POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM  No Police or residents attended.


PRESENT Cllrs Anning, Batty, Warren, Ogden, Priestley, Gibbs and Pentith


APOLOGIES  None                


DECLARATION OF PECUNIARY AND OTHER INTERESTS. Cllr Gibbs declared an interest in Planning (a).


MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON MARCH 10TH   These were approved.



1. Children's Playground- The Chairman reported that work had been completed and she had signed the work off that afternoon. The Playground Group had requested the Clerk to place an order for a litter bin to be paid for from their funds. .

2. Footpath Work. The Chairman had met Bob Buckenham of ROW to discuss the condition of the ginnel from Main Street to Church Drive. He is willing to supply chippings but the PC will have to pay contractors to undertake the work.

3. Tree Work. This has all been completed by Bardsey Tree Services.

4. Condition of Whitegate. There is still no information  about who accepts responsibility and when work will be done. 

5. Neighbourhood Plan.- Dealt with at the end of the meeting 

6. Snow Ploughing Agreement.  The Clerk has to go back to BTS to request hard copies of the Agreement.

7. History of Sports Association. There is still no information on this. Cllr Priestley , though retiring from the PC, offered to continue to pursue the matter.

8. Bridge over Wharfe.   This is now open to the public though work has not yet been completed. 

9..Litter Pick. Arrangements are in hand for next Saturday, meeting at the Methodist Church at 10am.

10.Website, Village Hall and Snooker Club Cllrs Anning, Priestley and Batty will attend the first part of the VHC meeting on May 26th when the matter will be discussed again. The VHC has now decided against raising the issue at the Parish Assembly. All those consulted by the Council, including YLCA and an ex legal colleague of Cllr Priestley, have  confirmed that the PC is acting perfectly correctly over the website.                                                                                           11Post Office.  There is to be a slight delay in opening in East Keswick , which will now be May 12th                                                                                                                                                12. Condition of Village Seats. Mark Hullah of GGS has sent a quotation of £240  for the work required. It was agreed to accept this.

13. Parish Council Election.  An election will take place in East Keswick as 8 people have accepted nomination for the 7 available seats.                                                                                                    



1.New applications:- (a) 15/01522 – Fairhaven,Hill Crest, Collingham – Ext, Dormer, Replacement Dormer, Roof to Porch.                                                                                                                          (b) 15/01680 – 27 Church Drive – Ext.                                                                                     It was resolved to make no objection to either application.



(a) No. 15/00446 – 1 Argyle Mews – Ext. 



1.Bills for payment:-                                                            £ Net     VAT           Total

(a) D. Gluck – NDP Support.                                              600.00                    600.00                            

(b) YLCA – Subs.                                                               370.00                     370.00

(c)Mr P. Anning – Reimbursement – Dog Notices               23.22                       23.22

(d) Dalby Landscapes – New Playground Fencing           1,584.00                1,584.00

(e) Bardsey Tree Services – Work on Marsh /Playground  650.00     130         780.00

(f) Express Matting – Playground                                      2483.00     492.60  2.955.60

(g) ESE – Bin for Playground

 It was resolved to pay all bills listed above


2. End of Year Finances.  The Clerk had circulated these in advance of the meeting. It was then proposed Cllr Priestley, seconded Cllr Gibbs, and agreed unanimously that the Chairman should sign these as a correct record.        


CORRESPONDENCE AND NEW BUSINESS.                                                                      1. Approval of NDP Draft Consultation Document prepared by D.Gluck   The first draft had been circulated prior to the meeting. Cllrs Priestley and Annning had studied it carefully and considered it not particularly relevant to East Keswick , hard to read ,and containing much jargon. They had listed a large number of points where improvements could be made and these were considered in detail by Cllrs. Several other Cllrs had formed their own opinion that the document is vague and woolly and should go back to David Gluck for revision before being sent out to residents.  A final decision on this is to be delayed until  after the subject is discussed at the Parish Assembly.                                                                              2..Travellers in Crabtree Lane Car Park    This was discussed in some detail. Cllr Priestley had obtained legal advice explaining that it is possible to take court action but it is a long process , possibly taking 28 days , followed by a further time given them to depart, by which time the Travellers will probably have left anyway. Ways of physically preventing entry to the car park for caravans were also discussed . Cllr Procter had mentioned the possibility of holding a meeting of interested parties to discuss the best action to take in the event of a future occurrence.                                                                

3.Letter from Tennis Club re Cherry Tree near Tennis Courts. The Chairman had met Peter Lord on site and agreed that the roots of the tree are lifting the tennis court surface. She will now consult David and Melanie Smith on whether permission is required to chop it down.

4 Letter from Tennis Club re Third Party Insurance. The Tennis Club is finding their insurance prohibitively expensive . Assuming the Council is correct in believing it owns the land, it was agreed that we should look into some third party insurance.


Signed:                                                                     Date: 

                                                                                                                                                    EKPC April 15 Mins.



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