POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM  The Police reported 2 crimes in the last month – a theft from a motor vehicle and  a burglary dwelling.


PRESENT  Cllrs Anning, Pentith, Gibbs, Ogden, Warren and Priestley.


APOLOGIES Cllr Batty.                  







1.Work on Playground –The Playground Group have been successful in obtaining a slight reduction in price on some of the equipment. The landscapers have been working on the site, currently closed for safety reasons. They have removed some small pieces of equipment and are relaying the path and removing the bark pit where turf will be laid to go under the grass safety matting- hopefully in early or mid March. This has to be laid 3 or 4 weeks before installation of equipment, hopefully 2nd week in April. They hope to complete in mid May. On 25th February at 10.30 am Wicksteed are planning a site visit to arrange details of installation . The Chairman and a couple of Cllrs will attend. The Group are having a further fund raising event – a Ceildh on March 28 .A  PC discussion had taken place between meetings concerning new fencing . Estimates for temporary and permanent fencing replacement had been obtained. After consultation with Dalby Landscapes, Ian Pickersgill and Mark Hullah,.the Chairman recommended accepting the quotation of Dalby Landscapes of £1,200 for permanent replacement fencing, but will ask the Playground Group why fencing is required before , rather than after, work is carried out.

2.Condition of Whitegate Steve Parry says that this is in the hands of Yorkshire Water but he will give them a reminder, although he feels sure they will say that this is not high priority. Cllrs disagree with this rating and the Clerk will contact YW directly.                        3. Tree Work.  Although 3 contractors had been asked to quote for the work, only one – Bardsey Tree Services -had actually provided one. As this seemed reasonable( £300 + VAT for work on tree to rear of 32 Church Drive; and £350 + VAt to reduce height of willow  and dismantle one of 2 elms in playground),  and they were prepared to complete the paperwork now required by Richard Lapish of LCC, the Chairman had taken the decision to accept their quotation. BTS hope that after the necessary advertising period, it will still be possible to complete the work before further new regulations prevent tree work from being carried out during the bird nesting period.

Re the tree work advertised for work on 2 trees on Church Drive, the Clerk was asked to inquire again about the need for this work., especially as one of the trees was a memorial one.

4.  Snow Ploughing Agreement.Cllr Priestley has drawn up a draft agreement to go to Andrew Ward when approved by the PC. There had been some discussion as to whether Hillcrest, Wharfe Rein and Wharf Bank should be included. The Clerk had checked with Highways and learnt that, due to their steepness, the 2 former are dealt with by LCC, but not Wharf Rein. .It was finally agreed to exclude this road. The agreement is to go to Andy Ward for approval., who is to be asked to check on Public Liability. The contact , when ploughing is required should be the Chairman or Clerk. It was also agreed to check how many villages are included in the BTS contract and in  what order will they be cleared of snow.

5. Neighbourhood Plan.The Steering Committee have had meetings with Mike Dando from LCC Planning, and have now agreed to employ David Gluck to advise and write the Plan for them. Due to time constraints, they need to obtain approval from the PC for a mini summary of the final document at its April Meeting, before informing residents at the Parish Assembly of this intention. They want to have a 15 minute slot at this meeting to remind residents of the NP. Cllrs were in agreement but considered it important that they receive the document at least 7 days before the meeting. They would like to invite David Gluck to speak at the Parish Assembly.                                                                                                                   

6.Memorial Plaques. As there were no volunteers from the PC to remove the plaques  for return and replacement by the firm, the Chairman asked Ian Pickersgill  to do the work for a payment of  £30. She has also had to pay the firm   £11 postage for return of the plaques. These have now been returned , having been cleaned, with new, different fixing screws.  

7. History of Sports Association.There has been no real progress.

8. Bridge over Wharfe. Although Council had been informed that all work had ceased due to inclement weather and no forecast for completion could be given, one of the Cllrs has noted some work being undertaken. The Clerk was asked to check on progress.

9.Election Timetable  There has been no information to date from LCC but YLCA have sent out much helpful advice and information

·       The Election is on May 7th

·       Nominations commence on Monday March 16th.

·       The deadline for submission of nominations is 4pm Thursday 9th April.

·       Candidates should state their qualification for election which can be residence, occupation of property, or place of work.

10.Gullies and Gutters.    These have been dealt with.                                                                                           

11.Litter Pick – April 25   The Clerk is attempting to make arrangements for this. 

