One member of the public attended to complain about the state of the road surface on Lumby Lane. She was thanked for attending by the Chairman, and advised that the Council has already been requesting action from Highways concerning this road and will continue to do so.

There was no Police attendance


RESULTS OF ELECTION AND WELCOME FROM CHAIRMAN TO NEW CLLRS.AND SIGNING OF DECLARATION OF ACCEPTANCE OF OFFICE.  The two new Cllrs elected are Becky Bailey (Holdsworth) and Peter Lord. The Chairman welcomed both to the Council.


ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN  It was proposed Cllr Ogden, seconded Cllr Lord,  and agreed unanimously that Cllr Anning should continue as Chairman. Cllr Anning agreed to serve for a further year.


SIGNING OF CHAIRMAN'S DECLARATION OF ACCEPTANCE OF OFFICE  Cllr Anning signed the Declaration of Acceptance of the office of Chairman and her signature was witnessed by the Clerk.


ELECTION OF VICE CHAIRMAN It was proposed Cllr Anning, seconded Cllr Ogden,           and agreed unanimously that Cllr Batty should continue as Vice- Chairman. Cllr Batty agreed to serve for a further year.


NOTICE TO ALL CLLRS RE REGISTER OF INTERESTS   All Cllrs had been reminded by the Clerk prior to the meeting that they should register any change of interests. New Cllrs should sign this document , together with the Declaration of Acceptance of Office. Peter Lord had brought both documents to the meeting and signed them in the presence of the Council. Becky Bailey was reminded to complete her documents. 


APPOINTMENT OF INTERNAL AUDITOR  It was agreed that Graham Plant should continue as Auditor for as long as his health allowed.


APOLOGIES   Cllrs Pentith and Warren.                     




MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON APRIL 21ST   These were approved.



1. Children's Playground. Cllr Bailey reported that work has been completed and the new equipment is being enjoyed by many children. The official opening will be on Saturday June 20th.when both the playground and tennis courts will be open and many gala type attractions held. A suitable noticeboard is being investigated.  The final bill from Wicksteed has been received but the Council has been advised by the Internal Auditor that it should be paid only after Council has received the last 2 promised grants from Mondegreen  and Green Leeds.

2. Footpath Work. The Chairman reminded Cllrs that LCC are prepared to provide chippings for re-surfacing the ginnel from Main Street to Church Drive, but a contractor will have to be employed to lay them. It was agreed to contact TCV at Hollybush Centre and request a price.

3. Tree Work.- Tree adjacent to Tennis Courts and Tree adjacent to 18 South Mount The Chairman visited the playground site and agreed that the roots of the Cherry Tree are adversely affecting the courts. Mr Lapish informed Council of the need to complete a form requesting permission for the work, as the tree is located in the Conservation Area. This has now been completed by Peter Lord. It was agreed to report to LCC the tree at 18 South Mount, which, it is thought, is the responsibility of Leeds, as it is part of the old peoples' bungalow complex.  

4. Condition of Whitegate  The Chairman asked the Vice- Chairman to attempt to get action from YW as both she and the Clerk had made no progress in this matter over many months  of requesting action.  The Clerk is to remind Steve Parry of Highways of the bad state of Lumby Lane

5.Neighbourhood Plan. The Plan has been revised in accordance with views expressed by Cllrs  and art work has been carried out by Cllr Batty to make it look attractive. All residents have received a copy, together with a Questionnaire seeking opinions on its contents. A Consultation Session was held  in the Methodist Hall the previous Sunday, attended by 50 people .                                                                                                                                                      

6.Snow Ploughing Agreement.BTS have submitted bills for Snow Ploughing retainers for the last 2 years, as previously agreed by the Council.                                                                                          

7.History of Sports Association.  John Priestley is investigating this matter. 

8 Opening of Post Office  The Chairman said that this is due to open on May 26th. Cllr Bailey admitted that  Thursday mornings PO opening time would cause problems for the Toddler Group, as the main door to the Village Hall would have to be open for PO customers whilst very young children were making use of the premises.                                                                                                          

9.New Litter Bin in Crabtree Lane Car Park. Between meetings, the Chairman had obtained permission from Cllrs to obtain a new bin.This has subsequently been purchased  and she hopes it will be installed this week.                                                                                                                                  

10.Revision of Complaints Procedure for East Keswick  Parish Council. John Priestley has suggested some minor changes .to the original document he drafted a few years ago. Cllrs  should consider these and bring their comments to the next meeting.

11.Cllr Responsibilities  The following responsibilities  were agreed: - 

·         Planning Sub- Committee- Cllrs Pentith, Lord and Ogden.

·         Finance Sub- Committee- Cllrs Lord, Anning and Pentith.

·         Village Hall Representative – Meetings to be attended in rotation by Cllrs Pentith, Bailey, Warren and Anning.

·         Newsletter Correspondent- Cllr Warren. .

