POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM  The Police reported 3 crimes in September – one burglary other, one theft non-specific, and one interference with a motor vehicle. The PCSO was asked about possible CTCV in the village but said he could not advise about it. The quality varies, with good ones being very expensive. White lines on parts of Whitegate were also mentioned. It was agreed that a site meeting with PC reps, Police and Highways would be helpful ,but moving cars from one location may store up greater trouble for another area.


PRESENT Cllrs Anning, Batty, Priestley, Gibbs, Warren .


APOLOGIES   Cllrs Pentith and Ogden.                     




MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON SEPTEMBER 9TH  These were approved with one amendment. .



1. Future of Village Shop and Possible Newspaper Franchise for Village  There was nothing to report except that the former general village shop is now a hairdresser’s.

2. Maintenance of Footpaths and Grass Cutting by LCC. The Chairman had attended the Forum Meeting when this was discussed. Widespread dissatisfaction had been expressed at the service provided by Continental Landscapes who are to appear before the Scrutiny Board in the near future.  There is a possibility that Parks & Countryside will take back some of the grass cutting. Some Councils had wished to take on parts of the work themselves but LCC are unwilling to agree to partial responsibility. New maps are to be issued showing when and where grass cutting is to take place. It was agreed to invite John Woolmer to attend the next meeting. He is also to be asked  to arrange for cleaning of the gullies, advising us in advance of when work will take place to provide notice to people regularly parking there.

3. Tree Work. It is necessary to get quotations from Andy Lloyd and from Dalby Landscapes.   

4. Chains on Old Memorial Garden   Mr Hyland has promised to replace these in the near future.  

5. Neighbourhood Plan. Cllr Batty reported that the NP group have met with the grant providers and have been informed that they have until next summer to complete their Plan. They have to submit an interim report to the Locality Group. They are also arranging to have training. Cllr Batty is also investigating the possibility in the future of the village taking over the Duke of Wellington under the” Pub is the Hub “scheme. He would envisage villagers becoming share holders. He will first check with LCC on their regulations for de-licensing pubs. At present new tenants are being sought by Enterprise Inns.

6. World War 2 War Memorial Plaques. These have arrived. Cllr Ogden will be asked to erect, as before.  

7. History of Sports Association. Cllr Priestley has obtained some information recently but has not yet taken any further action. He is still trying to identify the solicitors who dealt with the conveyance and also the current trustees.

8. Bridge over Wharfe.   Ian Burgess has confirmed that the repair work on the bridgemay be finished by the end of December but is weather dependent. The Chairman reported that work has not yet commenced.

9. Village Assets. There was nothing to report.

10.Remembrance Sunday  The Rev. Clive Sedgwick is willing to take the service. The British Legion will provide the wreath. The Police have agreed to close the road during the 2 minute silence. The Clerk will get the service sheets copied.

11.Telephone Box.  This has been cleaned but not yet re-painted. The painting contractors work between March and October only so no date can be provided .for this work.

12. Condition of Village Seats. Cllr Warren showed Cllrs photographs of the various seats , most of which need cleaning and treating. He will e mail the list.  A suitable person to do the cleaning is required.

13. Responsibility for maintenance of Limestone Path through Marsh. There was nothing to report.

14. Annual Reports – Circulation.  This has been carried out. The Chairman thanked the Vice-Chairman for production of the document. It was agreed that no attempt would be made to produce next year’s report before the Parish Assembly, as had been suggested.  

15.Village Clock. The Clerk had spoken to Time Assured. They now blame the dips in the power supply from  Northern Electric for the problem. The Clerk is to make further contact with the firm and ask for a progress report.

16. Odd Job Man. .  It was agreed to discuss this with John Woolmer after hearing his new proposals concerning the Environment Action Service.  

17. Condition of Playground.- Report from Wicksteed. Everything mentioned was low risk  but some improvements were listed. More information on the sign would be helpful, nettles and brambles should be cut back along the perimeter hedgerow, uneven paving slabs at entrance monitored, and bark kept weeded and re-filled. It was agreed to ask the Playground Group about the broken fencing.

18. Receipt of £1,200 MICE money and £3,000 from Lady Elizabeth Hastings Foundation on behalf of Playground Group The Clerk has received these 2 cheques and at the request of the Playground Group, has agreed to hold the monies in the PC account for the time being. They will at some stage need to transfer further funds to the PC when they are ready to purchase equipment in order to save VAT. The Chairman is to sign a form from Mondegreen accepting  their grant offer to the Group.

19. State of Grit Bins.  The “Champions” are to be asked about the state of their bins.  



1.New applications:-

(a) 14/05876 – Two Hoots Farm, Harewood Ave – Installation of ground monitored photovoltaic panels and infrastructure.

It was resolved to state that the Council considered this application inappropriate for the Green Belt, but if LCC was mindful to allow it  there should be a condition requiring   adequate screening.



(a) No. 14/04656 – 4 Brooklands – Ext.

(b) No. 14/04526- 4 Rose Croft – Retro App. for roof & Dormer window   



1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a) J. Gallant – Salary & Expenses                              647.08                                 647.08

(b) PKF Littlejohn – Audit of Accounts                         200.00               40.00         240.00

(c)Mr P. Anning – Reimbursement –Plaques.               82.25               17.05          102.30

(d) H.M. Customs & Excise – PAYE                            156.60                                  156.60                                                        

(e) J. Gallant – ½ cost with BPC – Cartridges               50.40                                   50.40

(f) GGS Groundcare – Maintenance & Bark (retro)    1020.00                               1020.00 

(g) GGS Groundcare – Cutting Verge                            80.00                                   80.00

(h) Wicksteed Leisure – Playground Inspection             60.00                 12.00         72.00

(i) EKVH – Rent                                                              65.00                                   65.00


It was resolved to pay all the bills listed above but the Clerk was asked first to check with PFK Littlejohn (b)  that we are in the right payment category ;and in the case of (d) that new regulations concerning employers being able to deduct £2000 from the National Insurance of all employees do not apply to us.        


2. End of Year Finances.  PKF Littlejohns  have approved the accounts.             



1. Articles written on behalf of Parish Council The Chairman said that, before the approval of any minutes, she would like to see in advance any information put out to the public relating to that particular meeting. Cllr Batty agreed to let her see anything put out on the website in this context. 

2.New Businesses run from home   It was agreed to ask whether planning permission was required for new  businesses which have started up in a resident’s home.  

3. Mr Cooke’s Rent Agreement. The Clerk brought to the meeting 2 copies of the lease which were duly signed by herself and the Chairman, with their signatures witnessed by Cllr Warren.





1. Other matters discussed at Forum – The Chairman reported that  John Woolmer had given an update about the Environment Action Service Locating Team which has been e mailed to Councils. He is willing to talk to individual PCs. He is prepared to give a date prior to gulley clearing so that cars the area can be cleared in advance,   but PCs have to put in a request for this information.

2. Reighton House It was agreed to ask Carlton McKenzie for an update.

3. Condition of Whitegate It was agreed to ask Steve Parry for an update.

4. Defibrillator The Clerk was asked to inquire whether the number of the defibrillator ought to be shown on the outside, and to ask Mr Linley, owner of Pure Indulgence, whether he would consider an overhead light, to make it more visible.  







EKPC October 14 Mins.

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