POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM  Several residents attended this part of the meeting and raised matters of concern to them:-

·       Raised Manhole covers at junction of The Close and Main Street and opposite the Old Star. The resident had been in extensive e mail contact with LCC concerning the former but without achieving any improvement. Highways have passed the problem to Yorkshire Water . He requested the PC to take the issue up on his behalf. Cllr Lord has between meetings had a web chat with a member of YW( in connection with MA 4 ) but concludes that they are unlikely to take action unless there is actually water visible on the road. 

·       Speeding traffic, One resident complained about speeding traffic in the village, particularly on Lumby Lane. The Chairman assured her that she had recently received a similar complaint which she has passed on to Alan Stead, our PCSO.


PRESENT Clrs Anning, Batty, Warren, Lord, Holdsworth.


APOLOGIES   Cllrs Pentith and Ogden.                    




MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON MAY 19TH   These were approved.


MATTERS ARISING                                                                                                              

1.Children's Playground- The Bill from Wicksteed has now been paid and the grant of £5k from Green Leeds received. The Playground Group have asked Dalby Landscapes to reset the paving slabs leading to the playground to make them more even. There have been a number of complaints from Moor Lane residents living near Carr Green concerning noise levels, hours of use, and an incident of childish over exuberance involving climbing over the wire fencing. The Chairman has visited one complainant to attempt to allay her concerns. The Council discussed the complaints in detail, particularly the notice over opening hours. It was finally agreed that the current hours of 8 until dusk should be retained and displayed on the new noticeboard required by the Playground Group. Cllr Batty will consider suitable wording for the notice which is to give the telephone number of the Clerk as the contact in cases of complaint, the hours of use, the ages of children eligible for play, and mention of the donors to the revamped playground. This latter information may be displayed on the reverse side of the board. The Group would like to have another waste bin near to the playground into which dog poo bags can be dropped, leaving the playground bin just for ordinary rubbish . Jessica Hodgson has agreed to have the present bin emptied, but has pointed out that bins in playgrounds and recreation areas are actually the responsibility of Parks Countrysid( to whom she has passed on the request).Payment for a new noticeboard and actual details of the most appropriate type to purchase have not yet been agreed, although the Chairman has suggested a few possible designs. Mark Hullah is to be asked to cut the hedges bordering the properties on Moor Lane and Carr Green as the residents are no longer willing to do this. He is also to be asked to pay more attention to the banking down to the Tennis courts. There does not appear to be a solution to the noise problem but it is generally thought that the level of interest in the playground will decrease as the novelty value wears off. The Open Day will be on Saturday  June 20


2.(a) Footpath Work.- Quotations from TCV for Path from Main Street to Church Drive. TCV have submitted quotations for carrying out  improvements to the path based on use of the materials which LCC are willing to supply .Bob Buckenham, Head of ROW, who met the Chairman on site, did not consider chippings essential  on the path but Cllrs who use the path regularly in winter believe that there is a short section where some are needed. The Chairman agreed to write to him again asking LCC to supply some chippings.

2 (b) Path across Marsh  An estimate of £1783 + VAT has been obtained for a possible ramp to make entry easier for push chairs and wheel chairs. The Chairman asked   whether a grant would be obtainable for such disabled access to the path. Cllr Holdsworth will look into this.

3. Tree Work.-Cherry  Tree adjacent to Tennis Courts. Cllr Lord reported that approval has been granted for the removal of the tree. He will contact Nick Hazelwood for a price and will inform the 2 nearby residents of the impending work.   

4. Condition of Whitegate.   No further progress had been made .( N.B No 1  Residents' Concerns).                                                                                                                    

5.Neighbourhood Plan.  Cllr Batty reported that he has obtained a further grant of £6,658 for further work on the NP. Between 50 and 60 replies to the Consultation Document have been received. These are being collated by the NP Committee.                                                                                                                   

6. New Litter Bin in Crabtree Lane Car Park.  This has now been installed. 

 7. Revision of Complaints Procedure  The revised document prepared by John Priestley was accepted in its entirety except for the procedure for dealing with the complaint at the subsequent PC meeting. Instead of stating that the Chairman of the investigating committee should  be the PC Chairman, it was agreed to substitute “A Chairman will be appointed” . This will leave open the option of appointing someone from outside the PC (possibly a District Cllr) to take charge, rather than allow the Council to investigate itself.                                                                                            

8  Village Hall, Snooker Club and Website.  Problems arising from the past breakdown in relations between the Snooker Club, the Village Hall Committee, and the Council were discussed. It has been made apparent that those disseminating information from the PC must be impartial in their comments , avoiding putting a personal interpretation on the issue. It was agreed that Cllr Warren, who has taken on the role of Newsletter correspondent for the PC, will submit his report of the last meeting to all Cllrs prior to sending it to press.                                                                                                                

9.Traveller Problem.  There has been no further trouble. Cllr Batty has ordered a new sign as agreed at the previous meeting.