·         Footpaths and Trees.- Cllr Bailey

·         Harewood and Wetherby Ward  Reps.for Quarterly Forum Meetings  - Cllr Anning a  

·         Parish Walk Leaders – Cllr Bailey (Short Walk to be held on Sunday July 12th, meeting at WW1 Memorial at 2pm, and reversing normal route to finish at playground/pub). Cllr Lord will lead the Longer Walk  on Tuesday July 7th , starting at 7pm outside the Church on Moor Lane.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

12 Village Hall, Website, Snooker Club,   The Chairman and Vice-Chairmen explained to new members the problem which had occurred. She said that Peter Guildford, VH Chairman, is willing to draw a line under the affair. Cllr Batty said that he would like to see a brief statement in the Newsletter explaining that his running and editorial of the website has been approved by all professionals consulted.                                                                            

13.Traveller Problem .Cllr Batty has consulted the Chief Legal Officer who advised him that the current sign at Crabtree Lane car park is unenforceable, and the best solution would be some physical barrier. Cllr Batty is , however, keen to erect a sign depicting, and also stating, that no caravans will be allowed on the site ,as this could be enforced. After some discussion, it was agreed by 3 votes to 2, that this should be tried. The cost for this on a metal sign will be £170.




1.New applications:-  

(a) 15/02468 – 34 Church Drive – Exts.

 It was resolved to make no objection to this application.


(a) No. 15/01159 – 22 Church Drive – Variation of condition 4 of permission 13/05719 to omit reference to obscure glazing for first floor rear bedroom window. .

(b) No 15/00148 – 3 The Close – Ext.




1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a) Komplan – Playground Equipment (PG)                6075 .00       1215.00         7,290.00                    

(b) Bardsey Tree Services – Snow Ploughing (2 Yrs)  400 .00           80.00            480.00

(c)LCR Subs                                                                    17.00                                  17.00

(d) J. Gallant – Parish Assembly Copying & Computer   59.10                                  59.10

(e) P.Anning- Reimbursemet – New Bin                          51.80            10.36             62.16

(f) J. Priestley – Parish Assembly Expenses                   59.98                                  59.98   

(g) J. Pentith – Parish Assembly Expenses                       7.55                                    7.55

(h) EKVH – Rent                                                              55.00                                  55.00 (i)  EK Methodist Church – NP Consultation                   51.00                                   51.00 

(j) Ruralis – Preparation of NP for P. Assembly             300.00                                300.00

(k) Zurich Municipal – Insurance Premium                 1,055.38                              1,055.38


It was resolved to pay all the bills listed above. 

 N. B. In the case of (j) the Clerk was asked first to check whether this sum was additional to the previously agreed figure of £2,400 for entire work to be carried out by D. Gluck . 

                                                                                                                                                                           2.End of year Finances The Internal Auditor had inspected and approved the Annual Statement of Accounts and these were signed by the Chairman and Clerk as a true record. The Council then considered all the points listed in the Statement of Governance, agreeing that these had been carried out correctly during the year. The Chairman and Clerk then signed these as a correct record.


3.Changes to PC Insurance  Both the Internal Auditor and Peter Anning, former Insurance Manager, had offered advice on the present value of playground equipment , which now consists of a few pieces of “old”  equipment and many new items. Zurich Municipal have been advised of the increased value and have today informed the Clerk that the Premium for this year will be £1,055.38 . Cllrs agreed to accept this. 


4. Change of cheque signatory – It was agreed that John Priestley should be removed from the list of signatories as he is no longer a Cllr and the Clerk should become the third eligible signatory.                                                                                                                                                                 


CORRESPONDENCE AND NEW BUSINESS.                                                                                                     1.Advertising Boards and Street Furniture outside Duke of Wellington  Several villagers have made complaints about both matters, considering that it spoils the appearance of the village. It was agreed to report them to Bev Kirk.                                                                                                                                         

2.Drain Clearance -The Clerk to report to Jessica Hodgson the need for drains along Main Street and Whitegate to be cleared. 

3. Menage on Moor Lane. The Chairman had taken photos of the Menage which had been mentioned by ex Cllr Gibbs,  and for which no Cllrs recalled seeing a planning application. It was agreed to report this to Compton McKenzie in Planing Enforcement.


MINOR MATTERS FOR DELEGATION TO CLERK/NEXT AGENDA                                                                                                                                                                            1The Chairman had researched information on seats on the internet to find a suitable replacement for the Jubilee seat on Church Drive. After some discussion, it was agreed to purchase one costing £219 + fixing.

2. Training Course  The Chairman asked whether either of the new Cllrs was interested in attending a forthcoming training course for new Cllrs at Cedar Court for £45 each. Neither was able to attend.

3.Keys for Noticeboard. Cllr Lord asked on behalf of the Wildlife Trust whether it was possible for more villagers to have keys for the Noticeboard. The Clerk replied that village organisations could have keys for the 2 side sections. The central section is intended for PC use only.



 Signed :




EKPC May 15 Mins.











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