POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM   PCSO Emma Leighton reported that there had been no crime during the last month.                                                                                                        Cllrs asked her about a 101 call made to the Police recently from a Moor Lane resident reporting noise from the playground in the early hours of the morning. This, she believed ( later confirmed by PCSO  Alan Stead), had been caused by youths dispersing after a noisy party in South Mount. No youths had been there when the Police arrived.

An incident in Church Drive involving Police was also discussed. The Police explained that this was not a crime but an incident of self harming by someone probably mentally ill.                              An accident involving a cyclist in Bardsey was also mentioned.  The recent weekend stay (14- 17 August) of Travellers with a caravan in Crabtree Lane car park who had ignored the new prohibition sign,was also discussed. It was confirmed that the Police had visited  and advised them to move on.


PRESENT Cllrs Anning , Pentith, Warren, Ogden, Holdsworth and Lord.


APOLOGIES   Cllr Batty.                   




MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON JULY 21ST  These were approved.



1. Children's Playground-There had been further complaints from nearby residents on Moor Lane of loud noise caused by both parents and children .In response,  Cllrs had consulted NALC ,  YLCA and the LCC Environmental Health Website. The advice was that no enforcement action could be taken unless noise levels were excessive and occurring at anti social times. There was much discussion on ways to alleviate the noise problem.  It was finally agreed that Cllr Bailey would produce a colourful laminated sign , A4 size, depicting in simple form the need to keep noise levels down.  Cllr Batty has produced  a suggested wording for a noticeboard.   Wicksteed Leisure, in their role of Inspectors for EK playground, had asked whether their annual inspection would be required this year. Cllrs agreed to ask them whether this was really necessary when new equipment had been provided by Wicksteed in May of this year. 

2. Footpath Work.  Nothing to report.

3. Tree Work.- Tree adjacent to Tennis Courts. This has been dealt with. 

4. Condition of Whitegate. The Clerk had contacted Gary Bartlett, Head of Highways, and sent him the photos taken by Cllr Warren. She has received no reply to date. It was agreed that Cllr Pentith will raise the matter at the next Forum Meeting when a Highway representative is due to be present.    

5. Neighbourhood Plan. At the request of David Gluck, the Clerk has applied for and received details of the Ordnance Survey PSMA Password by which the NDP Group can obtain free access to Ordnance Survey Maps required for the Plan. Detailed comments on the Draft Plan have been received from Ian MacKay.

 6.Village Website and Village Hall Meetings. The Secretary for the VH Trustees had sent a holding reply , offering a full reply following the next meeting of the Trustees at the end of September and stating  that in the interim members of the PC are  not welcome at VH meetings.  Cllrs discussed the situation at the meeting and agreed that they could take no further action until a complete reply was received. The Chairman expressed her opinion that the present situation must be resolved as quickly as possible and  at some point in the near future it might be sensible to call in a mediator, preferably from outside the village.  Cllr Batty was known to be opposed to  any immediate recourse to a mediator. No agreement was reached on further action but Cllrs committed themselves to resolving the situation at the October meeting, following the Trustees reply.. 

Difficulties with the VH have further increased, following their decision , notified to all other organisations represented on its committee,  to split the work  of the VHC, making the Trustees solely responsible for the financial and business management of the Hall, and using the ordinary, infrequent meetings of the VHC solely for fund raising . All village organisations , including the PC in error,  have been asked to attend a meeting on a date in September to discuss ideas.  Cllr Batty has written advising Council that this new split functioning must be against the Constitution and should be opposed by the PC. The Clerk obtained a copy of the VH Constitution on the day of the meeting and circulated Cllrs.  This does not include the Second Schedule listing all organisations with the right to attend VH meetings.                                                                                           

8. New Seats for Church Drive. Ian Pickersgill has installed the replacement seat purchased by the PC. The Clerk has supplied Mrs Wood with full details of the cost , including installation , of the new seat she wishes to purchase.   