12.Condition of Village Seats. Cllr Warren sent all details to the Clerk shortly before the meeting. These will be passed on to Mark Hullah.

13.New PCSO? There has been no official confirmation but we believe Alan Stead, PCSO for Collingham, will also cover Bardsey and East Keswick.

14. Dustbin Problem in South Mount.  This has been solved.                                                                                                      



1.New applications:-

(a) 15/00446 – 1 Argyle Mews – Ext.

(b)  15/00148 – 3 The Close – Ext. & Change of use Garage to Habitable Room.

It was resolved to make no objection to either, but in the case of (a) to ask that suitable parking away from the corner be made a condition.



(a) No. 14/06893 – 11 Allerton Drive – Ext.

(b) 14/03811 – 4 The Grove – Exts. 14/00927 –                                                                                     (c))Reighton House, Moor Lane – Agreement to conditions 3 & 4 of Planning App. 13/03783.    The Clerk was asked to check on this as Council has never seen a Planning Application .                                                 


3.New arrangements re Planning  Consultation The Clerk informed the PC that she had learnt from a Bardsey Cllr who had attended the recent Town and Parish Council Forum Meeting in Leeds that arrangements are shortly to change. LCC is obliged to cut its costs and has therefore decided that in the near future no planning documents will be sent out in the post. Councils will be notified of applications but will have to view them on line.



1.Bills for payment:-                                    Net          VAT        Gross

(a) CMS – Annual Web Hosting                 315.00     63.00       378.00 

(b) EK Methodist Church – NP Meeting       25.50                       25.50                                          

(c)EK Playground Project                        2,952.25                  2,952.25 

(d) Cllr Anning – Reimbursement (Plaques) 41.00                      41.00

It was resolved to pay the bills listed above.  

In the case of (c) it was agreed to ask the Group for a breakdown of this figure.                                                                                                                


2. PC Rental Contribution  to Clerk's Computer. After some discussion, it was agreed to pay the Clerk £10 per month for rental of the computer, which will include Broadband costs.           


CORRESPONDENCE AND NEW BUSINESS.                                                              

1.GGS Maintenance Contract for 2015. GGS have made no increase in their charges.                                                                                

 2.Damage to bridge over beck  A driver was unsighted on a very bright day and crashed her care into the bridge, causing damage to the pillars. The area has been coned off and Highways are in process of repairing it.

 3.Speaker for Parish Assembly It was agreed to approach David Gluck.

 4.Footpaths, pavements  and Hedges.   It has been noted that the surface of the  path from Main Street to Church Drive  is now in a poor condition . The Clerk agreed to approach PROW to ask if they could supply labour/ and or material.

Cllrs complained about erosion of the pavement on Crabtree Lane in front of the Memorial Trees and it was agreed to remind GGS about this, which is part of their contract.

A resident has complained about the hedge on the path from Main Street to Church Drive.

The owner will be asked to cut his hedge well back.

 5.Broadband It has been reported that parts of the south of the village are now receiving faster broadband.


MINOR MATTERS FOR DELEGATION TO CLERK/NEXT AGENDA                                                      

1.Cllr Gibbs reported that if a village pub has been listed as a village asset (as have those in East Keswick) it is not possible for it  to be converted  to other usage.                                                

2.Debris on LHS of Harewood Road, facing towards Harewood Cllr Priestley has noticed that plastic from tree saplings planted at the side of the road has fallen off the trees and is causing a mess. It was agreed to report this to Cleansing.                                                                   

3. Litter Bins on Crabtree Lane – The lids have rotted. The Chairman agreed to ask Ian Pickersgill to have a look at them.

4.Web Site Issue.  Cllr Priestley reported that he had had a meeting with Peter Guildford, Chairman of the VH Committee, concerning ownership of the website. He confirmed the site was owned by the Parish Council.                                                                                                    

5.Hedge between Frank Shire's Quarry Field and Hearfield House. The Chairman reported that she had been in discussion with the owner of Hearfield House who had expressed concern over a gap in the fence resulting from work by the Wildlife Trust in removing ivy which had been holding up this section of the fence. Following a discussion with Melanie Smith, however, who had told her that saplings are to be planted there, Mrs Gardiner  seemed content with the situation 

Signed:                          Date:                                               Feb. 15 Mins.
























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