POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM  The Police reported one crime during the month – a vehicle theft. They noted a number of minor problems identified  by Cllrs in the village which may have on going effects. They confirmed that if residents with properties backing on to the new extension at the playground  have cause for complaint before or after dark, they should ring 101 for Police attention. There appears to be an increase in people parking on pavements in the village. Several  speed checks have been conducted and it was noticeable that a number of people were driving at speeds just short of the limit for incurring fines. There is need in these circumstances to continue with random speed checks. The Police have attempted to check speeds on Lumby Lane but have found this difficult to patrol.


The new resident at Hopewell Cottage attended to make inquiries about the need for permission for any new roofing materials his builder may require. He was informed that it is desirable to conform as far as possible with the surrounding street scene.


Another resident attended to inquire about the possibility of purchasing a new seat for the Green on Church Drive with a memorial plaque on it to her grandmother and other members of her family.   Council agreed to look into the possibility of purchasing on her behalf a new seat identical to the Silver Jubilee one recently purchased , but not yet erected, by the Council.

She also mentioned the broken kerbing in the centre of the village and was assured that the Council is pursuing repairs with LCC.


PRESENT  Cllrs Anning, Batty, Pentith, Lord, and Ogden.


APOLOGIES   Cllrs Holdsworth and Warren.                    


DECLARATION OF PECUNIARY AND OTHER INTERESTS. Cllr Batty declared an interest in Finance 1(e)


MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON JUNE 16TH  These were approved.



1. Children's Playground. An e mail had been received from  a resident with property backing on to the playground extension complaining of 3 recent incidents of noisy disturbance at night. She is to be advised to ring 101. There is still a problem re bin emptying . Jessica Hodgson had arranged for the bin at the entrance to be emptied  but within a couple of days it was full again, following a children's party in which a car had driven illegally down this right of way intended  for access only. It was agreed to write again to Jessica asking about the current situation in relation to the provision of bins.

2. Footpath Work.- Possibility of Ramp to Marsh Entrance on Main Street, Possible work on Footpath from Main Street to Church Drive. There  was no information about a possible grant but the quotations supplied by TCV were both considered too high. The Clerk also pointed out that funds are low and al schemes embarked on in this financial year  must be justified economically and have some urgency. Regarding the path from Main Street to Church Drive, it was agreed that it is the middle section only which needs attention when it becomes very muddy in winter. It was agreed to ask Mark Hullah to lay some hard core surface( with materials supplied by ROW) on this section in the winter .

3. Tree Work.- Tree adjacent to Tennis Courts. Cllr Lord has obtained a quotation for £60 for dealing with the Cherry Tree  near the Tennis Court. Council accepted this quotation.

4. Condition of Whitegate. At the request of Cllr Warren and including recent photos he had taken of the state of the road,  the Clerk had sent a further e mail to Steve Parry about the the need for action. He had responded, promising to remind his colleagues dealing with the matter, but had not replied  when asked for their names. It was agreed to make another attempt at getting some action , possibly by approaching someone more senior in the Highway Dept.

5. Neighbourhood Plan.  Cllr Batty reported that the views expressed by residents in the draft consultation document had been incorporated as considered appropriate in the final document now being prepared by David Gluck. A new NDP grant has been approved of approx. £6,800 . 

6. Village Website . There had been further e mail correspondence between  the VH Trustees and Cllr Batty.The VHT wish to know what steps the PC is going to take to restore good relations between the 2 bodies following reports in the Newsletter and Website concerning editorship of the website. After some discussion ,it was agreed to write back, regretting the breakdown in relations once again, but asking the Trustees to supply written evidence of alleged editorial  bias on the website .                                                                                             

8. New Sign at Crabtree Lane Car Park.This is now in situ and looks very professional. .

9. New Seat for Church Drive   This has not yet been erected as Ian Pickersgill is currently unfit. 

10.Grass Cutting at Church.   The PCC had informed the Council that their current gardener, and any subsequent gardener they employ in future ,will be responsible for the grass cutting. It was then agreed to accept their request to take over responsibility for the front churchyard . GGS will be asked to substitute taking responsibility for the playground side of the hedge bordering Stone Lea and Christmas Cottage.  They are also to be asked to deal with the vegetation on the path in Carr Green near the Tennis Court.                                                                                                         

11. Railings at Bridge over Beck  opposite Brookside Cottage.   Bardsey PC is content to pay for these to be painted.  

12. Duke of Wellington. An Open Day for a prospective new tenant  scheduled for the previous Friday had had to be cancelled due to internal problems in the pub.