9.Railings at Bridge over Beck opposite Brookside Cottage.  The Clerk has asked Billy Hobson, on behalf of BPC,  to paint these  railings. 

10.School Buses to Boston Spa and Wetherby High School – Report on meeting held 5/8/15 .  A well attended meeting in EK Village Hall, chaired by Cllr Matthew Robinson and attended by a substantial number of  affected parents,  had taken place. Matthew has followed this up with approaches to LCC. to get the current method of calculating the  distance to the  nearest school changed ,and to get confirmation that if a place is not available at the “nearest” school, free travel will be provided to the next nearest school.  He is suggesting that a local deputation , including himself, should attend  the next full meeting of LCC on September 16th.. Cllrs suggested approaching 2 parents who had been present at the EK meeting and asking whether they would be willing to act as spokespersons for such a deputation.    

 11. Grating on Main Street    This has been dealt with.                                                                                                                  

12. Vegetation at sides of footpath from the Grove to Moor Lane.  This has been cut back.                                                             

13. Raised Footpath on Main Street .  Steve Parry has written that due to shortage of resources, it may be a considerable time before this is repaired.   This should also be raised at the Forum meeting.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    




1.New applications:-

(a) 15/0 4475 – Ext.- The  Sycamores – Moor Lane – No objection.  

(b) 15/0 4649 – Demolition of Stable Block, Garage & Outbuildings , Alterations  to  house approved under 13/04348/CLP, Reduction in hard standing area and erection of annex and detached garage. - Reighton House, Moor Lane. - Cllrs agreed that Cllr Lord should make further inquiries from LCC Planners before submitting a comment from the Council.     (c) 15/04874- 9 The Close – Exts and Dormers – Cllrs have no objection to this application.




(a) No. 15/03196 – 26 The Paddock – Ext.

(b) No.  15/02648 – 34 Church Drive – Exts.                                                                                       

  (c) No.  15/01552 – Fairhaven, Hill Crest, Collingham                                                                                        

(d) No.  15/01680 – 27 Church Drive – Ext.




1.Bills for payment:-                                                £        Net               VAT             Total                                

(a)  Caravan Prohibitive Sign                                        176,00           35,20             211.20                                                         

(b) Ian Pickersgill – Bench Assembly                            100.00                                100.00    It was resolved to pay the bills listed above.            


 2. Annual Return.   This has been approved by  the External Auditor, with one comment on an apparent discrepancy in the figures for staff costs between 2013-14 and 2014-15.          



CORRESPONDENCE AND NEW BUSINESS                                                                                 

1.Village Hall Signage. The VHC asked the Council to contact the owner of Old Barn Cottage and ask him/her to cut back their hedge on Main Street as it is currently  obscuring the sign to the Village Hall.                                                                                                                                                        

2.Grass Cutting on Crabtree Lane. The Clerk had made inquiries about when this was last cut and had learnt that the next cut is due in a few days time.

3. Overgrown Hedge/ Ivy – Bardsey side of Bridge.  When the owner of the field is learnt, he is to be asked when next cutting the hedge to continue past the millstone and get the ivy off the millstone itself and the further section of hedge..                                                                                                                               

 4. Travellers in Crabtree Lane Car Park  Travellers, thought to be those who had camped on this site the previous year, had again appeared there on the previous Friday evening, but had left by the Monday morning. Over the weekend Cllrs had contacted the Police and had also taken a number of photos of the vehicles , including the registration  number of the car .Cllr Batty is in favour of taking further action . He considers it would cost £125 to get info from DVLA and take out a summons in the small claims court. This was discussed but a decision deferred until the next meeting.



MINOR MATTERS FOR DELEGATION TO CLERK/NEXT AGENDA                                                       1. Date of Next Meeting :Cllrs agreed to postpone this from September 15 to 22nd as the Chairman is unable to be present on the 15th.

                                                                                                                                                        Signed :- 





EKPC  Aug. 15 Mins.










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