POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM The new residents of No 1 Rose Croft attended to hear discussion of their planning application (Planning1(b) . They are willing to consider modifications if objections are raised by the Planners.


PRESENT Cllrs Anning, Batty, Ogden, Gibbs, Pentith and Warren.


APOLOGIES   Cllr Priestley                     




MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON NOVEMBER  25TH 2014  These were approved.



1.Report from Playground Development Group following meeting with Cllrs on December 3rd 2014. The Chairman reported on the meeting held between representatives of the PC and the Playground Group . They have obtained approval for the grants applied for and will hand over their existing funds to the Parish Council who will be in charge of financing the project. The Council agreed to the Group booking the equipment now, for installation in the Spring. It was suggested that they be asked whether it is possible to get a discount from the companies supplying the equipment. Nigel Dalby, who is to do the landscaping work, is to be asked to make a temporary repair to the wire netting where there is presently a hole.

2. Memorial Tree Plaques. The firm who supplied these is still puzzled over the rusting of the nails. They were not galvanised. The matter is now  in their court.

3. Tree Work.   David Smith of EKWT, who had promised to complete the form for work on the oak tree and to demonstrate to those quoting for the work exactly what is required, has been too busy to do this. Melanie Smith has rung to say that she will take over both tasks.

4. Chains on Old Memorial Garden   This work has now been completed.  

5. Neighbourhood Plan. The NDP is to have 2 free training sessions with Mike Dando and has then agreed to employ David Gluck to write the report for them.

6.Work on road surface in Whitegate  Highways now consider the problem has been caused by a spring  under the surface and have passed the problem on to Yorkshire Water to solve. The Clerk was asked to check on progress.

7. History of Sports Association. There was nothing to report.

8. Bridge over Wharfe. It has proved impossible to complete the work in the time forecast, due to weather conditions. All work has ceased at present and they are unable to suggest when it will be completed. The Clerk is to inquire whether there is only 2 weeks work left once operations are re- commenced.  

9. Village Assets. Nothing to report.

10 .Ponds in Marsh – E mail from David Smith. David asked whether any Cllrs have looked at the new ponds excavated by the Trust and explained that with PC approval, they hope to excavate 2 or 3 more in the Spring in the area near the Brooklands. The Chairman has looked at the existing ponds, and Cllrs agreed to ask for a site meeting in the spring before agreeing to the excavation of further ponds.  Re the gate to the Marsh, David has managed to find the tension pin which was missing, and will repair the gate shortly.

11. Overhanging bushes – Linden House – E mail from Bev. Kirk. This has now been dealt with.

12. Condition of Village Seats. The photographs are to be sent to Mark Hullah.

13. Update on Reighton House..  The Head of Planning is investigating the compliance certificate. As Cllr Procter points out, the main concern is for the future . If Reighton House can be developed from this to that , how is it that a simple householder is unable to get permission for a basic build?

14.Village Clock. This is working satisfactorily at present and appears to have withstood the effects of the power cut experienced recently.

15. Odd Job Man.. Ian Pickersgill , joiner, should be able to attend to any joinery problems which arise.  

16. Snow Ploughing Agreement. Cllr Priestley is looking into drawing up an agreement.

17.Reporting on demise of Snooker Club and Village Hall Development  There has been some further friction over reporting, both on the village website, and more importantly in the Wetherby News. An article from the VH Committee to the Paper had explained how they have managed to balance the books and can now offer discounts to village residents when hiring rooms. This provoked the Snooker Club to retaliate over how this had been achieved at their expense, and the issue of whether the proposed use of the ex Snooker room by a firm of architects is consistent with the terms of the Hall’s Charity Commission status. Cllr Priestley is to have a meeting with the VH Chairman on his return from holiday.

Cllr Gibbs reported that the VH is to have a small Post Office facility in the original office to by operated by the Postmistress from Collingham PO and to be held on 2 half days a week for 3 hour sessions.

18. Problem of Gullies and Gutters on Whitegate These have not yet been dealt with , though those on Moor Lane have received attention .The Clerk to contact John Woolmer  and Jessica Hodgson.




1.New applications:-

(a) 14/06893 – 11 Allerton Drive – Ext.  This has been dealt with between meetings. There was no objection.

