to detect dog fouling.








EKPC October 15 Mins.




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