10.Advertising Boards and Street Furniture outside Duke of Wellington.  One of the boards has now been removed. Bev. Kirk had replied that there was no action she could take.  Cllr Batty will have a further word with the landlord about removal of the remaining board. Cllr Warren is willing physically to remove it if necessary.                                                               

11.Drain Clearance    Jessica Hodgson has arranged for this to be carried out on Friday of this week.                                                                                                                        

12.Menage  on Moor Lane Compton Mackenzie corrected Council, assuring us that an application for a menage had received approval.                                                                                              

13New Seat for Church Drive. The Chairman has this in her garage at present. Ian Pickersgill will erect it.                                                                                                          

14. Post Office Facility in Village. An official letter setting out the final plans for the Hosted Outreach service  hours of working has been received from Michael Renshaw at the Post Office . During the consultative period he has received comments, all approving the new facility. The Chairman had checked with the Postmistress that the hours chosen for opening had been chosen to fit in with her work in the Collingham Post Office.



1.New applications:-

(a) 15/03196 – 26 The Paddock – Ext.  

It was resolved to make no objection to the above. 


(a) No.15/02468 – 34 Church Drive – Exts.


4. Report from Peter Lord on Meeting in Leeds on Electronic Communication in Planning. Cllr Lord had at very short notice agreed to attend a meeting in Leeds where the new method of communication over planning applications was discussed. From next month no paper documents concerned with small extensions will be circulated via Parish Clerks. The Council's aim is to save costs by reducing the amount of paperwork, though plans for large developments will continue to be posted to Clerks. All other plans will have to be viewed on Leeds Public Access site. No paper copies of plans will need to be retained by Councils as everything from 2009 onwards can be viewed on this site. Cllr Lord will set up an alert system whereby he automatically receives details of all new plans. Several PCs are proposing to buy projectors in order to show their Cllrs copies of the plans. Mini ones cost between £250 and £300. 



1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net            VAT          Total                                                                                    

(a) Richard Leedham – New Seat                               219.00                           219.00                                                  (b)GGS – Garden Maintenance                                  725 .00                           725.00             

(c) RAY – Subs.                                                             35.00                              35.00

(d) Wicksteed Leisure – New Play Equipment       18,446.10    3,689.22      22,135.32                                                                                                                    

(e)  J Thornton- NDP Expenses.                                   57.92                               57.92

It was resolved to pay all the bills listed above.


                                                                                                                   CORRESPONDENCE AND NEW BUSINESS.                                                                                             1. Grass Cutting at Church .The Chairman reported that St Mary Magdalene Church has been left a bequest and only the interest from the bequest may be used for the sole use of work in the Churchyard. Currently the interest on the bequest is exceeding the money that can be spent on the Churchyard, and this is at a time when interest levels are low. The  Management Committee of St Mary Magdalene Church have again asked the PC whether they are willing to alter their Grass Maintenance Contract by leaving the responsibility of the cutting of the grass in the front churchyard to them. The money .saved by the PC could be used to improve the surrounding area of the Churchyard including the playground.  Cllrs felt that they first needed to know whether Richard Watts is prepared to take this over in this event. It was agreed to write to Graham Plant stating that the PC is not in principle against the idea but would like confirmation on this point before agreeing.                                                                           Railings at Bridge over Beck  The Clerk is to ask Bardsey PC if they are willing to pay for these to be painted.                                                                                                         3.Problem at Duke of Wellington   The Chairman reported that she had just learnt that the pub has been boarded up.                                                                                          4.Appoinntment of Andy Birkbeck as Area Officer for Outer NE and Suggestion for Workshop on Community Infrastructure Levy in July.  Cllr Pentith, who had attended the last meeting of the Harewood and Wetherby Town & Parish Council, had e mailed this information .before going on holiday.

5.Broken end of Raised Pavement on Main Street adjacent to first white railing  The Chairman reported that she had learnt that two kerbstones had been knocked off  in the middle of the night when there had been a loud crash caused by a vehicle speeding through the village. The Police had quickly appeared on the scene . The Clerk had reported the damage to Highways.


MINOR MATTERS FOR DELEGATION TO CLERK/NEXT AGENDA                                                     1.School Buses to Boston Spa School  Cllr Holdsworth reported that she had been approached by a mother of a child attending the school informing her that distances for free travel   to schools  have recently been reassessed and Boston Spa school is now considered to be outside this limit. This will mean a large annual bus payment from parents in the village. It was agreed that Cllr Holdsworth would try to obtain a copy of the letter announcing the change.  The Clerk should then write to the Ward Cllrs seeking their help.                                                                                                                                                                   2..Queries raised by Cllr Warren – (a) Need for Cllrs to ensure all are copied in to e mails; (b)query whether  money retained by Playground Group will be  be passed at some point to the PC. He was assured that this would occur.

3. Playground Inspection by Cllrs. - Cllr Lord offered to hold the book for the next month.

4.Footpath from The Grove to Moor Lane – The Clerk was asked to inform ROW of the need to cut down vegetation at the sides of this public footpath.










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