(b) 14/06986 -1 Rose Croft – Ext. & Porch. The Council has no objection in principle to this application but would query the present loss of privacy for the neighbouring house on Whitegate.  Some window modification would probably make it acceptable. The Chairman commented on the importance of builders  parking on the drive, not the road, due to the difficult site lines at the corner of Rose Croft.

It was resolved to make no objection to either, but in the case of (b) to point out the privacy issue.




1.Bills for payment:-                                                             £ Net        VAT           Total                                                                        

(a) J. Gallant – Salary and Expenses £640.27 +184.39      824.66                      824.66*

* Salary calculated at old rate of pay as new rate not taking effect until 1.1.15

Expenses include £100 “Non consolidated payment” recommended for all Clerks, and some computer repairs shared equally with BPC.

(b) H.M. Customs & Excise – PAYE                                    156.60                      156.60

(c)J. Hyland – Repair to Memorial Chains                            589.00       117.80   706.80

(d) Jim Dedicoat – MICE grant to Village Singers.               150.00                      150.00

(e) EKVH – Rent                                                                     65.00                       65.00

(f) GGS Groundcare – Grounds Maintenance                      725.00                      725.00

(g) J. Pentith – Reimbursement – Cllr Expenses                   10.00                        10.00

(h) EK Methodist Church – NDP Meeting                              24.50                        24.50

** (c), (d), (e) and (f) all paid in advance due to interval between Nov and Jan meetings.


It was resolved  to pay all the bills listed above.       


2. New Salary Recommendations for Clerks circulated  28/11/ 14.It was proposed Cllr Gibbs, seconded Cllr Pentith, and resolved unanimously that these be accepted.

Cllr Priestley had suggested some increase in transport expenses. This to be discussed at the next meeting.


3. New Computer for Clerk ? The Clerk explained that, although she has had some repairs to the present computer, jointly owned by EKPC and BPC, she has received advice that it should be replaced. She would like to own the new machine herself and has herself  purchased a new screen, to replace the old screen which had ceased to function. She proposed that the 2 PCs should pay her an agreed rental per quarter for as long as she continues to work for each. Bardsey PC has agreed in principle with the idea. 

It was resolved that East Keswick PC would also support the idea in principle and would agree the amount at the next meeting.  


4.Setting of Budget and Precept for 2015.  The Clerk had modified the budget but has just been informed by LCC that East Keswick is to receive a grant of £402 at the same time as the precept.

After some discussion it was resolved to leave the Precept  at £17,000.          




1.Litter Pick It was agreed to hold this on April 25th, meeting at the Methodist Church at 10 am. The Clerk to make arrangements for a skip and litter picks etc, and Cllr Pentith for refreshments.

2. May Election It is now known that at least 2 vacancies will exist on the Council in May.

A suggestion should be made in the Newsletter for anyone interested to contact the Clerk.

3. E mail from YLCA re Local Govt. Financial Settlement ConsultationCouncil Tax Support Funding.  YLCA are urging PCs to write by January 15th protesting against a proposal which could require higher spending Councils to hold a referendum if they propose to raise the precept above a certain level. After some discussion, it was agreed to take no action on this as it does not affect East Keswick and LCC have not withheld a grant to parish councils.

4. RAY petition – Ray are asking members to sign a petition complaining at the decision by Defra to withdraw all funding for ACRE , the parent body for RAY, of which Janet Thornton of East Keswick is Vice- Chairman.  Cllrs will sign this individually.




1. PCSO – The Clerk was asked to find out whether a new PCSO has been appointed and if not to whom we should report Police problems.

2. Problem of Dustbin Emptying for Old Peoples’ Bungalows in South Mount. New side  fencing  erected by LCC between the gardens is exacerbating this problem. Cllr Ogden will discuss the problem with residents before the next meeting.

3. New Stables on Moor Lane – Cllr Ogden queried whether planning permission has been obtained. The Council has not received any notification of such.

4. Parking on Pavements Cllr Ogden complained that the situation is particularly bad on South Mount, making life very difficult for the older residents. This needs to be reported to the Police – hence the need to learn the identity of our present Police contact.


Signed:                                                                              Date:


 EKPC Jan 15 Mins.  






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