POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM The Police reported 1 theft non-specific .Cllr Batty informed them of a recent incident of egg throwing at his property. Neighbours in Keswick Grange have experienced similar problems in the past.


PRESENT Cllrs Anning, Batty, Priestley, Pentith, Ogden ,and  Gibbs .


APOLOGIES   Cllr Warren.                    




MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON FEBRUARY 17th  These were approved with one minor amendment. 



1Children's Playground. Dalby Landscapes have undertaken the preliminary work required before the equipment can be installed. This includes removing bark chippings and the  flagged area which has been replaced with turfing, taking down fencing and cutting down a hedge and tree, and they have removed all the old equipment no longer required. Installation work should commence on  April 7th  and it is hoped to complete by the end of that month. Quotes have been received for new fencing (for which the PC is responsible). After some discussion it was agreed to request plastic coated wired fencing at £1584 from Dalby Landscapes.

2. Footpaths and  Pavements Mark Hullah had told the Clerk that this is not part of his contract. It was therefore agreed that responsibility must lie with LCC and the Clerk was asked to contact Highways about getting the undergrowth under control and widening the path to a normal width. The Chairman has arranged to meet Bob Buckenham, Head of Parks, after Easter to discuss Footpath work.

3. Tree Work. There was no news about when this will be done. Cllr Pentith asked that the willow should be cut back to the fence .

4.Condition of Whitegate. The Council has received a complaint from a resident of Whitegate whose car has been damaged by the cones when exiting his drive. The PC has been blamed by another resident for the placing of the cones in an attempt to prevent parking on the road. Highways have also been contacted and, like the PC ,have denied responsibility. Enquiries are to be made with YW.

5. Neighbourhood Plan. Meetings are now being held, with David Gluck offering his professional advice at a fee of £2,400. A timetable of likely stages has been drawn up and can be viewed on the website. Completion is expected by November 2016.

6. Memorial Plaques. The Chairman and her husband have replaced the old plaques with the new ones supplied.

7. History of Sports Association. Cllr Priestley will contact David Cooke once again as to whether he can offer any help with documentary evidence.

8. Bridge over Wharfe.   Iain Burgess reported that they are still waiting for better weather .

9. Snow Ploughing Agreement.Cllr Priestley has drafted an agreement and Bardsey Tree Services have approved it. They consider, however, that there was a “Gentleman's Agreement” to pay a retainer of £200 + VAT for last year in addition to this year. Council discussed this and agreed that they now owe £400 and should request an invoice for this amount, which could be paid annually in April. Two copies of the  document will be required to be signed by both parties.

10 Arrangements for Litter Pick. These are in hand. Jessica Hodgson of LCC  Refuse Dept. has promised to provide equipment and to attend for part of the time. The skip has been ordered . Brian Dower has agreed to provide posters.                                                                                               11.Village Seats and Bins. Ian Pickersgill considers that the bench on Church Lane is beyond repair and should be replaced. He has discussed ideas for a replacement bin in  Crabtree Lane car park but further consideration needs to be given to the exterior and to the best arrangement for interior bins.                                                                                                                         12.Parish Assembly  David Gluck has agreed to speak on the Neighbourhood Plan and would like a ½ hour slot . There will be no additional charge in addition to the general charge of £2,400 agreed with the NP Group. The Playgound Group are to be asked whether they would like to speak. The Chairman will give the Annual Report. Cllr Gibbs  will speak on Planning, Cllr Batty on the Website and the Clerk on Finance.  Cllr Priestley will obtain the wine and Cllr Pentith the nibbles.                                                                                                                          13.Website, Village Hall and Snooker Club. There has still been no reply from YLCA to the request from EKPC for their views on the correct running of  village websites, though 4 attempts have been made to e mail a reply to the Clerk. A hard copy of their advice is to be requested. Cllr Priestley has spoken to a member of LCC Legal Dept. on the matter. In response to correspondence from the VH Committee concerning the running of the village website and representation on the VHC, the Council discussed the issues in detail and are preparing a letter of response.                                                                                                                  



1.New applications:-

(a) 15/01159 – 22 Church Drive – Variation of Permission re obscure glazing to rear window – app. 13/05719 .

It was resolved to make no objection to this application. 



(a) No. 14/06986- 1 Rose Croft – Ext. & Porch.


3. Report on Reighton House Building Work. The Clerk reported that it was her understanding that the matter had been brought to the last Planning Committee Meeting as a late agenda item. The meeting had agreed to allow the Chief Planning Officer to determine the matter. He had decided that the work on Reighton House is permissive development. A resident has commented on the different type of stonework being used, but Council held the view that this will be more in keeping with the surroundings than the original.



1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a) J. Gallant – Salary & Expenses                                620.04                              620.04

(b) H.M. Customs & Revenue                                        156.60                              156.60                                                                                                         (c)D. Gluck – Support for NP                                      2,400.00                            2,400.00   (d)Dalby Landscapes (Play Group cost )                   1,170.00                            1,170.00

(e) GGS Groundcare – Maintenance                             725.00                              725.00

(f) EKVH – Rent                                                               55.00                                55.00 

It was resolved to pay the bills listed  above with the exception of (c) about which further information is required.                                 



CORRESPONDENCE AND NEW BUSINESS.                                                            1..Resumption of Brown Bin  Collection.Collections have resumed and will be carried out fortnightly, with collection  days set out on the internet.                                                            2.EKWT , Hedges at Playground and Frank Shire's Quarry. The Chairman reported on a query concerning the boundary between the quarry and Hearfield House where the EKWT are currently planting a line of saplings. The WLT mistakenly thought the chain link fence was the boundary but the resident of Hearfield House explained that it was in fact the line of hawthorn trees. The householder is satisfied that that the WLT are replanting the hedge with saplings and will replace the small amount of fencing that has been taken down. The PC agreed that saplings can also be planted along the other side of the path so that in time the wire fence can be removed. 

3. Bridge over Beck – The Council has been informed by Yuile Hedwat, Bridge Engineer, that their Steel Refurbishment Contractor has applied for fabricators for the hand rails to the bridge.



MINOR MATTERS FOR DELEGATION TO CLERK/NEXT AGENDA                                      1.Death of Victor Watson It was agreed that the Chairman should send a letter of condolence to his widow, Sheila.

2. Post Office – This is to open in the Village Hall on 21st April and will be operational for periods on 2 days per week – on Tuesdays from 12 – 2 , and on Thursdays from 10- 12..



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