POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM  A Police report listed only 1 crime during the month – a theft from a vehicle/


PRESENT Cllrs Anning, Batty, Pentith, Priestley, Gibbs, and Warren.


APOLOGIES   Cllr Ogden.                     


DECLARATION OF PECUNIARY AND OTHER INTERESTS.Cllr Batty declared an interest in Finance 1(d).





1.Report from Playground Development Group  A meeting has been arranged between representatives of this group and of the Parish Council – to be held on Wednesday December 3rd at the home of Cllr Anning. Any decisions taken there will be referred to the PC for confirmation.  

2. Report from John Woolmer on Environment Action Service Team. John Woolmer ,Locality Manager, Environment Action Service for Leeds Outer Area, attended for part of the meeting and  explained about the services covered by his department and the changes which will be made from April 1st 2015. The work includes street cleaning, gully clearing, graffiti removal  and disposal of bulky waste. He is currently acquiring information from PCs about the service provision they require. There will be a dedicated team for each area and the team leader for our area from April will be Jessica Hodgson (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

The Chairman drew his attention again to Whitegate, where leaves get compacted under cars and the pavement becomes so narrow in places that pedestrians have to walk on the road.

3. Tree Work.  David Smith is to hold a site meeting with Andy Lloyd and Nigel Dalby to discuss work required. Both will then submit quotations for this .It was agreed that Andrew Ward should also be invited to meet with the group and quote for the work.

4. Chains on Old Memorial Garden The Chairman reported that Mr Hyland is waiting for awelder before beginning work.   

5. Neighbourhood Plan. Cllr Batty said that the group has held a few meetings and hopes to have the first draft ready in the first half of next year. He agreed to give an update in the Newsletter.

6. World War 2 War Memorial Plaques. These are now in place but it has been observed that some of the nails are rusting. The Clerk to inquire whether any alternative is available.

7. History of Sports Association. Cllr Priestley will make further contact with David Cooke when he returns from America. If it proves impossible to locate a copy of the original document, it may be necessary to get one of the remaining trustees to sign a Declaration. The Council is simply interested in what happens to the land if the Club fails. If it ultimately goes to the PC in these circumstances it may be necessary to place a caution on the land.

8. Bridge over Wharfe.  Melanie Smith has written to Iain Burgess reporting that a large amount of timber is building up against a leg further across the bank which, with the water deflected from their dam system and the river in flood, is causing immense pressure against the other leg .Iain Burgess told the Clerk that the engineers were aware of the problem but were currently unable to reach the place.  The target date for completion has been set back a week but if the weather permits it should be open by Christmas. Cllr Batty  visited the site that day and noted the work in progress. He has also established through Jake Fowler that the BBC would be interested in filming some sort of opening event.

9. Village Assets. Nothing to report.

10 Report on Remembrance Day  Service . This had again been very well attended. The banner carrier for the British Legion had said that this is the last year when he will be able to carry out this role. The Clerk to make further inquiries with the Legion.

11. New Businesses run from home. The Council have been informed that planning permission is required. The Clerk will telephone the owner of  a newly established business.

12. Condition of Village Seats .Mark Hullah is willing to treat any requiring attention .The late winter period would be ideal timing. Cllr Warren was reminded to send his list and photos to the Clerk.

13. Update on”Unauthorised Alterations to the Dwelling at Reighton House.”  The Chief Planning Officer, David Newbury, has recommended to the next  Planning Meeting that Planning Officers  monitor building works on site, but no enforcement action is required.

14. Conditon of Whitegate. Some preliminary work appears to have been done .The Clerk was asked to check on the current situation.   

15.Village Clock. The Clerk was asked to check whether the auto re-start unit with which the firm has found to work satisfactorily when tested by them, has been reinstalled as promised. The firm believes the time keeping of the clock is caused by dips in the power supply and have now located a member of Northern Electric staff  who is prepared seriously to consider this. Villagers need to report exact times of any clock failure.

17.Defibrillator. It has been established that there is no need for the number to be displayed on the box and existing  lighting at the location should be adequate.  

18. State of Grit Bins.  The Clerk is obtaining information from the Champions.



1.New applications:-

(a) 14/06160- Glen House, Harewood Road – Det. Double Garage and Storage/ Playroom above- (Later withdrawn )



(a) No. 14/03811 – 4 The Grove – Ext.

(b)No. 14/03663 – Hearfield Farm, Crabtree Lane – Stable building to service existing equestrian facilities.



1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a) Collingham & District British Legion – Wreath          17.60                                  17.60

(b) Wetherby & District Crime Prevention Grant           100.00                                100.00

(c) Bardsey & EK PCC – Newsletter Grant                   170.00                                170.00

(d) CMS – Annual Report Production                            631.60         126.32            757.92 


It was resolved to pay the bills listed above.       


2.Preliminary consideration of Financial Position prior to setting Precept in January.  The Clerk had prepared and circulated preliminary figures for consideration at the meeting.   Further attention to these will be given in January.       






1. Parish Council Election – May 2015. Details of the timetable will be made known at the end of February 2015. One East Keswick Cllr is not prepared to stand for re-election and 2 are undecided.

2. Support for Grant for EKWT for Ellerker Fields Work At the request of Melanie Smith of EKWT, the Clerk had written on behalf of the Council supporting this application.

3. Problems on Lumby Lane .A resident of this road had drawn the attention of the PC to the very bad state of this road and the problem of overhanging tree branches from Linden House. The house owner will be asked to have his hedge cut and Highways are again to be reminded about the need for re-surfacing on Lumby Lane.

4. Loss of PCSO. Tiffany Greensmith had written that she is to be moved to the Alwoodley Area and her replacement PCSO is not yet known. The Clerk has written thanking her for all she has done.

5. Leeds Core Strategy This has now been agreed and a 73 page document circulated to all councils. The only section applicable to East Keswick is that on the Green Belt ,where it states that to achieve its housing target there will have to be a GB review by LCC.

6. Finance Committee – This will meet to check the books in December.


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