POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM PCSO Alan Stead reported 1 crime of criminal damage.                                                                                                                                                  Two residents from Moor Lane whose properties back on to the extended playground attended to voice their complaints. (M/A 1)

PRESENT Cllrs Anning, Batty, Pentith, Lord, Bailey, and Warren.

APOLOGIES  Cllr Ogden                      


MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON AUGUST 18TH  These were approved with one minor amendment. 


1. Children's Playground.

Wicksteed Leisure had confirmed that it was unnecessary to have an inspection by them this year. The Clerk had contacted them again after being informed that one of the chains on the basket swings has broken. They have subsequently sent a replacement  part.                                                                                                             The two residents described the effect of the playground extension on their former peaceful lives. Screeching children and shouting parents are causing them problems.  They consider that the Parish Council is responsible for prioritising the needs of a small group over those of older well established residents. They asked the Council to take action on their behalf to reduce the noise problem, and suggested moving the equipment nearest to their properties and setting up monitoring patrols. After they had left Cllrs discussed possible action. They finally agreed to move the table around which the mothers sit ,in order to reduce the shouting distance between mothers and children, putting up signs on all pieces of equipment requesting users to keep the noise down, and making attempts to locate any noise reducing foliage.

The Clerk will inform the 2 residents of the Council's plans. Cllrs are to meet on site on Saturday September 26th to discuss the placement of signs.

2. Village Hall Signage. The Clerk reported that ,on the advice of Mrs Guildford, she had written to the absentee owner of Old Barn Cottage asking her to arrange for the hedge to be cut to make the Village Hall sign more clearly visible.

3. Grass Cutting on Crabtree Lane.This has been done.

4. Condition of Whitegate. Cllr Matthew Robinson has taken this up with LCC.

5. Neighbourhood Plan. An e mail has just been received from Cllr John Procter informing council that it has just been learnt that Leeds University has decided that it does not wish the Headley Hall site to be included in the site allocations. It is too early to speculate the effect this will have on our area allocation but he would like to hold a public meeting in the near future to discuss implications.  Councils are asked to inform him of numbers wishing to attend. David Gluck had told Cllr Batty that this will not affect East Keswick.

6.Village Website  and Village Hall Meetings. The Chairman had prepared a letter to go the the Village Hall Trustees urging both sides to put their differences aside immediately and cease any further correspondence between them over the problems which have led to the present breakdown in relations. Cllr Warren agreed with her. Cllr Batty was strongly against and said that no further action should be taken until a reply was received to the Council's previous letter. Cllr Pentith agreed . After some further discussion, it was agreed to send the first and last paragraphs of the letter which simply expressed a desire for an end to hostile relations, but did not make reference to the problems leading up to this, or suggest that the PC had in any way been responsible for the breakdown in relations. The Chairman reluctantly agreed to this decision.                                                                                                                                                              

7. Possible Action re Travellers.   Cllr Batty had suggested the possibility of  taking action in the Small Claims Court against those who had spent the weekend recently illegally parked in Crabtree Lane car park ,but agreed to accept the general decision. No Cllrs wished to take matters further.

8.Railings at Bridge over Beck opposite Brookside Cottage.  Billy Hobson has painted the Bardsey side of the railings. 

9.School Buses to Boston Spa and Wetherby High School Cllr Robinson wrote that he intended to take further action. He will ask for confirmation that if a school place is not available at the “nearest” school , free travel will be provided to the next nearest He will make representations to Exec. Board Member,Cllr Lucinda Yeadon, and to the Shadow Exec. Member, Cllr Alan Lamb to try to get a long term solution to the problem. He hoped to get a delegation to meet Cllr Yeadon to organise a deputation to the Council and may also bring the matter to the Scrutiny Board. Cllr Batty had offered to assist if required.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


1.New applications:-

(a) 15/05296 – 1 Wike Lane – Ext.  -( N.B. Actually a Bardsey PC App. but EKPC  may wish to comment) It was not felt that any comment was required.

 2.APPROVALS BY LCC:-   (a) 15/04475 – Sycamores, Moor Lane – Ext. 


 3.REFUSALS BY LCC:-    (a) 15/04033 – 9 The Grove – ext


1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a) Ruralis – NDP Support                                           300.00                                 300.00                          

(b) EKVH – Rent                                                          77.00                                                     

(c) PKF Littlejohn – Audit of Accounts                         200.00             40.00           240..00                   

(d) GGS – Garden Maintenance                                  725.00                                 725.00

(e) Mr I. Pickersgill – Purchase of Brass Plaque            35.00                                   35.00                                                                                         

It was resolved to pay all the bills listed above.                                                                                                                                                          

CORRESPONDENCE AND NEW BUSINESS                                                                                 

 1. Regulations re Burning of Rubbish in Garden  Bonfires   Cllr Ogden had been asked this by a resident and Cllr Warren had checked on current legislation. There are no laws against bonfires but there are laws against causing nuisance by having bonfires . If a neighbour causes a nuisance by lighting a fire you can appeal to your local council who can issue an abatement notice. The neighbour can be fined up to £5,000 if he fails to comply.                                                                                                                                                    2.Notice of RAY AGM to be held on Saturday October 24th – EKVH – 9.30 – 1.30.  The Chairman, Cllr Pentith and the Clerk all expressed interest in attending.

3. Query from Collingham Parish Council re support for a concerted response from local PC's to the problem of HGVs using the A659. A Colllingham Cllr had rung the Clerk to discuss a joint initiative by local PCs affected by the number of heavy lorries now using this road, but had failed to follow this up with an e mail as agreed. Cllrs did not feel that this problem seriously impacts on the village.                                                                                           

4. E mail from Melanie Smith – The EKWT are starting work on thinning and coppicing trees in Ellerker Woodland Reserve on Friday September 25th. They have permission from Richard Lapish and have applied for a felling licence. They suggest a meeting with Cllrs at the end of October to discuss proposals for the Marsh. Cllrs agreed.


1. Remembrance day Service at War Memorial – The Clerk was asked to write to the Rev. Clive Sedgwick to invite him once again to take the service and to contact the British Legion about the wreath.

2. PC Newsletter Correspondent – Cllr Warren said that he no longer wished to do this job. Cllr Lord offered to take over.  

3. Re-opening of the Duke – Cllr Batty announced that Zoe Haydock is the new landord of the pub. She has recruited a chef and plans a soft opening in mid October, following refurbishment. She intends to serve locally sourced traditional pub food.                                                                                                                       

4. Cllr Support – Cllr Warren expressed his full support for the Chairman.







EKPC Sept. 15 Mins.









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