13. School Buses to Boston Spa School.  There had been considerable correspondence between meetings on this subject and Cllr Robinson had been asked for help. The problem for EK and Bardsey parents has arisen due to a re-classification by LCC of the  distance  from these villages to the nearest secondary school, formerly Boston Spa and now Wetherby High School. Those at Boston Spa (the majority) will from September be ineligible for free bus passes. Cllr Robinson has offered to hold a meeting of interested parents to discuss the matter. East Keswick PC has now written back accepting the offer and suggesting an early date in August .                                                                                                        

14. Vegetation at sides of footpath from The Grove to Moor Lane. LCC is to be asked to cut this back. 

15. Grating on Main Street.   No action has yet been taken. The Clerk will write again.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                



1.New applications:                                                                                                                              

(a) 15/04033 – 9 the Grove – Exts.  On the evidence noted on the small screen provided by Cllr Lord, Cllrs considered they should agree in principle with the application but express reservations concerning the increase in total size of the property and the problem of access to the rear.                                                                                                                                      N.B. Cllr Lord later checked distances again and asked whether in view of the greater increase in size Council should not simply object.



(a) No.14/05876 – Two Hoots Farm – Installation of  Ground Mounted Photovacic Panels & Infrastructure . The Senior Planning Officer has recommended approval but with a number of conditions. It will no longer be visible from the road.




1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a)  J. Gallant – Salary/Expenses                                707.29                               707 .29

(b) H.M. Customs & Revenue – PAYE                        160.00                                160.00

(c )East Keswick Village Hall – Rent.                            55.00                                  55.00                        

(d )Ian Pickersgill – Remedial work on Bin (Car Park)290.00   (Retro)                  290.00                          

(e) CMS – Printing of NDP Documents                    1,732.75            346.55      2,079.30            It was resolved to pay all the bills listed above.                                                                     



CORRESPONDENCE AND NEW BUSINESS                                                                                 

1. Collingham & District British Legion    This is now thriving again with many newly elected committee members.                                                                                                                                                                                            2.Request for felling of Cedar Tree at 63 Church Drive – 15/03186/TR. This was approved.

3. Cil Workshop arranged by Andrew Birkbeck  This clashed with the present meeting and was not attended by anyone from the village.                                                                                            4. E mail from Janet Thornton.  This raised a number of suggestions arising from replies to the recent draft NDP Consultation document – concerning a re-drawing of the Conservation Area boundary, purchase of land off Lumby Garth, and manicuring of verges. It was agreed to thank her for passing on the suggestions.                                                         5. Letter from Collingham Sports Club  This asked Council if they were the owners of the Sportsfield  and if so for permission for further use of the ground. It was agreed to reply denying ownership and suggesting consulting Harry Moores.



MINOR MATTERS FOR DELEGATION TO CLERK                                                                                                    

 1. Hedge at Cleavesty Lodge – It was agreed to ask the owner of this property to cut back the hedge along Cleavesty Lane bordering his house up to Harewood Avenue.                                        

2. Boundary Stone – Cllr Ogden had noticed that this stone on the A659 before the turning for Langwith is in need of renovating. Council agreed to monitor the situation.                                                                                                                                     

3. Longer Parish Walk – Cllr Lord reported that a pleasant walk had been taken by 6 people on a sunny evening.                                                                                                                              

4. Playground Book – Cllr Lord will hold this for a further month.


Signed:                                                                  Date:


EKPC July 15 Mins.






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